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Welcome to my stop on the tour for Prepared by Courtney Konstantin.
Before I share the book and giveaway, please enjoy this guest post by the author where Courtney shares her writing process.
As an author, I think everyone has their own personal writing process. What works for some, isn’t going to work for others. I have found that conventional processes don’t work for me. If I get too caught up in the planning of things, I will never actually get the writing done. So I stray away from outlines, or standard writing processes. My Brainstorming Bestie and I spend hours texting and emailing about the stories I’m trying to tell. It’s our verbal vomit sessions. When I hit a block, I bounce stuff around to her in a message, and suddenly it’s like the story will come to life. Getting out of the story and throwing around random ideas makes the writing lively and easier to complete. After I have the story close to complete, and I’m in editing mode, I send it off to my Editor in Chief, and she goes through it a few times, letting me know what needs changing. Fresh eyes on the story help with any possibly plot points I didn’t connect or words I just completely missed. Not to mention having the motivation to KEEP GOING.How Long I’ve Been Writing –
At my age *cough* 35 *cough*, it feels like I’ve been writing for forever. Realistically, I’ve been writing since I was a teenager. I had binders full of doodles and poems about family and the love only a teenager can feel angst over. I was in yearbook and the journalism classes, wanting to write in whatever capacity I could. As my life changed over the years, I picked up and put down stories I wanted to write. I had children, and my life changed direction. Writing feels like it’s a part of my soul, so it always came back. This time I refused to allow it to fall behind other things, and I’m loving every second of my stories coming to life in front of me.Pet Peeves –
Amazingly I can’t handle listening to other people eat. Hearing myself eat doesn’t bother me, but if the room is quiet and I can hear other people chewing, I get abnormally annoyed. I recently read about a condition called Misophonia, which is defined as the hatred of sound, specifically human sounds. The rage I can feel when I hear someone eating chips would fall right into one of these categories. That could also extend to the scraping of forks against plates, nails on chalkboards, or the screeching of chair legs on a hard floor. All of these things give me goosebumps and make me feel on the verge of a freak out!Character Development Process –
My characters seem to come to life as I write. I know who the main characters are going to be, but sometimes their personalities change as the events in the story unfolds. New characters sometimes show up, starting as small pieces of the story, but eventually turn out to be more significant. That’s the fun part of the writing, sometimes it has a mind of it’s own.Future expectations –
Prepared is the first book in the Sundown Series. The series planned to be at least a trilogy, with an additional novella. That novella is coming next, and will be about the teenagers that Alex Duncan takes under her wing. It’s going to be a quick, exciting story of survival. I have also dabbled in romantic adventure writing, so who knows….maybe there’s some of that to come!Advice for aspiring writers –
The one piece of advice I have received from authors around me, is always be doing something in regards to your writing. Write, edit, promote…something everyday. My goal is always to write at least 250 words a day, though I rarely only write just that. But on days I’m super busy, or stressed, or blocked, 250 words can be a challenge. I still do it, no matter how rough.Writing as a Parent –
Finding time for anything as a parent, is practically impossible. So I spend nights typing in my bed, or my lunches from my fulltime job, I write. But my kids are my inspiration. One of the reasons I finally made writing is priority is because I always tell my children, “You can be whatever you want in this world. Anything. So find what you love, and DO IT.” When I looked at myself, I realized I wasn’t doing that. So I wanted to be a better role model for my kids, and knew writing had to be real for me, show them passion means something.

by Courtney Konstantin
Genre: SciFi. Dystopian, Thriller
She thought she was prepared for the end of the world… until it
actually came.
Alex Duncan is a mother, a sister— and the daughter of a doomsday
prepper. She always thought her father was insane, raving about an
apocalypse she never believed in, but when a plague hits the United
States and the dead no longer stay dead, Alex discovers heeding her
deceased father’s advice is what will keep her family alive. Before
he died, Alex’s father created a compound in Montana just in case
situations like this arose.
Hell has arrived on earth.
The dead walk, hungry for human flesh. Living in a highly populated city
like Las Vegas makes the reality of the plague imminent to Alex. With
little time to spare, Alex must make split-second decisions to
prevent her family from being devoured. Facing the end, Alex has
three goals.
Escape Las Vegas. Get to the compound. Survive.
As the outside world crumbles and grows darker, Alex faces adversity
from not just the infected, but the uninfected as well. Government
assistance is nowhere in sight, and rumors fly that the nation’s
only solution to the growing plague is execution.
Not everyone will outlast the plague. Doomsday is here. Will Alex be up
to the challenge, or fall, and rise again as one of the undead?
An exciting apocalyptic thriller that’s intriguing, mysterious, and
horrific, Prepared is the debut novel of upcoming author Courtney
Konstantin. Stay up all night to read this terrifying tale of
pandemics, zombies, and government secrets by one-clicking today!
Releases Sept 1st!
Read the first two chapters free!
As a child, Courtney always had aspirations of being a writer. She
participated in journalism in school. At home, she wrote short
stories, poetry and filled diary pages. Somewhere along the line
becoming an adult took priority over her writing and she went to work
in business operations.
Now as a mother to three beautiful children, she tells them all the time
to follow their dreams, be whatever they want. Those lessons reminded
her how much she loved writing. She finally opened the door to making
writing a real priority in her life. 
Living outside of Portland, Oregon she loves the green and beauty Oregon offers. When
she’s not matching wits with her children, her crazy Siberian Husky
or her bi-polar cats, she enjoys binge reading, hikes and touring
wineries. Courtney and her husband, the love of her life, enjoy
traveling the world whenever they can get a free moment. And
cruises….she loves cruising. She’s especially fond of life,
laughter and sarcasm – and she’s excited to share all of that and
more with her readers!
Follow the tour HERE
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Do you spend hours in front of the TV, maybe days? Did you ever want to chat with other Binge Watchers or ask people for suggestions or maybe just review the season you watched. Books, Movies, Reviews, Oh My! and Because Reading had the perfect idea, why not get all of us binge watchers together? BUT, we want this to be unique so there is no template, no set way to do it. You can do the post however you want. Here are a few examples of what you can post about.

