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(The Kazumi Chronicles #1)

by Sophia L. Johnson

YA Dystopian/Sci-fi

Published on April 19th, 2015


My Review

Kazumi should feel lucky. She’s the only survivor of a plane crash that had over five hundred passengers. But she doesn’t. She feels lost, scared, hopeless. She’s lost her sense of self. Has no memory of who she is, where she comes from.

A nurse at the hospital tries to help her. She senses Kazumi is more than she appears. When it’s time for her release from the hospital, Linda sneaks her away to some people who might be able to help her. With nothing left to lose, Kazumi, though scared, goes along with it.

Deep inside the Rocky Mountains is a secret society of super humans, genetically advance people called Sarcomeres. Their enhanced strength and high tech toys fascinate Kazumi and she quickly becomes a part of the society.

Quick to learn, she trains diligently, preparing for the daunting tests to come.

She’ll need to learn quickly as the Sarcomeres old enemy, the Neuronics, are plotting world supremacy over humans and all other beings. Subterfuge, attacks, and Kazumi’s own hidden memories could bring about a catastrophe.

I should mention that Kazumi is referred to as Gabi for much of this book. The name was chosen for her in the hospital as she couldn’t remember her real one.

This books is intended for young adult readers, and as I’m much older, I worried if I’d appreciate it. I sure did. I enjoy science fiction and dystopian stories and this is a bit of both.

Kazumi is a scrappy young gal. She’s a quick study, bold, and still a bit girly. Especially around Finn.

The Sarcomeres stay hidden from society. Not because they are bad, but because of what they are and what they fight.

The Neuronics. Nasty beasts for sure. They can envelop you with their tentacles, reach into your mind and body, and control what you see and do. Quite creepy, indeed. And what’s a good villain without a plot to take over the world.

There’s lots of world building, but it flows easily in the story. The characters come to life with some well written descriptions. And the action is fast and furious.

Almost forgot. There are some sub plots too. A big one is about Kazumi’s past.

Young and mature fans of these genres will enjoy this new series.

4 Stars



2153, Toronto, United Nation of North America (UNNA)

A horrific plane crash kills all five hundred and forty-two passengers except one. Kazumi emerges from the wreckage physically unscathed but has lost all her memories. Her miraculous survival has the whole city buzzing but all she wants is to go home, wherever home is.

After waiting a month in the hospital with no one to claim her, Kazumi is deemed homeless. She is about to be sent to a nearby teenage shelter when the nurse she grew to trust ushers her down a mysterious path, one that promises safety and maybe even the chance to recover her memories. With no better options available, Kazumi takes her chance and finds herself in the headquarters of the Sarcomeres, a secret society of genetically advanced humans hidden deep inside the Rocky Mountains. The Sarc’s heightened physical abilities and high-tech gadgets are not the only things that fascinate Kazumi. Finnegan O’Riley, a fellow Sarc she meets along the way also gets her heart racing. When Kazumi discovers that she possesses the genetic potential of a Sarcomere, she jumps at the chance to train with them, not knowing the death defying tests that are involved.

Meanwhile, a centuries-old nemesis of the Sarcomeres begins to stir in the dark, setting their dark plans in motion. Just when Kazumi thinks she can help protect her new found home, past memories surface to threaten her new identity. She soon realizes that layers of deception run deep and everyone has a secret agenda, including herself.

Who can she trust when she can’t even trust herself? One wrong decision could bring forth consequences worse than death.

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All royalties made in the first year will go to a charity

called Covenant House, to help homeless youth.



With a degree in International Business Management, Sophia has worked in a major marketing firm where she realized the corporate world isn’t one she wants to be in. She then made the switch into the healthcare industry as a Registered Massage Therapist by day and a writer by night. She is now a Massage Therapy instructor and a published author living with her husband and daughter in Toronto. Her go-to genres are science fiction, fantasy, and dystopian; or anything that sweeps her away into a foreign world that promises adventure.



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My 56 for this week is from


by Sarah Ann Walker



My 56 is actually from page 65.

I wish I could scream every disappointment of every single thing this man who claims I’m the love of his life has done to me this year. I wish I could make him understand what he’s done to what was once us. But I doubt he’d understand anyway.



“Crying, I can’t help but realize, nothing in life can destroy you faster
than your own choices…”

Samantha Newman is awesome.
She has best friends, a soul mate, and the love of her life.
She is loved, and she loves in return.
She is sexy, intelligent, successful, and happy.
People gravitate toward her, and live for her love…
Until she has an accident.

Recovering, things begin changing in and around her.
Samantha is no longer loved and trusted, and she’s no longer happy.
When her life becomes little more than grey darkness,
She slowly loses everyone who ever mattered to her.
Through a series of choices made,
Samantha become nothing but a memory of her former self.


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