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Title: Save The Last Dance
Author: Eric Joseph & Eva Ungar
Publisher: Hargrove Press
Pages: 360
Genre: Literary Fiction
My Review
I’m always drawn to stories about second chances at love. This one sounded particularly fascinating as the whole rekindled romance is told through emails.
At first I got a little confused as the emails bounced between several different characters. But once I got into the swing of things, it flowed right along.
Adam and Sarah are no spring chickens anymore. They’re also not free to explore their burgeoning feelings towards each other. But that saying, “The heart wants what the heart wants,” rings loudly through these pages.
I’m not one for supporting taboo relationships. It’s always been my feeling that you should nip those feelings in the bud before they do harm. Reading Adam’s and Sarah’s text messages and emails allowed me to see how they struggled with it and their turmoil over hurting others they cared about.
An engaging story that brought back memories of my first love and had me wondering, what if. If you do read this book, be sure to set aside plenty of time to finish it. You’ll not want to stop until you found out how it ends.
4 Stars
A tale of the power and peril of first love rediscovered.
Adam Wolf and Sarah Ross were teenage sweethearts who grew up in Cleveland Heights, Ohio in the late 50’s and early 60’s. They set a wedding date when they turned fifteen. The day came and went. For most of their lives the two were out of contact.
With their 50th high school reunion approaching, Adam and Sarah reconnect. Email exchanges – after the first tentative “hi”, then a deluge- five, ten- by the end of the week twenty emails a day. Soon Sarah admits, “All my life I’ve been looking for someone who loves me as much as you did”.
Written entirely in email and texts, Save the Last Dance allows the reader to eavesdrop on Sarah and Adam’s correspondence as their love reignites. It also permits the reader to witness the reactions of significant others, whose hum-drum lives are abruptly jolted by the sudden intrusion of long-dormant passion. Can Sarah and Adam’s rekindled love withstand the pummeling they’re in for?
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Book Excerpt
From: Adam Wolf
To: Paul Bishop
October 12, 2014 4:54 pm
Subject: Finally saw Sarah, virtually
Oh Paul — “L’avventura” continues. No pauses for
breath or thought. Since the last email, this thing with Sarah has detonated.
We are now writing each other all day, every day, sometimes at night, on the
way to work, at work, lunch, at intersections, on the back porch. I spend my
days longing for her messages and panic when an hour goes by without. No more
tentative phrases and innuendo. No more stuff about vague ambiguous longing.
It’s full blown, Paul. Jesus H — it’s sweet passion and sexy -particularly
exciting because we never had the chance in our first go-round way back when.
The day came. We decided it was the right time to
finally see each other — to Skype. I was in Cleveland,
alone. Sarah picked a time when I would call. I brought three changes of
clothes and tried each of them on before we Skyped — stood back from the mirror
and rejected them all. I finally settled on a button-down light blue shirt with
one of those newfangled small-ish collars, and a dark blue crew neck. (I
remembered that Sarah doesn’t like V-necks.) The pants, Izod chinos with the
pleated front and room to grow. I was now prepared with my best Belmondo charm
to woo Sarah into bed.
It wasn’t like that, though. I don’t know what it was, Paul. Maybe it was modesty,
perhaps fear about what we must look like now to people who last saw us when we
were young. The mask of age. Anyway, whatever it was, when the time came we
both sat in the shadows in our respective rooms and just peered at the camera.
First there was giggling over nothing. Eventually, I decided to thrust my face
forward into the light, regardless of the consequences. Sarah leaned forward
herself for a moment, her hand over her face, just briefly let her eyes show
and stared at me nervously. Later she said she thought me so handsome still. I
told her I would recognize those beautiful baby blues anywhere, if only she
would let me see them clearly.
I couldn’t really see her face. The light was arranged so only a silhouette was
visible. For a while she resembled someone being interviewed in the witness
protection program. I expected her voice to sound shrill and electronic. “I
foist met Vinnie da Butcher Bugliosi in 1946 at a pizza parlor in Passaic.
He showed me a good time. His last words to me were ‘keep your mouth shut’.”
As for the rest of her, I conjured up the worst — telling myself I will love her
no matter what. I had visions of Sarah Ross now — cauliflower ears and 7 teeth,
four of which dangled precipitously. I feared her neck would show signs of some
old rope burns from 10 years ago, when she tried to hang herself in the mental
When Sarah finally spoke, her voice was soft. Softer than I remembered, sweet, more
confident, deeper. At first she spoke out of the darkness. She said, “It’s you.
It’s really you.” The conversation deteriorated from there. And I said, “It’s
you, really you,” but I wasn’t sure. Except for the voice it could have been
Golda Meier there, for all I knew.When she finally leaned into
the light, I must have lost my breath. I saw her — and despite the few
wrinkles, the face more set in place, she was immediately my girl, her smile
now even sweeter. Her gestures were more refined and confident. She was dressed
elegantly for me — a silky salmon top and a paisley shawl. The years dissolved,
and the fears about age were gone. My Sarah and she beamed at me.    We talked softly, nothing sexually charged about it, just soft remembrance. We imagined that we were back in her sunroom,
with the low red love seat — tamely making out — her hand caressing my belly
but- ton, just under the belt — how we slept together at 15, quite literally,
in that hot room, napping together in the heat — or about her head on my lap
when we watched The Twilight Zone Friday nights — or the path we took
through Cain Park when I carried home her books after school — or the people we
routinely met along my paper route.    At some point, Paul, we stopped talking and simultaneously touched our fingers to our lips and reached toward the screen.