  • Did you just Binge Watch a series and now have book recommendations?
  • Make a poll to have others pick what you should watch.
  • Write a review of the season you watched or an entire series. You can even do one episode at a time.
  • Make a post that tells people what you plan to watch, what you already watched and what you are currently watching.

The choice is yours be unique, different and do it however you want THEN come back to either Because Reading or Books, Movies, Reviews, Oh My! and link up your post EVERY OTHER WEEK. This will be a once every other week post. That gives you time to binge watch and not have to come up with a post every week, especially if real life got in the way and you weren’t able to binge watch anything. Don’t forget to visit other peoples posts, you never know if something they watched will be your next favorite show.

Also make sure to use the Hashtag #Bingewatchersclub so we can chat on twitter too.


I’m joining in and my first binge post is about the ‘reigning’ show on HBO…..




I started binging this show because I couldn’t take it anymore. I knew I was missing the show of all shows. So many people were watching it. I felt like the only one who wasn’t.

From the opening scene where the gate is raised at the north wall and the men of the Night’s Watch ride out I was hooked. The majesty of the scene was so dramatic. Watching this on my big screen TV, I felt like I was standing outside the gates waiting for the riders to approach me.

In two weeks I binged this show and am now on Season Seven, Episode 6. With only two more episodes and a year to wait until the last season, yes the eighth season is the end of the show, I’m left dreading the end and dying to know what happens.

The character’s were larger than life. The scenes literally took my breath away. And I don’t think, no – I know, I’ve never felt so strongly towards a story. I wept, laughed, felt the character’s triumphs, their fears. I covered my eyes at some traumatic scenes and quickly uncovered them as I didn’t want to miss a thing.

And I felt a loathing for some of the diabolical characters like I’ve never felt before.  What tore me up was hating them but kind of understanding what drove them to do the things they did. In a certain scene in the second episode of season seven, I was yelling out loud for a character to die and then felt relief when he managed to survive. How gloriously twisted is that!

Before I go I have to mention them……the dragons. Oh lordy, are they magnificent. They remind of dinosaurs, lizards, and serpents all rolled into one stunning beast. With my surround sound cranked way up, I felt the thunder of their landings, heard the wind passing under their wings, and their mighty roars would have shook the rafters if I had any!


Funko POP Rides: Game of Thrones - Dragon & Daenerys Action Figure

Got my eye on this Funko figure of Daenerys riding Drogon. So cute!


So, what are you binging right now.

Got any recommendations for me?


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Bear with me as this is my first time doing an unboxing. I tried doing a video but it was a disaster. LOL So I’m sharing pictures instead.

First I want to thank JKS Communications – A Literary Publicity Firm  and Author D.E. Night for offering me this exciting package for her debut novel, The Crowns Of Croswald. A fantasy adventure for middle grade readers releasing July 21st.

I was giddy to see what the box had inside and to learn more about the book. Most of you know I love reading books meant for younger reads and will be sharing my review for this book on my Kid’s Korner feature soon.

Shall we open the box?


The first thing I see…it appears to be a local newspaper, Scriven This. There are some fascinating and quirky articles. I kept expecting one of the images to move. LOL


Next is a letter addressed to the reader. Aren’t the illustrations lovely!


And the official press release telling me about the book and an interview with the author. A quote from the first page – “Releasing on July 21, 2017, The Crowns Of Croswald is the first book in a series for middle grade readers brimming with whimsy, adventure, and steampunk undertones. Croswald’s gutsy heroine is part Cinderella, part Harry Potter, part Percy Jackson, and all fun.


