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Welcome to this week’s M9B Friday Reveal!

This week, we are revealing the cover for

Rise (The Order of the Krigers #1)
by Jennifer Anne Davis

an upcoming Month9Books Title!

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Pageflex Persona [document: PRS0000040_00011]

The people of Nelebek live in fear of persecution from the evil Morlet, who reigns with a dark and destructive magic. The kingdom’s only hope lies with the Order of the Krigers—twelve warriors with mysterious powers linked to magical weapons.

For over a century, Morlet has been annihilating the Order, picking them off one by one. Eleven Krigers have been hunted down, tortured, and imprisoned in his dungeon. Now, only one remains.

Sixteen-year-old Kaia survives by keeping her head down and minding her own business. But when she finds herself in the middle of a public execution where the mysterious Morlet is in attendance, an odd compulsion she can’t resist comes over her.

Kaia looks into Morlet’s eyes.

Soon, an ancient power awakens and Kaia can no more blend into the scenery. Will she heed the call of the Krigers or will Morlet’s dark magic destroy the last of the Order?

Fans of GRACELING and THE GIRL OF FIRE AND THORNS will enjoy RISE, book one in the RISE OF THE KRIGERS series from international bestselling author Jennifer Anne Davis.

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Rise (The Order of the Krigers #1)
by Jennifer Anne Davis
Publication Date: May 17, 2016
Publisher: Month9Books

Available for Pre-Order:




Jennifer Anne Davis

Jennifer graduated from the University of San Diego with a degree in English and a teaching credential. Afterwards, she married her best friend and high school sweetheart. Jennifer is currently a full-time writer and mother of three young children. Her days are spent living in imaginary worlds and fueling her own kids’ creativity.

Connect with the Author: Website | Twitter | Facebook | Goodreads | Tumblr | Pinterest | Instagram | YouTube



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Welcome to The Friday 56 hosted by Freda’s Voice.


This is a really fun meme!

The only rules are to grab a book (any book), turn to page 56 or 56% in your eReader and find a sentence or a few (no spoilers) that grabs you and post it.

Then go over to Freda’s Voice and leave your link so we can visit your 56!

My 56 for this week is from

 The Dead Girls Of Hysteria Hall

by Katie Alender


My 56


I hate you. And by the way, tell Janie I hate her, too.

Let me tell you something.

On a cold and loveless night, when the silver moonlight drinks the color from the earth and the grass tumbles in the wind like waves tossed on an endless, angry sea…

That is not the kind of memory that keeps you warm.

I’m about one third into this one and it is scary good!

What…did you hear that? LOL

Read on if you want to know more.


In this asylum, your mind plays tricks on you all the time…

Delia’s new house isn’t just a house. Long ago, it was the Piven Institute for the Care and Correction of Troubled Females—an insane asylum nicknamed “Hysteria Hall.” However, many of the inmates were not insane, just defiant and strong willed. Kind of like Delia herself.

But the house still wants to keep “troubled” girls locked away. So, in the most horrifying way, Delia gets trapped.

And that’s when she learns that the house is also haunted.

Ghost girls wander the halls in their old-fashioned nightgowns. A handsome ghost boy named Theo roams the grounds. Delia finds that all the spirits are unsettled and full of dark secrets. The house, as well, harbors shocking truths within its walls—truths that only Delia can uncover, and that may set her free.

But she’ll need to act quickly, before the house’s power overtakes everything she loves.

From master of suspense Katie Alender comes a riveting tale of twisted memories and betrayals, and the meaning of madness.



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Have A Happy Thanksgiving!

Posted: November 26, 2015 in Holidays

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Wishing ya’ll a Happy Thanksgiving!

DeadInAPark_Banner copy

I’ve got a great mystery series to share today.

Have you read a Leah Norwood story yet?

Dead In A Park is the second book in this series.

Check it out.

And don’t forget to enter the giveaway.

Dead In A Park

by B.L. Blair

DeadInAPark cover

Genre: Mystery / Romance


When Leah Norwood finds the body of Donald Collins in the city park, she doesn’t know he is a distant relative. Young Donnie was a jewel thief and a career criminal. Hidden in the lining of his suit jacket was an exact replica of a ring that has been in Leah’s family for over a hundred years. After her home is burglarized, the sexy chief of police is convinced the ruby ring has something to do with the murder.

