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Sealed Up

The Course Of Fate #1

by Steve Dunn Hanson

Publisher: Independent
Pages: 402
Genre: Action/Adventure/Suspense



My Review

What do an anthropologist, a televangelist, a beautiful young woman, a shaman, and a drug lord have in common? Rumors of ancient chronicles somewhere in Mesoamerica draw them all into a race to uncover the secrets. Whether for the thrill of discovery, money, power, they will all be put to the test. The jungle is unforgiving and reluctant to give up it’s secrets.

It took a while for the plot to thicken. The beginning had a lot of detail that slowed the pace, though it’s well researched. Once it got going, it was a thrilling adventure. Lots of intrigue and plotting to keep you turning the pages.

There’s  a mixed bag of character’s. Some good. Some bad. The one that drew the most emotions out of me was the man that funded the expedition, Brother Luke. What a warped excuse for a human being and holy man. And the shaman had some surprises for me too.

This is a suspenseful adventure with an exciting ending. I’d recommend this to fans of treasure hunting, anthropology, and plenty of characters with their own agendas.

4 Stars


The Da Vinci Code unsettles. SEALED UP shakes to the core!

UCLA anthropologist Nathan Hill, in a funk since his young wife’s death, learns of staggering millennia-old chronicles sealed up somewhere in a Mesoamerica cliff. This bombshell rocks him out of his gloom, and he leads a clandestine expedition to uncover them. What are they? Who put them there? No one knows. But, self-absorbed televangelist Brother Luke, who funds the expedition, thinks he does. If he’s right, his power-hunger will have off-the-charts gratification.

Striking Audra Chang joins Nathan in his pursuit and brings her own shocking secret. As they struggle through an incredible jungle of puzzles and dead ends, she finds herself falling in love with Nathan. Her secret, though, may make that a non-starter.

When a shaman with a thirst for human sacrifice, and a murderous Mexican drug lord with a mysterious connection to Brother Luke emerge, the expedition appears doomed. Yet Nathan is convinced that fate—or something—demands these inscrutable chronicles be unearthed.

And if they are . . . what shattering disruption will they unleash?

Intricately layered and remarkably researched, this enthralling suspense thriller begs a startling question: Could it happen?



Enjoy the excerpt!

“How much farther?” Paul’s shirt was soaked from sweat.

Itzel looked at him and laughed. “Just like Torrance, huh?” Paul rolled his eyes.

“The cenote.” Ichika pointed to a three-foot-wide path that was recently cut through the brush. They followed it as it turned to the left then sharply to the right. The sinkhole loomed in front of them. The water, a huge blue sapphire, sparkled 15 feet below. Thick emerald-green growth reached down the sinkhole’s sides, but where they were standing, the vegetation had been cleared all the way to the water’s surface.

Paul stood at the cenote’s edge and stared down into the bowl. “You slipped here, you’d go all the way in.”

Itzel shuddered and pulled back; thoughts of her father overwhelming her. Was this what it was like where he fell? She trembled and turned away from the cenote. “Let’s leave.”

Paul looked at her and understood. He almost said something about his stupidity, but decided one foot in his mouth was enough. He motioned for Ichika to take them back the way they came. He put his arm around Itzel, and she leaned her head against him.

“Where are the ruins?” Paul asked. Ichika didn’t say anything, just pointed ahead. The brush and ferns that surrounded them were head high and prevented their seeing anything except along the trail. As they turned to go to where they first entered the path, Kish’s men stood waiting. Ikan, Muluc, and Yochi had machetes, and Gukumatz held a tranquilizer gun.

Paul and Itzel stopped. Ichika, her eyes fastened on the ground, kept going until she stood on the other side of the men. She turned back toward Itzel but wouldn’t look at her. “What’s going on?” Paul demanded in Spanish as he stepped in front of Itzel. Gukumatz raised his gun and shot a dart into Paul’s stomach. Paul flinched at the pain and looked down at his stomach. “What the ….” Paul yanked the dart out and threw it on the ground. A small circle of blood soaked through his shirt. He lunged at Gukumatz and swung his forearm around catching him on the bridge of his nose. Blood spurted from Gukumatz’s nostrils as he fell to the ground; a gash flaring open on top of his nose. Ikan and Yochi dropped their machetes and jumped Paul.

“What are you doing?” Itzel yelled in Lacandón. “Where is Kish?” Muluc grabbed her and threw his arm around her neck, holding her from behind.