About the Authors


Eric Joseph and Eva Ungar (Grudin) were teenage sweethearts in Cleveland Heights, Ohio, who set a wedding date
when they turned 15. The last time they saw each other they were 21 years old.
Three years ago they reunited, around the time of the 50th high school reunion.
Although their book is a work of fiction, it’s about a couple like them, who
fall in love again, almost instantly, via email.
Eric is in public health, a consultant/educator at hospitals and
clinics, concentrating his career on Native American health services across the
country. Eva is an art historian who taught at
Williams College in Massachusetts for 40+ years. She
specialized in African and African-American art; the history of European
painting: also Holocaust Studies – memorials and museums; In addition, she has
performed in and written Sounding to A,
a multi-media work about inheriting the Holocaust. It premiered at the Ko Festival
of Performance in 2004.
Learn more about Eva and Eric and their history together by visiting
– At the website you’ll find memories about their time together in the late
50s, early 60s, as well as interviews from today.
Their latest book is the literary fiction, Save The Last Dance.
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Cooking For Ghosts

The Secret Spice Cafe #1

by Patricia V. Davis


Genre: Women’s Fiction / Magical Realism

On Amazon



A Vegas cocktail waitress. An Indian herbalist. A British chemistry professor. An Italian-American widow. Four unique women with one thing in common: each is haunted by a tragedy from her past. The women are surrounded by ghosts long before they step aboard, but once they do…


Enjoy the glimpse inside.

Somewhere in the Atlantic, 1949

In an ocean as dark and still as death, the Queen floated. The scythe-shaped moon engulfed in mist gave off only a dank tinge of light. Waves skimmed lazily along the Queen’s sides, like the careless caress of an indifferent lover. She was only fifteen years old, but she’d already witnessed so much misery: war, love lost to tragedy, and once, a vile murder that had left a stain on her no sea she traveled had ever washed away.

Now she was about to witness another. The killer’s rage was silent and patient. And yet, she could feel it. In desperation, the Queen willed her fog horn to blow…


Under the cover of the dimly lit stairwell on the deserted sports deck, the sailor waited. He’d timed it well. The watch wouldn’t make his rounds up here until after it was over.

Long before he could see his prey, he heard the click of her heels on the planked wood, echoing off the water as she approached. He pressed himself back further into the darkness as she came into view, her eyes focused on what he’d stolen to lure her, carefully placed so that it would be visible to her while he remained hidden. As she bent to pick it up, he stepped swiftly behind her and clamped his forearm around her throat, cutting off her scream and her breath as he pulled her into the shadows.

She felt her windpipe close up and the blood rush to her head.  She couldn’t twist around to face him, but ─ oh, God ─ she knew who he was. How ironic. In a life as mousy as the color of her hair, the one impetuous thing she’d dared do, would end her. As dreary as her life had been, she didn’t want it to be over.

So she struggled. She dug her nails into Death’s rigid forearm and clawed at the skin on his elbow. But he only swore at the blood she’d managed to draw and kept that arm hooked resolutely under her chin, dangling her legs up off the deck, pressing even tighter against her throat as she kicked. He shook her and she felt the cool night air hit the sole of her foot as one of her shoes fell off. The thump it made against the deck startled him. He lost his vice hold on her for an instant and she tried again to scream. He slammed his other hand across her nose and mouth. With a rush of stinging pain, the salty iron taste of blood filled her mouth, mingled with the smell of his familiar aftershave. Who’d have thought Death would come wearing Old Spice?  He’d groomed himself as carefully for her murder as he once had for her seduction. She went queasy with the realization that his arms were not the only part of his body that felt rigid against her.

But mere seconds later, she was too lightheaded to feel disgust or even fear. She now lay in his arms, compliant, his hand still pressed against her bloodied mouth and nose. Her head was tipped back as he continued to suffocate her and she could see the night sky, a depthless backdrop for the stars that flickered through the gauzy veil of ocean fog. And the moon looked like a grin. Lovers walking the decks below must think it all so romantic.  Dimly, she could hear the band playing in the ballroom. She was amazed she could even recognize the tune ─ a new one, just come out that year:

“Some enchanted evening, you may meet a stranger…”

Her final act was to pray that he wouldn’t dump her before she was truly dead. As cruel as his arms were, at least they were warm. She didn’t want the ice cold water to be the last thing she felt.




Patricia V. Davis is the author of the bestselling Harlot’s Sauce: A Memoir of Food, Family, Love, Loss and Greece, and The Diva Doctrine: 16 Universal Principles Every Woman Needs to Know. Her latest work, “Cooking for Ghosts: Book I in The Secret Spice Cafe Trilogy” first of three novels set aboard the RMS Queen Mary, is due to be released in October 2016.  Despite the diversity of Patricia’s writing projects, they share the universal theme of “female dynamism,” a term she’s coined which signifies women taking positive action to support each other and better the world around them. To that end, Patricia also founded The Women’s PowerStrategy™ Conference.

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