Leah wants to find out what happened to Donnie, but why would someone kill for a hundred year old ring? She discovers a connection between Donnie and the drug-dealing Cantono family, between the Cantono family and a jewelry appraiser, and between the jewelry appraiser and one of her own employees. Chief Griggs might be onto something. All clues lead back to the family ring.


“Was he murdered?” I asked softly.

“Oh, yes. It was murder,” Griggs replied.

The last time I found a body it had never occurred to me that the police would consider me a suspect. As a law-abiding citizen, I had just assumed that people knew I was innocent. My experience with the police showed me I was wrong. I looked at both Griggs and Reddish.

“Please tell me you don’t think I killed him.”

Griggs snorted. “No, we don’t think you killed him. He was taller than you, and his neck was broken. No way could you have done that.”

“It was fast and neat,” Reddish added and then turned to Griggs. “Probably someone with military or combat training.”

“Someone who knows how to kill with their hands,” Griggs said softly.

I swallowed. Candace had shot and killed two people in December and tried to kill me twice. She had been crazy, her behavior unexpected and unpredictable, which had made the situation scary. This sounded worse. A person who was calm and rational murdering someone with their bare hands was chilling. And I couldn’t forget about the weird shoe thing.

“Did you find his shoes?”

“No,” Griggs replied, turning toward me.

“Why would someone want his shoes?”

“Who knows? There wasn’t much of a struggle, although there were multiple sets of footprints. But all appeared to be made by people wearing shoes.” He turned away from me and back toward Reddish. “Between Leah and her dog stomping around, I doubt we’ll get any viable footprints.”

“Hey,” I said indignantly. Both men ignored me.

“Let’s keep the area secure anyway,” Griggs continued. “Send a team out to see if they can find anything. Maybe the shoes will show up somewhere else in the park.”


AUTHOR Bio and Links:

DeadInAPark author

L. Blair writes simple and sweet romance and mystery/romance stories. Like most authors, she has been writing most of her life and has dozens of books started. She just needs the time to finish them.

She is the author of the Holton Romance Series and the Leah Norwood Mysteries. She enjoys reading books, writing books, and traveling wherever and as often as time and money allows. She is currently working on her latest book set in Texas, where she lives with her family.

Website / Twitter / Facebook / Blog / Leah Norwood Mysteries blog

Buy Links for Dead in a Park

Amazon / iBooks / B&N / Kobo / Smashwords


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I’ve read all of Anthony’s books so you could say I’m a fan!

And I’m so stoked he is offering his books in print now. I can’t wait to get my hands on all of them.

I’ll let Anthony take it from here!


I know it isn’t the most grandest of designs, but it gets the colors and mood right for the Thanksgiving holiday. I honestly love simple covers like this. I think that these days people let all these fancy software tools throw up all over their covers. Most of them look cheap or too busy because of it. Sometimes simple is much catchier.

Anyway, this is a long short story turned into a small quirky novel. If you prefer paper and have wanted to read it then now is your chance. I’ve included A Vampire at Christmas as a bonus short story for this one. So you not only get one short story, but two.

Have a Happy Zombie Thanksgiving?

Click the link below to grab your copy.

Paperback link

(available outside of the U.S. as well)


I’m resharing my review for ya!

They say the holidays are no longer celebrated because of the zombie apocalypse.

Try telling that to Dawn. All she wants is to bring a little bit of normalcy into their lives. To remind them they are human, that they are still alive, that there is hope.

Guns and knife in hand, Dawn sets off to the grocery store to see if she can find a turkey. I know, this sounds nuts. But people get desperate for the old days, the easy days.

As Dawn stumbles over dead bodies and crashed, abandoned vehicles, she inevitably runs across some shufflers. She takes care of them coldly, efficiently. This is the new way of life.

Meanwhile, back at the safe place, George is handed a note by another survivor in their group. It appears Dawn has left to get food. Fool girl. Doesn’t she know there are zombies out there. What is so important she’d risk this by herself?

I can’t quite put my finger on it, but somehow the author had me feeling the warmth of Thanksgiving. Even As Dawn and George fought off the ravenous zombies that want them for dinner.

Dawn’s fierce determination has me adding her to my list of top female protagonists. She’s not going to stop until she finds that bird!

And George is just as determined. Determined to find Dawn and get her safely back where she belongs. All limbs attached. I liked how his initial frustration turned to alpha male, to lover, as he set out to find her.

I had my fingers and toes crossed for these two. The ending was not set in stone just because it’s Thanksgiving. Maybe the zombies got a nice dinner. Nobody told them they don’t celebrate the holiday.

