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R.S. Broadhead
(The Urban Legends Series)
Publication date: October 24th 2017
Genres: New Adult, Supernatural, Thriller

My Review

First off, I fell in love with the cover for Chosen. How fantastically chilling. I had high hopes the book would be as creepy as the cover. Got my wish.

Fans of urban legends and horror that gives you goose bumps and makes you jump at those little noises from somewhere out of sight will love this one.

Piper had a rough childhood with an abusive father. After his unusual death she goes to live with her grandfather. She grows up and moves away, becomes a reporter, has a loving fiance and a happy life. Then a mysterious man starts following her and strange events happen. Something dark stalks her, terrifying her at every turn.

When she receives word that her grandfather passed away, she heads back home to Alabama to bury him. There’s a mix up about the funeral and she travels to Hell, the town, not the place down below. But Hell feels like hell. As horrific things continue to escalate, she fears for her life. Secrets are revealed about her family, and the towns denizens won’t let her leave.

This one starts out creepy and never stops. And it reads very visually. I drew from movies like Silent Hill, The Grudge and The Ring to see many of the scenes. As if the author hadn’t already done it, I succeeded in scaring myself silly.

This is my first book by R.S. Broadhead but it wont be my last. Looking for something to scare you and get you in the mood for Halloween? Grab this one. It’ll do the job and then some.

4 Stars



Black eyes. No emotion. No sympathy. Only emptiness.

Piper McAdams’s life was normal. Career? Check. Boyfriend? Check. Friends? Check. One unsettling run in with a homeless man turns everything from normal to terrifying. She begins seeing…things.

Things she can’t seem to explain or make any sense.

As if things aren’t already getting out of hand, Piper receives news that the only family member she has is dead. She thinks maybe a trip across the country to her hometown will get her away from all the strange events happening.

After a late night accident, Piper isn’t in her hometown burying her loved one. She’s in a town called Hell. All she wants to do is leave, but the people seem to be holding her there for some reason.

A reason she feels threatens her life. Around every corner things become darker and scarier.

Can she escape what is coming for her?

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Author R.S. Broadhead

R. S. Broadhead lives in Jackson, Alabama with her husband of ten years, their two little girls, and a pug named Wednesday Love the Duchess, or Winnie for short. She has a bachelor’s in psychology and a master’s in business administration. She loves to snowboard, travel (Australia is her favorite place so far), and dance (not professionally, just whenever she feels like it). When she was sixteen-years-old, her and her friends would take pictures and make up funny stories about them. Fourteen years later, UNVEILED was born. UNVEILED, her first novel, is the first book in a four book series.

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I really enjoyed the first book in the Hell Holes series and I’m excited to share the second one today.

Demons On The Dalton

Hell Holes #2

by Donald Firesmith


Genre: Horror / Science Fiction

This is book two in the series. My review may contain some spoilers.

 My Review

It started with mysterious holes appearing overnight in the tundra of the North Slope in Alaska. A team of seven, including Jack, a geologist, his wife, Angela, a climatologist, Aileen, a reporter with a secret power, and four others are hired by Exxon Mobil to investigate. When the very hounds of Hell crawl out of one of the holes and start killing, the team races south on Dalton Highway, one of the ten most dangerous roads, trying to reach Fairbanks and safety. Soon, imps and gargoyles join the hellhounds in pursuit. Only three of the team members make it to the SUV and begin their escape. The Demon War has begun.

Jack told his story of how it all began in the first book. Now, Angela tells what happens next.

As the three survivors race down the highway, they encounter more and more demons. And the demons have some surprising tricks up their sleeve that don’t bode well. It’s attack after attack. Every time it seems like they’ve found safety, it goes to hell in a hand basket. Even the military, with all of their technology and weapons, don’t stand a chance.

After what I’ve just read, I have now decided that if there’s ever an apocalypse, I’ll take zombies over demons any time. Some of these of creatures are dumber than a box of rocks, but they are guided by higher demons, smart ones, and can inflict major damage.

The author sure doesn’t give his characters a break. And he keeps the action and suspense at full throttle. How many demons are there? Do they have a weakness? And most important, how do we stop them? The answer is one you can’t begin to imagine.

I take from the ending that there’s more to come. I have an idea where it will go and sure excited to see how that works out.

4  Stars



When hundreds of huge holes mysteriously appeared overnight in the frozen tundra north of the Arctic Circle, geologist Jack Oswald picked Angele Menendez, his climatologist wife, to determine if the record temperatures due to climate change was the cause. But the holes were not natural. They were unnatural portals for an invading army of demons. Together with Aileen O’Shannon, a 1,400-year-old sorceress demon-hunter, the three survivors of the research team sent to study the holes had only one chance: to flee down the dangerous Dalton Highway towards the relative safety of Fairbanks. However, the advancing horde of devils, imps, hellhounds, and gargoyles would stop at nothing to prevent their prey from escaping. It was a 350-mile race with simple rules. Win and live; lose and die…



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