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The Darkness: Giger, Texas

Joe M. Solomon

Genre: Horror/Supernatural

Publisher: NES Publishing, LLC

Date of Publication: October 3, 2017

ISBN: 978-0-9990024-0-7 / ASIN: B07435H5YR

Number of pages: 372 / Word Count: 106,029

Cover Artist: Syneca Featherstone



My Review

Between the great cover art and thrilling blurb, I knew this could be a good book, and it was.

It seems like an ordinary night. Well, aside from the hurricane that’s blowing in, ready to devastate everything in its path. Power will go out, leaving all in darkness. But it’s no ordinary darkness. It’s taken on a life of its own. Forms attack, killing millions. The only weapon is light. And with the storm, there won’t be any once the power grids go down.

Michael isn’t prepared. How could he be? And his girlfriend is out there somewhere. He has to find her. Save her. So he heads out into the dark. Along the way, he hooks up with some friends and strangers. None of them know what’s happening. They just know the darkness kills. What caused it? Why? They may not live to find out.

I was reading this book while tracking Hurricane Irma, watching Florida get hammered by the very conditions described in it. It sure did make my imagination run wild. The lights go out. The wind howls. Things start crashing into your house. You can’t see what’s coming. And then it starts to flood. The water rises. That’s truly scary. Even scarier is the darkness becoming corporeal. being able to touch you. To hurt and kill you.

And, as with all things human, when disaster strikes the good come together and help each other, and the bad crawl out from under their rocks to wreak havoc. As bands of survivors struggle to stay alive, to keep some form of light on to ward off the things in the dark, they also have to contend with others who want what they have.

I think the author did a good job of giving us realistic characters and came up with some twisted scenarios that were believable. It was easy to picture and made things edgy, creepy.

Definitely a book I recommend you read at night. If you aren’t afraid of the dark now, you could be once you’ve read it.

4 Stars



When night falls in Giger, Texas, shadows gather as they always do in dim corners and other areas bereft of light.  But this time they consolidate and attack any who tread too close. Michael Warren, a twenty-four-year-old resident of Giger, finds himself at the epicenter of this horror and is stunned by the losses suffered overnight.  Then the sun sets and the shadows again coalesce, growing more aggressive, the darkness eviscerating anyone it touches.

His only weapon light, Michael struggles to survive and searches frantically for his girlfriend, aiding friends along the way.  When Hurricane Daniel roars ashore, wind gusts shred trees and tear down power lines, plunging all of Southeastern Texas into blackness that only feeds and strengthens the encroaching darkness.  Rising floodwater provides easy thoroughfares from which the darkness can strike as Michael and his friends contend with the elements, clash with criminals, and battle their way to his residence where they will stand against the darkness and fight to survive.

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Enjoy this excerpt:

Startled, Eddie blinked and wiped at his own eyes. “What was…? Hello?”

No answer.

His pulse picked up. “C-Curt, you in here… you a-a-a-asshole?”

A box fell behind him.

Eddie spun around, body tight as a knot, eyes wide as their sockets would allow. “Wh-h-h-h-who the hell’s that?” he demanded with as much sternness as he could inject into his quivering voice.

Soft whispers trickled out of a minuscule pocket of emptiness near the back door on the farthest wall. There, amid the gloom, something progressed toward him. At first, its movements appeared mechanical, inelastic. Then it evolved into a smooth flow. A soft ripple. A consolidated wave of darkness.


About the Author:

Joe M. Solomon earned a bachelor’s degree from the University of St. Thomas, followed by both master’s and doctoral degrees from Rice University. Joe’s supernatural thriller The Darkness: Giger, Texas released in 2017. A second novel—The Light: Houston, Texas—and a collection of short stories that arise from the macabre will soon follow.

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