5 Stars



(Revised and Updated 2015) A short story about a woman who risks life and limb in a Zombie Apocalypse in order to keep the Thanksgiving tradition alive.

Bonus Short Story: A Vampire at Christmas
A short story about a Vampire who uses his riches and immortal skills to bring joy to those in need during the Christmas Season.


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Do I have a good one to share today!

It’s got zombies, kinda. If you consider someone walking around brain dead, then yeah, it’s zombies.

I had a good time with this one and can’t wait to share it!

Check out my review.

And don’t forget to enter Keith’s giveaway!


The Dead Circle

by Keith Varney

My Review

Water, water, everywhere, but not a drop to drink.

Imagine it. We can survive a long time without food. But going more than a few days without water will kill us.

Something is wrong with the water. It’s turning people into mindless walkers. It only takes one drop. Then, they strip off their clothes and head to a central place in Detroit. Once there, they join a crowd of others, walking in a circle, limbs sporadically twitching, eyes rolled over white. No mind left, they walk in a circle, and more join them.

Chris and Sarah, a married couple, have just bought their dream house. Well, it will be. They envision turning the abandoned library into a home. A place to raise kids in. A place to grow old in.

But, that’s all changed now. Since the rains started. Since the water betrayed them.

Now, they struggle to survive. Seemingly the only ones unchanged. Waiting for a clear day to go out and forage for supplies.

Winter is coming. No power in the city means no heat. They need to go outside. They need to figure out how they’ll stay warm during the winter. They need to gather food and safe drinking water. Once it snows, they’ll be trapped inside until spring.

Then, things change again. The walkers aren’t circling anymore. They’ve broken away, wandering, looking for food. Any food. It’s more dangerous than ever to venture outside, but Chris and Sarah have no choice.

Just think of the obstacles they must have face. Water is everywhere. You can’t risk going outside if there is the slightest chance of rain. Even if it hasn’t rained in days, a drop could be lingering and that’s all it takes.

You reach to open a car door, be careful. You look away for just a moment and right in front of you is a water puddle. You walk under a tree, water drips off the leaves.

No place is safe.

This story starts out so innocently. Then something happens that knocks you back on your heels. From then on, you are in Chris and Sarah’s shoes. You struggle with them, you stratagize with them. You run with them. Will you die with them?

This is one I’d recommend to those who enjoy an apocalyptic thriller with a new spin on zombies. And to those who like suspense with a touch of horror.

Like a pressure cooker, the suspense builds, the danger builds, your connection with the characters builds. And then it ends.

My sister would have hated the ending. I didn’t. I wonder what you’ll make of it.

4 Stars



Something is terribly wrong in Detroit.

When Chris and Sarah bought an abandoned library to renovate and live in, they expected to be on the ground floor of the revival of Detroit. But unbeknownst to them, the city is about to fall. The devastation begins with a single woman who mysteriously tears off her clothing and starts walking the perimeter of an empty lot. Within minutes, hundreds of disparate people inexplicably form a giant human circle that slowly revolves like a hurricane of flesh. They twitch and spasm, contorting their naked bodies in a primordial death dance. They’re oblivious to everything, even the unfortunate souls who fall beneath their feet.

Bewildered citizens and authorities are desperate to know what’s causing the bizarre event… at least until it starts to rain.

Chris and Sarah abruptly find themselves trapped in a forsaken city. To survive, they must evade the horrifying illness, find food and shelter in a suddenly primitive world… and have a battle plan for when the circle stops spinning…

Website | Facebook | Amazon KDP Createspace

About The Author

Keith Varney

Originally from small town Vermont, Keith Varney is an award-winning musical theater writer and actor. He has written Book, Music and Lyrics in various combinations for I GOT FIRED (Best American Musical – DIMF), ELWAY: THE MUSICAL, THE OTHER SEX, JOSHUA: THE MUSICAL, PIE EATER & SCOOBY DOOSICAL. He has also written songs for Submissions Only, Hot Mess in Manhattan, See You Lighter, My Mother is a Sex Therapist & Dystopia Gardens. As an actor he has performed professionally in musicals including Les Miserables, The Producers, The Full Monty, Titanic and I Got Fired(Best Actor in a Musical – DIMF). He has a degree in classical voice from the Eastman School of Music. He now lives in Astoria NY with his wife Jillian, who is a Broadway actress. “The Dead Circle” is his debut novel. For more information, please visit

Website | Facebook | Twitter @keithvarney 


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