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Anthony has a new zombie story, just released. Can’t wait to tell you all about it.

And he’s offering it free today. Click on the cover or links below to grab your free copy!

Come on back every Sunday until The Walking Dead Series is over. There will be a different free zombie book by Anthony every Sunday.

The Dead Of Winter

by Anthony Renfro

This is the original cover art. Wanted to use it in case it’s still this one posted on Amazon.



My Review

You never know what you’re going to get when you meet this author’s zombies. In one book, they were singing Christmas carols. LOL At one point in the story I thought I knew what they’d be doing. But nope, it was something else. Still made me laugh, until I took the time to picture them. Then it was pretty creepy.

The story beings with two strangers meeting on a brutally cold winter’s day. They decide to stick together. The odds are better for survival that way. Two pairs of eyes and ears to warn of approaching zombies.

It’s not long before they run into trouble, narrowly escaping with their lives. It’s now become vital that they find a place to hole up. The zombies don’t get tired. They don’t feel the cold. And they do not stop coming.

From the mind of Anthony Renfro comes a new kind of zombie,. A smart zombie, kind of. They do think, but that doesn’t necessarily make them that smart. Several scenes have me laughing and cringing.

The characters are few. Just two men and a cat. Not including the hoard of zombies.

It’s these characters and their struggles to survive that drive this short story. Make it a deep experience.

The harsh environment of cold winter makes their struggles even harder. It’s bad enough they have to worry about food and warmth. There’s also those zombies who don’t feel the cold.

Not one to shy from gory details, you get plenty here. And the author’s macabre sense of humor shines in the end. You won’t see it coming. Just like one of the characters didn’t. Since it made me laugh, I guess I have a macabre sense of humor too.

5 Stars


And this is the new cover.



Eric surveyed the road ahead and behind him. The world was filled with death. The highway was littered with silent, rusting cars sitting on rotting tires, waiting on drivers who were never going to drive them again. Ripped apart, torn open and partially eaten corpses littered the ground in various forms of decay. The corpses ranged from children to elderly adults. The zombies had done a number on them when they went into their “feeding frenzy.” The bodies that weren’t on the ground or pulled from their cars were still seated, and most of them still strapped into their seat belts, like they were still driving to whatever destination they had been going to before the world fell into death’s harsh embrace.

Eric breathed in deep and felt the cold air settle into his lungs. Bitter winter winds whipped at his face and tore at his clothes, trying to get inside the protective layers. Flakes of snow fell from the sky, nothing more than flurries.

“It’s something,” Eric replied, looking down at the white and grey cat in its carrier. He then put his eyes back on the man sitting with his back against a car.


Will they be food for the zombies?

This short story is about two men trying to survive an apocalyptic nightmare in a harsh frozen landscape. Hoping to find warmth and shelter. Hoping to ride out the night. Hoping the zombies don’t find them first.

Links on Amazon: US / UK / AU / CA


And a surprise freebie.

Click on the cover or links below to grab a free copy while it lasts!

Also with a new cover.




Dawn stopped at the edge of the parking lot. What she saw in front of her was an apocalyptic nightmare. It was a picture of mass panic frozen in a time of chaos.

The parking lot looked like a war zone–cars burned to metal bodies, cars crashed together, cars turned over, shopping carts everywhere and in all kinds of positions, (food and supplies in these carts long since looted), and bodies, lots and lots of dead bodies. Most of them had been laying out here rotting in the hot sun for far too long, and they were now decayed and gooey, slipping back into the Earth one second at a time.

She closed her eyes, held the gold cross on a chain around her neck, prayed, and then crossed the parking lot.



EBook: US / UK / AU / CA


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Some chit chat.

Hello everyone and happy Sunday!

I’m officially a great auntie as of March 9th. The sweet baby girl has arrived. I’ve seen pictures and she has the cutest little nose.

I just love babies. My son came as quite a surprise. My husband had been married before and his first wife already had a child from a previous marriage. When they had trouble conceiving, he’d discovered he probably couldn’t have children. Imagine our surprise when I got sick at the smell of hamburger cooking and took a test. Yep, I was pregnant.

With my rare blood type and RH Negative factor, I had to have ultrasounds twice a month. When my son came into the world, I recognized his sweet face from the pictures. My sweet boy with the Gerber baby face!

I remember crying when he got his first tooth. I loved his gummy smile. LOL

What a joy and a blessing are our children. No matter how old they are, they’ll always be our precious babies.

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