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Welcome to my Saturday Screams.

Today’s review is for a book filled with creatures of the night. It’s free right now too! So, if you want a copy, click on the cover or the link at after the synopsis to grab a copy.


Ancient Awakening

by Matthew Bryan Laube


Genre: Horror / Action


My Review

I love books with demons, vamps, werewolves, and other scary creatures that come creeping and oozing out of the dark to strike fear and mayhem on us innocent, puny humans.

You get a whole bunch of that when these monsters take over a hospital and start eating or turning people. It appears the deadly ancient ones, seven monsters of legend, are back to do what they do best.

A young lady seeking her absent boyfriend lands right in the middle of this mess. Along with an injured cop, and a strange little man who happens to be “THE” master monster hunter.

The author wastes no time stirring up trouble for these characters and keeps monsters and humans busy: running, dying, the usual stuff.

I did like the creatures, the human characters, and the plot. But it felt a bit rushed at times, and the story didn’t always flow smoothly. And I wanted to know more about the monster hunter and the young woman’s connection with monsters. I suspect that’s the authors plan as I learned at the ending, which was an ending and a cliff hanger, that there’s more to come in this tale.

While this first book didn’t completely wow me, it certainly showed promise and I will be reading the next book. You see, the author has me very curious about one particular monster. I have a feeling I’ll be getting some of the answers I seek and plenty more action.

   4  Stars



Hell comes home to Jersey.

Seven ancient demons known as the Fallen have awakened in New Jersey after a hundred years. Fortunately for Mike and Ann, so has the one man who can stop them, Joseph Miller. Trapped in a hospital filled with mythical monsters, only together can they unravel the mystery of the Cursed and escape with not only their lives but also their very humanity.

Ancient Awakening is a Horror/Action novel with just the right touch of comedy. It is the first book in the series The Ancient which follows the adventures of eccentric demon hunter Joseph Miller. His job is to defend the human race against seven mythical demons and their offspring. Unfortunately for us, he has been dead for the last hundred years.  Ancient Awakening is followed by Ancient Enemies.

The all-new second edition of Ancient Awakening is professionally edited, 57,000 words, and includes a free preview chapter of Ancient Enemies.



While on Goodreads, I happened to notice this book also has another cover. The first is for the ebook and the second is for the paperback.

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I think both of them work very well for the story. Which do you like most?


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