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Welcome to my 31 Days Of Thrills And Chills!

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I’ll be sharing all kinds of books, movies, and other spooky stuff for every day in October. Gots to

get those scares on for the 31st!

I’ve got a whole bunch of scary goodies to share today. What do you think of that cover. It’s the one for the eBook on Amazon. The one at the bottom of the post is the one shown on Goodreads. Which do you like best?

Tales Of Horror On Halloween Night

An Anthology compiled by Samie Sands.

Tales Of Horror On Halloween Night by [Sands, Samie, Hall, Kevin, Suscheck Jr., Dave, Price, Georgina, Boving, Nicholas, Finn, K, Pugliese, Anthony, Harper, James, Lockwood, Andy, Pacini, Amy]


Genre: Horror

 My Review

I’m huge on short stories and collections. Especially in the horror genre. I read these over several days.  There are 32 stories and a bonus dystopian one called Ground Zero.

Since these are short stories, it’s hard to talk about them without spoiling things. And there are so many, I can’t pick just a couple as favorites. Some stood out more than others. There was suspense, thrills, and lots of horror in several genres. Even some poetry.

And while I was familiar with some of these authors, there were a bunch of new ones. After trying these quick bites, I’ll be checking them out to see what else they have to offer. That’s the great thing about collections like this.

Tis the season for scares….for me that’s year round, and I recommend you grab this collection.

4  Stars



Spooky stories written by some of the most horrifying authors around:

Rob Shepherd, Victoria Pagac, Rick Eddy, Linda Jenkinson, Kyle Flak, R.M. Gibson, Brandon Swarrow, Justin Coke, Kevin S. Hall, Dean Kuch, Dave J. Suscheck, Jr., Samie Sands, Georgina Price, Nicholas Boving, K.C. Finn, Anthony Pugliese, James Harper, Andy Lockwood, Amy S. Pacini, James Bryant, Cecilia H. Doldan, and Manus Tor.

There’s creepy poetry, terrifying stories and apocalyptic and dystopian worlds like you wouldn’t believe!



This is the cover from Goodreads.


Which do you like best?


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