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Title: A small Case of Murder (A Joshua Thornton Mystery)

Author: Lauren Carr

Source: Net Galley


Recently widowed Joshua Thornton, a retired Navy Jag Commander, has packed up his 5 children and the family dog, returning home after almost 20 years to open his own legal practice.

Chester, West Virginia is like most small towns, where everybody knows each others business. That all changes when Joshua’s children discover an old, unopened letter dated on the day of his parents death 30 years ago. Joshua’s curiosity about the contents of the letter opens up a can worms and the bodies start to pile up.

Chester may be a small town, but this becomes a huge investigation with mysterious car accidents, drug overdoses, a missing body and flying bullets. This book has it all.

With plenty of build up and a well developed cast of characters, Lauren Carr has written a great who-dun-it. She gives you a huge wrap-up and just when you think it is over, she delivers an ending reminiscent of Perry Mason.

I wanted to stand up and cheer, and I will be rushing to get her next book in the series.


I gave this book 4 stars.


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