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This is my own version of a weekly book haul and all things new on fuonlyknew.

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Sunday Post

Some chit chat.

I fell asleep last night while reading a horror story. Usually they don’t cause nightmares or make me scared to go to sleep. I came awake slowly. Something was wrong. I heard loud breathing. Felt warm breath on face. Bad breath! I was afraid to open my eyes. Did someone get in the house? Was I about to be raped or murdered? I cracked open my eyes. Something was in bed with me! It’s mouth was sprinkled with grey hairs. It’s nose was cold. It’s eyes were rolled back in its head. Oh man. It’s my dog, Quigley. LOL He got in the bed and lay down with his head on my pillow. Talk about a waker upper. That’ll teach me to read scary books before going to sleep. And I need to get him some doggie denture sticks. His breath. Whew!

And now….It’s all about the books! I got a bunch. Reviewed some. And browsed a whole bunch of freebies for ya!


My new books this week. Got a lot. Guess I went a little crazy on Amazon too. LOL

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25098131  28468139  Tales from Harborsmouth Ivy Granger Psychic Detective Urban Fantasy

  25478027  25659436


And here are some freebies for ya. Click on the covers to get your copies. Remember to make sure they’re still free before you hit that buy button.

I went a little crazy on finding freebies this week. So many good ones!

I hope you realize I didn’t grab all of these myself. Honest!

Changeling: An Appalachian Magic Novel Book 2 (Appalachian Magic Series) by [Herbert, Debbie]  Sweetwater American by [Coleman, Eileen Cruz]  Something Like This by [Coleman, Eileen Cruz]

Haven on the Riverwalk by [Coleman, Eileen Cruz]  The Girl on the Roof by [Coleman, Eileen Cruz]  Dawn of the Infected: A Prequel Novella (Hybrid Chronicles) by [Cruz Coleman, Eileen]

The Last Spartan: Different Paths by [McCullough, A. E.]  The Last Spartan: DJ's Mission by [McCullough, A. E.]  Hell's Rejects (Chaos of the Covenant Book 1) by [Forbes, M.R.]

Harlot by [Podger, Tracie]  Hounds of Autumn by [Blackwood, Heather]  The Tinkerer's Daughter by [Sedgwick, Jamie]

Hearts Under Siege (Civil War Collection Book 1) by [Kelly, Kathryn]  A Regency Romance and Murder Mystery Box Set by [Wylde, Anya]  Fortune's Flower (Passport to Romance Book 1) by [Lawson, Anthea]

A Match Made in Spell: Lexi Balefire, Matchmaking Witch (Fate Weaver Book 1) by [Welling, ReGina, Lynn, Erin]  Witches' Brew: Paranormal Cozy Mystery Series (Vampires and Wine Book 1) by [Best, Morgana]  HAPPY PANTS CAFE (The Prequel) (THE HAPPY PANTS SERIES) by [Pamfiloff, Mimi Jean]


Books I reviewed this week. Click on the covers to read my reviews.


34208294  22595235



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