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Hunt For The Fallen

Transport #2

by Peter Welmerink



My Review

What a great read. There’s so much action and intrigue. And the zombies are sporting a new twist too.

It’s raining buckets and not letting up. Flooding is a huge concern. The command post and the city are separated by an increasingly deep flow of water.

Some zombies fall in the raging current and soldiers are sent out to retrieve. Why, you wonder? Because zombies have rights too. You can’t go around juts killing them anymore. They’re contained and fed Z rations and this keeps them calm and easier to control.

Control? Yes, they can be trained. Not a guarantee they won’t turn on you, but it seems to be working.

Even the totally dead are utilized. The soldiers fear this because, if killed, they’re taken and reanimated as Z Troopers and put back into service. Some reward for KIA, eh?

As the tanks and armored vehicles roll out, they’ll have to contend with not killing zombies, avoiding gangs of roving living out to take what’s theirs, and one strange zombie who has a particular interest in them.

I have to say this. I’m always looking for a new zombie twist, and there are several in this book. Intelligent zombies? That doesn’t sound so good. Zombie Troopers? I guess if they can take orders, they’d come in handy. A rogue zombie on a mission? Not good at all. And the feral zombies? They’re more like what you’d expect. That’s not good either. Then there are the zombies that are carrying drugs. Yep, the drug carrying mules still have the drugs in their stomachs and enterprising humans want those. Seems to me it would be easier to just kill them all. But zombies are protected. They have rights now.


The soldiers are armed with non lethal rounds in their weapons. Sometimes, they use real bullets and take some zombies down. If they kill one, they’re fined and often spend time in the brig. WTF? I told you this was different.


The mission to retrieve the fallen zombies takes a new turn and it all goes FUBAR in a torrent, just like the rain that keeps falling, falling.

What a rush this was. I didn’t realize it was the second book in the series until I received the book, but that didn’t stop me from catching on to past events and settling in with the characters quickly.

There are some fun illustrations included in the book. I always like that. And I want to mention the title. There’s more than one meaning to it and its important to me that the title connects to the story inside.

Nonstop action and obstacles to overcome make this story fly. I’m looking forward to the next mission.

4 Stars

I received this book for my honest review.



Captain Jacob Billet
Journal Entry – Sunday April 5, 2026

It’s raining, it’s pouring, the undead are roaring…

Amassed at the UCRA east end enclosure, the dead strain the fence line while soldiers keep watchful eyes, the survivors on the opposite side of the rising river about to lose their minds.

It’s a crazy time: nonstop precipitation; everyone’s up in arms; paranoid city council members with an asshat City Treasurer. Water, water everywhere. Zees dropping into the churning drink. Troops afraid of being stitched up and thrown back into the fray as Zombie Troopers. Tank commanders getting itchy to head out on their own after drug-laden shamblers. Reganshire insurgents trying to extract our west side civvies for some unknown reason, possibly pushing the city into taking heavy-handed action against them.

Then there’s some black-haired dead dude staring at me through the fence, grinning like he’s off his meds.

And I thought Lettner was a headache.

All this sh*t might give me a heart attack.

Hunt for the Fallen is Transport Book Two

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WelmerinkAuthorPhoto_BWAbout Peter Welmerink: Peter Welmerink was born and raised on the west side of pre-apocalyptic Grand Rapids, Michigan. He writes Fantasy, Military SciFi, and other wanderings into action-adventure. His work has been published in ye olde wood pulp print and electronic-online publications. He is the co-author of the Viking berserker novel, BEDLAM UNLEASHED, written with Steven Shrewsbury. TRANSPORT was his first solo novel venture. He is married with a small barbarian tribe of three boys.

Find out more about his works and upcoming projects at:


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Welcome to my Saturday Screams!

With Halloween fast approaching, I’ve amassed a bunch of creepy stories to share with you.

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Last week I showcased several books I won from Michael Phillip Cash and I asked you to help me choose which order I should review them in.

The Flip was the top choice, so here ya go!

Come on in and get your scare on!

The Flip

by Michael Phillip Cash



My Review

I enjoy watching shows about flipping houses. It’s fun to watch the transformation from ugly to fantastic. If I had the money, I’d do some myself.

My luck I’d wind up in the same fix as Julie and Brad Evans.

They’re starting to get the hang of the flipping thing. Buy low, fix it up, sell for a nice profit. But Brad has his misgivings about the one Julie has her heart set on. It’s a monstrous undertaking and he’s getting bad vibes from the old mansion, Hemmings House.

Julie loves it, sees only the potential, and wants to turn it into a bed and breakfast. Brad caves and now he has to get his crew together and get the stinking trash hauled out of the place.

Weird things start happening. Doors open and shut on their own. Cold spots occur throughout the place. And Brad and the crew are being affected by the atmosphere. Something angry is rubbing off on them.

All the makings for a scary good haunted house story, right? The author delivers, giving you things that go bump in the night. You’ll meet these ghostly inhabitants and get to know their stories. I engaged with the ghosts as well as Julie and Brad and came to worry about all of them.

Welcome to Hemmings House. Where anything can happen, and does.

4 Stars


Julie and Brad Evans are house flippers. They buy low, clean out the old occupants’ junk, and try to make a profit. Enter Hemmings House on Bedlam Street in scenic Cold Spring Harbor, Long Island. Too good a deal to pass up, but with an ominous secret. The old Victorian Mansion has dwellers that do not want to be dispossessed. As the house reveals it’s past, will the couple’s marriage survive The Flip?



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