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Welcome to my blog. My name is Laura, I live in the southern US and I love to read books. Ever since I could first read, I’ve never lost my love for the written word and have read thousands of books.

When I’m not reading, I like to watch movies, play with my dog, and laze around the pool. You can often find me at my outdoor office pictured above.

I have to be careful when reading by the pool. I get so into the story I’m reading I end up sunburned with raccoon eyes from my sunglasses. LOL

I’ve been told I have a warped sense of humor and the extraordinary ability to tune everything out when reading a good book or watching a good movie.

I love reviewing books almost as much as reading them. My interest is Horror, PNR, dystopian, thriller/suspense, some romantic suspense, fantasy/YA and science fiction.  If a book interests me, I will try most any genre.

I also review children’s books but prefer them as print copies. Especially if they are picture books.

I like print books for review but I do have a kindle that I use so I will sometimes do ebooks. I’m flexible. To contact me about reviews please use this email laurathomas61@att.net

When I do my review I usually write my own synopsis. Very rarely do I use descriptions provided by book flaps, Goodreads, or Amazon. I like to introduce you to the story in my own words.

I use the 5 Star rating, sometimes wish I could give more!

1 STAR: Would not recommend it.

2 STAR: Finished it but needs work.

3 STAR: Liked it and would recommend it.

4 STAR: Really liked it. Would highly recommend it.

5 STAR: Loved it!  Couldn’t get enough. Still thinking about it. Want more now!

I work a full time day job so I usually require 6 to 8 weeks to read and review. Sometimes I can get to it sooner.

I’m not a professional and my reviews are honest.

You can go HERE to view some of my reviews.

If you would like me to review your book, please submit the following information with your request:

Title and genre.

Blurb or synopsis with links.

Whether the review copy is e-book or print.

Let me know about upcoming promotions so I may coincide my review with those dates. If I can’t do my review by that date I may be able to help with the promotional event.

Please specify if you would like to do a giveaway and/or guest post along with the review.

All of this makes it easier for me to decide if your book meets my criteria.

You can view some of my reviews HERE.


Editing and Beta Reading Services

I do some beta reading and editing, mostly for plot holes and grammatical errors. If you need another set of eyes to read your book, please contact me at the email address available above.

Thanks so much,



  1. Hi, Laura!

    Nice looking blog. Welcome to the blogging world.

    • fuonlyknew says:

      Thanks Charles. Going to get together with my bro-in-law and really have fun with this. He works in television and can’t wait to get his hands on this and my facebook! Says they will be TOO COOL! He is like a big kid.

  2. Hey you did get it up! Looks Great!

  3. Laura

    I’m new at twitter (or maybe slower to do it right!) but I like your blog, and so appreciate your tender post about dear Lassie. I do so understand the loss, and I’m sorry. I’m traveling right now, promoting the latest book, and I miss my Sudsie doodle too much.

    Your site looks very smart.and contemporary. Your reviews are kindly. What genres to you prefer to review or are you open.


    • fuonlyknew says:

      Thank you for your kind words. I still catch my breath when I think I hear her toenails clicking in the tile floor.
      I like the look of my blog now. Want to keep it simple with afew personal blogs but mostly reviews. I like sci-fi, paranormal/romance, comedy, historical, ……to name a few. I like to laugh, cry, cringe, and thrill while reading so I really just love all books.

  4. Hello Laura,

    Your site is very nice, clean and simple, I like it…


  5. marnycopal says:

    Your site looks great!

    So sorry to hear about Lassie. Don’t know if this will help, but when I sense the presence of a loved one, I tend to honor that feeling.

  6. Yo Laura. Nice blog you have here.

    Quick tip: Go Dashboard > Settings > General > Tagline and you can edit that ‘Just another WordPress…’ bit at the top.

    You are using tags, which is good, but you should make use of categories as well. It helps with search engines and acts as a kind of filing system for people who read your blog. You can make the categories a clickable list as a widget.

