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Title: The Flower Fairy Superhero

Author: Noam and Bryan Atinsky

Release Date: January 24, 2016

Publisher: Amazon Digital

Format: Ebook/Hardcover

Genre: Children’s

A read-along eBook (enhanced with audio), has a powerful message;

it is a heartfelt example of a father honoring the memory of his

daughter. Beautiful and creative Noam wrote this story as play to

perform for her family on her 5th birthday. Her tale of a flower fairy

that possesses very special powers able to help the meanest of

people and change them into good and happy human beings is the

perfect way to illustrate to children the power of a positive attitude.

Written in Noam’s words, it speaks to a young audience and is easy

to understand and relate to the story. The children can follow along

while voice professionals act out the the story with Noam’s words.

Part of the proceeds from the book will go to The Children’s Hospital

of Wisconsin.

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Authors Noam and Bryan Atinsky

I am currently owner and Chef at a restaurant in Milwaukee. Before the

death of my family, I was, for many years, a journalist and Executive Editor

at a news organization based in Jerusalem. Being able to do a good

percentage of my work from home, I was able to be an at home father,

facilitating my wife to be able to work full time at a biological science lab.

Because of this, I was deeply involved in bringing up Noam and my son,

Ya’ari, from an early age.

Noam wrote the play, which became the Flower Fairy Superhero book, for

her birthday, only 3 months before she was killed while visiting family and

friends in Israel. Soon after the accident, a Hebrew version of her play was

published in a national newspaper in Israel. This got me thinking that

publishing her play as an illustrated children’s book would be the best way

to honor her memory and creativity as a living memorial. I had thought of

going to Francisco X. Mora, an artist and family friend who knew Noam,

and has illustrated many children’s books over the years. Quite

unexpectedly, he came to me, after reading a copy of Noam’s play, and

requested that he be able to work with me to make Noam’s play into an

illustrated children’s book. I jumped at his offer.

I believe that people live on through the memories of those whose lives

they touch. I saw that publishing Noam’s creative and ethical story could

not only spread her creativity to a much wider group of people, but that the

story itself was life affirming and teaches the very positive lesson that

kindness and caring are some of the most powerful tools we have in this

world. Further, I felt that having a portion of the proceeds of the sale of

Noam’s work go towards helping other children in crisis, would be an

honor to the memory of Noam. I have given the book to many libraries

around the Milwaukee area and donated over 500 copies to community


Similarly, my wife Efrat was a Plant Disease Biologist at the University of

Athens, Georgia. After the accident, a memorial garden, highlighting her

love of plants and nature, was established in Athens.

On the terrible day of March 7, 2010, Noam, her mother Efrat, her nine-

month-old brother Ya’ari, and her grandmother Esther Gamliel, were

killed in a car accident in southern Israel. But a few months before

that day, on Noam’s 5th birthday, she wrote a puppet play—a

superhero story!—to perform in front of her family and friends

at her birthday party. She dictated the story to my wife and I, and I

wrote down what she said into our computer. We performed the play

at our home in Athens, Georgia. Noam played the Flower Fairy, my

wife Efrat played the Queen, and I played the Ogre.

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