Ooh, the Glanagerie Bottle. It comes with a lovely card telling how this bottle is filled with charmed spring water and how to use it to make spells.


And it lights up! So pretty.

20170826_071952  20170826_072102

And now for The Crowns Of Croswald! Such a lovely cover isn’t it. It almost glows on its own.


And the back flap is gorgeous too!


I’m very excited to get started on The Crowns Of Croswald. Can’t wait to enter the author’s world and meet all of these exciting characters. Let the adventure begin!

For more about Author D.E. Night

Website / Twitter / Facebook / Instagram

And you can find The Crowns Of Croswald at these links:

Goodreads / Amazon / B&N / Kobo / iBooks

And I want to thank JKS Communications and Author D.E. Night again for this exciting adventure. Stay tuned for my review coming soon!


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A Confabulated Compendium of Anecdotes
by Melissa H North
Genre: Steampunk Fantasy
A Confabulated Compendium of Anecdotes is a Steampunk speculative
collection of tales. The stories, herein, provide a glimpse into the
imagination of a most anomalous Author.

Be swept away, if you dare, by sultry maidens with mechanical gadgets,
hi-tech flying machines and grinding gears. Peculiar alien forms
hell-bent on saving the earth, and a conglomerate of Vamps lead by
Count Valdo.
Howbeit, why wait for me to tell you more, turn the book atop and be
absorbed in the unputdownable.


Nephele’s first marriage ended in tragedy. And her second marriage seems to be
headed in the same direction. Why do her husband’s die? Is she
cursed? Or is she hiding a secret?


Valdo, a direct descendant of Dracula must enlist the help of beautiful
Genevieve, a renown Professor. His coven is in peril and without her,
their existence will end.


Jacques and his hired help, Bertram, find themselves crash landing to Earth,
where they realise the extensive damage humans have inflicted upon
the fragile environment, and who they thought were enemies, could
actually be their friends.


Broderick is a private investigator and his assistant Abbey is an Automaton
Humanoid prototype. When a series of murders in the small township of
Whiteridge have Broderick baffled. The only clue, the last words of a
dying man – Comic Book. He must use unconventional methods to solve
the crimes.
Writing has always been a hobby and cathartic experience for me. Turning my
passion into a fulfilling career as an Author has been one of my greatest dreams.
I write because creating something that didn’t exist before is as
close to magic as I’ll ever get. All you need is imagination.
I’ve always been passionate about storytelling and impressed by the
influence it has on people and the decisions they make in life. I
love engaging with the projects I work on, diving headfirst into the
research, investigation, and production of stories I feel are worth
writing about. I am a curious and proactive Author, interested in
preserving the foundations set by classical literature by adapting
them to modern themes and trends.
Follow the tour HERE
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Dead On The Bayou

A Twin Sisters Mystery

by June Shaw

I love the unique premise of this novel and series. Identical twins with very different personalities provide a multitude of plot twists and plenty of humor.
~Book Babble

Dead on the Bayou (A Twin Sisters Mystery)
Cozy Mystery
2nd in Series
Lyrical Underground (August 22, 2017)
Paperback: 192 pages
ISBN-13: 978-1516100965


It may be easier to patch up an old home than a broken heart. But along the Louisiana bayou, where beauty and danger mingle all too seamlessly, thoughts of romance may have to simmer on the back burner . . .

Twin sisters and fellow divorcees Sunny Taylor and Eve Vaughn have established their home repair and remodeling business with an eye toward quality and personal attention. So when they’re approached by hunky Dave Price to fix up his bayou fishing camp, they’re more than happy to take the job—especially since they both secretly think he may prove to be more than just another satisfied customer . . .

The ramshackle campsite could certainly use a woman’s touch. What it does not need is a dead body—but that’s what the trio stumble across. Clearly, the poor soul was murdered—and once the town tongue-waggers get going, Sunny, Eve, and Dave come under suspicion of the police, not to mention potential clients . . .

Now, with their futures on the line, their brewing love triangle will have to wait. Helped—and harried—by the twins’ mother and her retirement home’s cadre of amateur sleuths, the trio starts snooping on their own. But when another dead body turns up, they’ll have to get their hands dirtier than a swamp-bottom snake if they hope to clear their names . . .


About The Author

From the bayou country of South Louisiana, June Shaw previously sold a series of humorous mysteries to Five Star, Harlequin, and Untreed Reads. Publishers Weekly praised her debut, Relative Danger, which became a finalist for the David Award for Best Mystery of the Year. A hybrid author who has published other works, she has represented her state on the board of Mystery Writers of America’s Southwest Chapter for many years and continued to serve as the Published Author Liaison for Romance Writers of America’s Southern Louisiana chapter. She gains inspiration for her work from her faith, family, and friends, including the many readers who urge her on. For more info please visit

Website / Twitter / Facebook / Kensington Books

Purchase Links

Amazon  B&N  Google Books


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This is my own version of a weekly book haul and all things new on fuonlyknew.