  7. Pete Abela says:

    Hi Laura, your blog looks great.

    Do you allow authors to propose their work to you for review?

    Best wishes,


    • fuonlyknew says:

      Hello Pete. Yes I do. I can not always except, but try to accommodate as much as possible. i am going to be launching a new theme soon and each week will be daily reviews of certain genres, series and childrens books. Doing plenty of reading:)

      • Pete Abela says:

        Hi Laura,

        I’m interested in giving you details of my novel, WINGS, which will be released in May. Can you let me know how to do that?

  8. denisedesio says:

    Congrats. Blog looks great. I’d love to see my book featured here. It’s a book about a dysfunctional family with one of the worst mother’s you can imagine. You can get a free read to review copy by signing up at goodreads for it here: Just let me know what file format. http://www.goodreads.com/topic/show/764644-17-rose-s-will-by-denise-desio

    I’m particularly interested in reviews by male readers, so if any of your followers enjoy intelligent drama, feel free to sign up too.

    Much thanks,


  9. lverawrites says:

    Thanks for the likes. I would love it if you could read one of my books on Amazon. I can send you a free copy, just email me at Luis_Vera05@yahoo.com

  10. Tiffany says:

    Hi Laura,

    Welcome to the chaotic world of blogging! I think I have a little too much fun with mine at times. :0) I’ve always loved reading and I enjoy almost every genre. The only one I really have a hard time getting fully into is sci-fi. Love it on the big screen, but have a hard time getting into the actual written stories.


    • fuonlyknew says:

      Thanks for stopping by Tiffany. I have only been at this for a short time but I have found a mentor:) My brother-in-law produces TV shows and he said to bring my computer over to his place and spend a day or so there tweking it and learning all the tricks. Can’t wait to add buttons and pictures and all the important things. Know what you mean about sci-fi. The movies are easier. Just reviewed a long book for a review group and fell in love with it. I think you have to go into it almost unfocused and let the book teach you.


  11. Great blog! Love your content.

    • fuonlyknew says:

      Thanks so much. I am about to post a slew of reviews. Been working long hours and my hands are so sore afterwards that after clearing emails I am just ready to take a break. Hopefully I will soon be caught up and can review some books I have on my TBR list!! Thanks for visiting:)

  12. Alex says:

    Hey Laura, aka mysterious patron of FUOnlyKnew:

    Twist Literary is reaching out to a select group of YA bloggers to review our debut series, ALIBI. FUOnlyKnew caught our eye because well…we like your blog but can’t figure out exactly who you are (guessing this is by design). If your interest is at all piqued, let me know!

    Twist Literary

    • fuonlyknew says:

      I have updated my page, if you would like to check it out. If you are still interested in having me do a review, please feel free to contact me.


  13. Vered says:

    Hey Laura – how do I contact you for a review? Thanks

  14. donnagalanti says:

    Hi Laura, I’d love to send you my paranormal suspense novel A HUMAN ELEMENT. It is mystery and murder with a dash of steam and horror. I couldn’t locate how to contact you on your blog (probably my oversight!) but feel free to PM me through GoodReads here with your contact details to mail the paperback to, if interested:
    Thanks so much!
    Donna Galanti

    • fuonlyknew says:

      Hi Donna. Left you a message on Goodreads. Would love to read your book. My internet is down until the 30th so my email will be checked periodically while I am sitting outside the library. My address is
      Laura Thomas
      8990 Co. Rd. 34
      Fairhope, Al 36532
      Will be watching the mailman for your book. The Human Element sounds great and I am honored to read and review for you:) Have a safe and wonderful holiday weekend.

  15. Ben Sobieck says:

    Super cool review site you have here, Laura. Cheers!

