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I’m on vacation this week and having great fun just hanging around at home. I did pop onto my computer a little bit each day and discovered I had nothing scheduled for today. Good thing I have some back-up reviews written.

Skin And Bones is a fun paranormal romance and the first book in the Ever Chace Chronicles.

Let me tell ya about it.

Also wanted to mention this book is free right now. Check links at the bottom of the post for your copy!

Skin And Bones

The Ever Chase Chronicles #1

by Susan Harris


Genre: Paranormal / Romance / Mystery


My Review

I’m not one for the insta-love thing but I actually had a good experience with it in this book. I felt insta-love for  Derek and Ever and didn’t mind at all that they felt an instant connection to each other. Let me explain. It’s not a focal point in the book and later in the story you’ll find out more about why that happened.

Derek is called in for cases that have a paranormal element to them. When something starts killing teens, he’s lead on the case.

Dr. Ever Chase, though human, becomes involved n the investigation as a consultant. Soon enough it becomes apparent the killer wants her involved for reasons he hasn’t revealed.

As the two work together their attraction to each other grows. But they’ll have to wait to explore it later as more teens fall victim and they draw closer to the killer.

While I really like Derek and Ever, there are many other characters that stand out. You know how it is in shows like Criminal Minds and CSI? They have a team that’s been working closely together for some time and they become like a small family. Their personal lives bleed over into work and nothing is secret. The author included that in her story and all of players added flavor and intrigue.

I liked where this story went and it wasn’t easy to figure out who the bad guy was. And I had no clue why he was killing the teens until the connection was shown to me. The why is a key connection to Ever and ramps up the suspense nicely.

Drama, snarky humor, a light sizzle of romance, and a nasty villain. All the ingredients I like in a paranormal romance mystery. If that sounds good to you, I hope you give this a read. You’ll have fun.

4 Stars



Teens are turning up dead, and it will take a special team to catch a killer.

Derek Doyle has been a member of the Paranormal Investigations Team since the monsters revealed themselves to the world. Considering that he thinks a monster is needed to catch a monster, he’s definitely in the right place. As a lone wolf not used to letting many people in, neither man nor beast was prepared for the effect consultant Dr. Ever Chace has on them.

Growing up human in a world of supernatural creatures, Dr. Ever Chace has always felt a need to be special, to stand out. When asked to consult on a case where teens are being brutalized, she relishes the chance to make a difference and help stop a monster. But working alongside a wolf who she’s so drawn to could be the beginning of something Ever might never have envisioned.

Fate and Destiny have a funny way of creeping up on you when you least expect it. With a murderer on the loose, Ever and Derek will have to put their attraction to one another aside while the hunt continues.

Easier said than done… right?

Skin and Bones is free right now. If you want to try it just click on the links below. Remeber to check that it’s still free before one clicking.

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