I’m also linking up with The Sunday Post hosted by Kimberly @Caffeinated Book Reviewer.

Sunday Post

Some chit chat.

This was a weird week. I was off of work on Monday and Tuesday because the owners went north to watch the eclipse. I enjoyed that time by reading, napping, swimming in the pool, and binging more Game Of Thrones episodes. I’m now into season six.

What made it weird is I kept getting my days mixed up. I had a doctor’s appointment and missed it because I thought Wednesday was Monday since it was my first day back to work. LOL  Ever done that? It continued to be messed up all week. Until Friday. With the weekend starting it all fell back into place.

My prayers go out to those caught in the path of Hurricane Harvey. Once the hurricane hit the hot waters of the Gulf it exploded into a Category 4, the first major hurricane to hit the Gulf Coast since 2005. Keep them in your prayers.

Here’s some new pictures of my bananas.


The last of the cover leaves have fallen off and if you look closely at the top of the bunch where they meet the stalk you can see them starting to take shape.


I’ll be heading over to your posts soon. Happy Sunday!


My new books this week.

33471060  33224064

35819241  35838755


And here are some freebies for ya. Click on the covers to get your copies. Remember to make sure they’re still free before you hit that buy button.

Victoria: A Vampire & Paranormal Romance (Daughters of Darkness: Victoria's Journey Book 1) by [May, W.J.]  Hidden Monster (The Monsters Among Us Book 1) by [Strong, Amanda]  Incubation (The Incubation Trilogy Book 1) by [DiSilverio, Laura]

Lurk by [Vine, Adam]  Shocking True Story by [Olsen, Gregg]  Kurtain Motel (The Sin Series Book 1) by [Nasser, A.I.]

Naked Alliances: A Richard Noggin Novel (The Naked Eye Private Investigator Series Book 1) by [Nicholls, S.K.]  Play Dead (Allie Babcock Mystery Book 1) by [O'Kane, Leslie]  Dog Collar Crime (A Lucie Rizzo Mystery Book 1) by [Giordano, Adrienne]


Books I reviewed this week. Click on the covers to read my reviews.

25970678  35832396



Other posts on my blog this week.

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Leave your link and I’ll come visit you.

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All good things must come to an end.

And thus it is with the Onyx Webb Series.

What a strange and wonderful time it’s been.

Onyx Webb #10

Episodes 29, 30, 31 and 32

by Richard Fenton and Andrea Waltz



Genre: Horror / Romance / Supernatural / Suspense

My Review

So this is it. The final book in the Onyx Webb series. I was so excited to read it and sad at the same time. I very much enjoyed the books, reading what was happening with the characters and anticipating what would come next. And now I’ve found out how it all ends. I won’t go into details about events in the book. It’s the tenth one, after all, and the synopsis gives you an idea. Instead, I’ll tell you how I felt.

To be honest, I wasn’t too sure about this series. The fist book took me a while to get the hang of. But once I did, I was swept up in a story that spans generations for ten books. Yes, ten. And each one drew me further in, had me waiting anxiously for the next and the next….. So many secrets, so much horror, so much hope.

There are usually 3 episodes per book, but in this final one the authors included an extra episode. I could see why as I read them. Bringing the past and the present and the characters together at the end and answering all questions to wrap up this series right, the extra episode was needed so things didn’t feel rushed and just crammed together.

And even though there wasn’t as much horror and action as the previous books, there was enough suspense, plus my own curiosity, to make this a terrific finale. Also, with so many characters with fascinating stories of their own, I do hope the author gives them there own place to shine. Maybe their own books. There’s so much more I’d like to know about what happens to them.

I mentioned in some reviews of earlier books that Onyx Webb is addictive. I don’t see me finding a cure any time soon. An epic and often horrific saga that still lingers.

5 Stars

Thanks so much Richard and Andrea. It’s been a strange and wonderful adventure. And thanks for keeping your promise to keep the books coming!



Welcome Back to the World of Onyx Webb! This is Book Ten. (Episodes 29, 30, 31, & 32) Haven’t Gotten Entangled Yet? Please Start with Book One.

Book Ten is the end of the Onyx Webb saga with the final pieces of the web sewn together.

Onyx Webb is a complex multi-genre mash-up that combines elements of supernatural suspense, crime, horror, romance, and more. The Onyx Webb series follows the unusual life of Onyx Webb along with a central group of characters in various locations and times.

In Book Ten: The Mulvaneys deal with aftermath of the Solstice Eclipse Ball. Stan Lee and Spider Boy finally meet. Readers finally learn the fate of Onyx Webb.




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