  16. How would you prefer to be contacted regarding possible interviews? Alsol do you post your reviews anywhere else? (Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Goodreads)

  17. Hey there I would love for you to review my books but they are Paranormal Romance, adult themed… but NO erotica about vampires, angels, history and humor. I’m a sappy romantic at heart… yeah… no one writes like that anymore, but I like it. However, I like your blog and will look forward to reading you when you post every day! Take care. Sincerely, Emily Guido

    • fuonlyknew says:

      Hi Emily. I would love to review your novels. Blood Lust Rising is next up for review and it is really steamy. First one like that I’ve read in a long time. I have been checking out your Light Bearer book. I read and review all genres and I like Paranormal Romance books. If you would like me to review your novel or novels, please contact me at laurathomas61@att.net . I also like to do interviews and giveaways if that interests you.

      Thanks so much,

  18. jannashay says:

    Love your site. I visited you on the advice of a very good friend of mine, Roberta J. Gordon. I’m very glad I followed her suggestion. I’m now one of your followers and am sure I’m going to love your posts. I’m also now following you on twitter.
    If you ever decide you want to review a contemporary romance, let me know.

    • fuonlyknew says:

      Hi Janna. Just found this in my email. Don’t know how I missed it. Sorry. I would be interested in reviewing a contemporary romance. I like most genres and always try different ones. I like my blog to have a variety for everyone to enjoy. You can contact me at laurathomas61@att.net to talk more.

      Have a great week,

  19. Ron Herron says:

    Just discovered your blog. Nice job! If you would ever like to review some of the things I write, I’d be happy to send them! http://www.ronaldherron.com

  20. Tom Sarega says:

    Hi Laura, I’ve just come across your cracking blog via Goodreads. I wonder if you would be interested in reviewing a YA Dark Fantasy / Coming of Age novel. It’s called Dreamcatchers – After Darkness Light and is about five schoolfriends embroiled in an apocalyptic feud between two Mayan brothers. Think Super 8 crossed with Apocalypto. It would be great to know what you think….

    Many thanks,

    Kind regards,

    Tom Sarega

    • fuonlyknew says:

      Hi Tom. I am interested in reviewing your book. The thing is, it would be several weeks before I could do it. Have many reviews, interviews, and giveaways to wrap-up first. If it can wait til then, just let me know if you are still wanting a review.

      Thanks so much,


  21. ML Woolley says:

    Laura your site is awesome! It has a magical feel to it- I love it! Happy September! Michele :)

  22. I have nominated you for the One Lovely Blog Award! Follow the link to see the rules for accepting the nomination. http://katherinegivens1.wordpress.com/

  23. Tina says:

    Hey there Laura, I have nominated you for the Very Inspiring Blogger Award.
    Please see the link below if you wish to accept!


  24. ellamedler says:

    There’s an award waiting for you on my blog :)

  25. Great looking blog, Laura. (and I love the name) Very comfortable vibe, lots of great posts, my kinda books – I’ll be back!
    Christian Schoon

  26. WPotocki says:

    Your site is amazing! I can only gaze in wonder at this pimped out blog! Nice work and look forward to reading more!

  27. Hey Laura
    Charmeine the new edition is being offered free on Smashwords on Friday, April 19, 2013!
    I’m excited as heck because this is the first time that the new edition will be out and World Literary Cafe is Sponsoring it!!! Yeah!

    May I ask for a HUGE favor? I was wondering if I could appear on your blog, or if I can get mentioned on your Facebook page that day or Google Plus me that day!

    If you want, I can send you a packet of info about Charmeine along with the Smashwords code that will be usable on April 19, 2013!

    Let me know and if you can that’s WONDERFUL if not, I totally understand!
    Thanks and lots of love, Emily

    • fuonlyknew says:

      I’m so happy for you!! Smash words and World Literary Cafe. I’m a member of both and so excited! Charmeine is shining bright.
      I’d love to have you on my blog.
      Go ahead and send me the packet and code and I’ll start tweaking my post for the 19th.

      Thanks so much for asking Emily. If it’s in my power, I’ll always help in any way I can.

      Love ya girl!

  28. Barbara Ann says:

    Hi Laura, I’ve nominated you for the Shine On Award:


    I enjoy following your blog :)

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