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Some chit chat.

This time of year money grows on tress. That’s right. Pecans!

pets and pecans 013

We had the remnants of that huge storm blow through here Monday and Tuesday. Torrential rains and tropical storm force winds. It blew thousands, and I mean thousands, of pecans out of the trees. Just look at my back patio. You can see the path I cleared so we can walk. LOL

pets and pecans 010

You should see my dog Quigley. He carries pecans in the house to eat them. He can crack one open and slowly but surely devour all of the sweet meat inside, leaving only bits of the shells. Gotta watch out for those shards, especially at night. I’ve often walked through the living room in the dark and stepped on some. They hurt like the dickens. LOL And my cat, Sheba, likes to bat them around. When I move furniture to clean behind it, it’s not uncommon to find some old pecans!

pets and pecans 009

I used to go over to a neighbors pecan field every day after work and scoop up loads of these delicious pecans. One year we made several thousand by bagging them up and taking them to our local buyer. The last few years have been dismal crops, but this is a bumper year. I plan to gather these up and give them as gifts in some pretty packages. These are Elliot’s, the best of the best pecans.

Yeah, those are my toes in the picture. Had to show my Happy Feet! LOL

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I kind of stuck with the Halloween themed reading this week. LOL






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