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This is my own version of a weekly book haul and all things new on fuonlyknew.

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Sunday Post

Some chit chat.

Been doing the same old, same old. LOL Binging some shows, reading a bunch of books, and dragging myself home every day after work. It’s still super hot and muggy and I feel so drained after working outside all day. One good thing about the hot weather, the pool is the perfect temp and I’m loving every day I can still enjoy it.

My bananas are finally starting to grow again. Crossing my fingers the heat wave lasts long enough to give them a chance to grow. The raised leaf wasn’t open at all yesterday. And there are already some flowers.



And who believes that money grows on trees? Anyone who grows fruits and nuts do. I’m sitting here right now listening to the loud thuds of pecans falling on my roof. Look at these beauties.


I have Elliot’s, the most desired of pecans. So meaty and tasty. I’ll be doing a lot of crawling around on the ground to gather them and sell them at our local pecan warehouse. Of course, I’ll keep some for myself.

I’ll be heading over to your posts soon. Happy Sunday!


My new books this week.

Mutation (Blood Survivors Book 1) by [Wheatley, Nerys]  Electromagnetism by [Sands, Samie, Hall, Kevin, Davis, L, Smith, Martin, Lucas, Andrew, Winck, Alex, Iain, T, Richardson, McKenzie, Velarde, Sheri, Shepherd, Rob]  Megalodon In Paradise by [Shea, Hunter]

Myths and Magic: a Limited Edition Collection of Science Fiction and Fantasy by [Adrienne, Kerry, McMaster, Bec, Cohen, Bryan, Lane, Casey, Gilbert, L.B., Kerrion, Jade, Renwick, Anne, Lace, Lisa, Amade, Melle, Trozzo, Michael, Leon, Katalina, Lily Thorn, Ilana Waters, Erin Richards, R.E. Vance, Cheri Schmidt , Tristan Hunt, CC Dragon, Bradon Nave, D.A. Roach, Katalina Leon, Boone Brux, Eric Padilla, Izzy Shows, Michelle Hercules]  King Harald's Snow Job (King Harald Mysteries Book 3) by [Audry, Richard]


And here are some freebies for ya. Click on the covers to get your copies. Remember to make sure they’re still free before you hit that buy button.

Dark, Witch & Creamy (BEWITCHED BY CHOCOLATE Mysteries ~ Book 1) by [Hanna, H.Y.]  The Witch Squad: A Witch Squad Cozy Mystery #1 by [Andrews, M.Z.]  Peete and Repeat (The Frannie Shoemaker Campground Mysteries Book 3) by [Nortman, Karen Musser]

Soul (Chaos Series Book 1) by [Farrell, Claire]  A French Girl in New York (The French Girl Series Book 1) by [Adams, Anna]  Fakers (Canaan Island Book 1) by [Collett, Meg]

The NightShade Forensic Files: Under Dark Skies (Book 1) by [Scudiere, A.J.]  The History Major: A Novella by [Cash, Michael Phillip]

And be sure to check these out. All are free! Don’t wait too long. I believe they go back to regular price after Sunday.

Blood of Brekkon (The Complex Book 0) by [Middleton, Kristen, Book Series, The Complex]  Death's Echo (The Complex Book 0) by [Raithby, Rachel M, The Complex Book Series]  Alora's Choice (The Complex Book 0) by [White, Grace, Series, The Complex Book]  Unclaimed (The Complex Book 0) by [Gilmer, Candice, The Complex Book Series]

For those of you who, like me, enjoy collections, these look pretty darn good.

Daughters of Darkness - The Anthology (4 Paranormal Romance Novels) by [Peebles, Chrissy, Middleton, Kristen, May, W.J., Pinard, C.J.]  The Enchanted Box Set Collection by [May, W.J., Middleton, Kristen, Stevens, Erica, Dale Mayer, L.A Starkey, DeHavin, Karin, Peebles, Chrissy]  Awaken At Twilight (A Vampire Anthology) by [Middleton, Kristen, Owens, C.M., Peebles, Chrissy, May, W.J., Pinard, C.J., Wells, J., Wells, L]

Five Shades of Fantasy: Paranormal Fantasy Anthology by [Middleton, Kristen L., May, W.J., Peebles, Chrissy, Doporto, CM, Davis, Kaitlyn, Matthews, Mande]  DARK WORLD (5 post-apocalyptic stories) by [Stevens, Erica, Middleton, Kristen, Peebles, Chrissy]  Darlings of Darkness by [Peebles, Chrissy, Kristen L. Middleton, W.J. May, Suzy Turner, K.C. Blake, Claire Farrell, Trina M. Lee, Dale Mayer, Ally Thomas, S.J. Wright]


Books I reviewed this week. Click on the covers to read my reviews.



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