“Don’t you hurt her!” Ichika screamed, as she advanced on him. Gukumatz stood up and wiped his nose with his sleeve; blood soaking through his shirt to his skin. His stare at Paul was chilling, and he swore at him in Spanish. Paul tried to get up to come at him. It was all the two men could do to keep him down even though his strength was ebbing. Gukumatz turned away from Paul and pulled a cartridge and a dart from the bag on his shoulder and loaded them into his gun. He walked to Itzel and shoved Ichika aside. He lowered the gun and shot the dart into Itzel’s stomach. She flinched at the pain and stared at Gukumatz. “You pig!” she spat.

Within a few minutes Paul and Itzel were unconscious. Gukumatz pulled the GPS trackers from their belts, turned them off, and slammed them against a rock. He grunted as he picked up Itzel and slung her across his shoulder. The other three men lifted Paul. They headed to the platform ruins.

The place of sacrifice.


Author Steve Dunn Hanson

Steve Dunn Hanson

I’ve lived in places that grew me . . . from a small Idaho farm town, a run-down neighborhood in St. Louis, and a middle-class southern California community, to Sydney, Australia, and Bucharest, Romania. My experiences are as varied as the places I’ve lived. I have a hopper full of “reality” including being a volunteer jail chaplain and flying with a U.S. presidential candidate in his small plane when an engine conked out. And all of this is fodder for my writing.

My latest book is the action/adventure/suspense novel, Sealed Up.

Website / Twitter / Facebook


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My Pet Yeti (Adventure Book for Kids Ages 9-12!) (Chance Bradley Adventure Books 3) by [Baldwin, Clarke]  The Awkward Owl by [Blake, Shawnda]

Welcome to The Kid’s Korner!

Got a couple of fun ones to share today.  Both of these had some fun illustrations and made smiles grow on my face.


My Pet Yeti

by Clarke Baldwin

My Pet Yeti (Adventure Book for Kids Ages 9-12!) (Chance Bradley Adventure Books 3) by [Baldwin, Clarke]

Age Level: 9 and up | Grade Level: 3 and up


My Review

I love stories about the Yeti. This sounds fun and I couldn’t resist the cute cover.

Chance can’t wait to show his friend, Nick, the snow fort he built. And Nick can’t wait to see it. After showing off the fort, Chance helps Nick build his own fort and shows him a nifty trick that will keep the forts from melting. As kids we used this trick and it worked great.

Next up, snowball fight! After epic battles, the boys grow cold and it’s time to go home. But Chance makes one quick trip to check on his fort, thinking of ways he might improve it. He’s shocked when he finds the fort demolished, and whoever destroyed it left huge footprints for him to follow.

Not knowing what left the tracks but having a sneaking suspicion, Chance sets off to find the culprit and the tracks lead him to a dark cave. He enters cautiously and discovers something astonishing.

This story brings back so many happy memories from  my childhood. Growing up in the north, we had long winters and lots of time on our hands. The neighborhood got together and built forts, has snowball, fights, went sledding and skating, and trekking in the woods. It’s so silent in the winter. And kind of scary. I’m sure we wondered what might be lurking in them woods.

Chance is a brave, but impulsive boy. I don’t know if I’d have ventured into that cave by myself. Making friends with a yeti sounded fun, but Freddy the yeti wasn’t meant to live with people. They wouldn’t understand him. Would be afraid of him.

It was sweet and sad, the way this ended. But the author showed that, while making a decision may be painful, its sometimes the best thing for everyone.

 4 Stars



Chance Bradley is enjoying his winter break to the fullest. The snowfall is heavy and he’s doing all the winter activities with his friends to the max. But when his snow fort is wrecked, Chance sets out to find the mysterious culprit. Could the legends be true? Can Chance find and tame the Yeti?

A fun action-adventure middle reader kids book for ages 9-12 and adults. Children’s middle reader with 9 Color Illustrations

The Chance Bradley Adventures Series are action-packed stories filled with action, science fiction, adventure and a hint of fantasy.



The Awkward Owl

by Shawnda Blake

The Awkward Owl by [Blake, Shawnda]

Age Level: 3 to 7 / Grade Level: P – 1



My Review

A poor little owl who couldn’t fly right. No matter how he tried, he flew upside down, backwards, and any way but the way he should. When he flew into a tree, a little girl rescued him, nurtured him, loved him, and encouraged him to try flying again.

It was adorable when the little girl took the owl home and, with a little TLC, gave him confidence to try again. The pictures are cute too. Looks like children drew and colored them. You might want to have drawing paper and crayons handy, as your youngsters might get a hankering to try to draw this cuddly little owl.

With simple illustrations and such a cute little owl, this is sure to delight the young ones. It has a message too. Don’t give up on yourself. If you fail, try and try again.

    4 Stars



When a little owl has difficulty flying, he needs an extra boost of confidence to try again. It takes the loving care of a little girl to help him overcome his awkwardness and take to the skies. A sweet and funny story for bedtime or anytime.



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