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Welcome to The Kid’s Korner.

I decided to do this feature as I have so many great children’s books to share. From picture books, to books for beginning readers, to middle graders, I have plenty of fun ones.

I’ve got a couple of bedtime stories to share this week.


 The Wishing Whale

  by Miks Valdbergs



Genre: Illustrated Bedtime Story

Ages 2 – 6

Grade Level: P – 2

My Review

In Dreamland, the Wishing Whale dives deep to the bottom of the sea, plays with many fun creatures and has many fun adventures.

This one is sure to delight your little ones. I was charmed by its beautiful colored illustrations. And reading this with your child at bedtime, I can only imagine what adventures the Wishing Whale will take them on when they fall asleep. Under the sea, what wonders they will see. I was partial to the turtles.

Simply written in rhyme, it will be easy for young ones to read and will become a favorite bedtime story. The only hitches I see, and they’re good ones, are that kids will want to read it all over again before going to sleep, and you might be shopping for a stuffed whale soon.

  4  Stars



If you were in dreamland what would you dream for? Read along as the wishing whale swims through the ocean surfing waves, exploring shipwrecks, jumping with dolphins, and watching birds in flight. This beautifully illustrated and rhyming children’s bedtime story is sure to delight beginner readers with colorful illustrations and easy-to-read vocabulary.

I’d dive in the deep.
I’d leap by the shore.
Just think of all the wonderful
things I’d explore.



Naughty Monsters

by Mia Mason



Genre: Illustrated Rhyming Bedtime Story

Ages: 3 – 6

Grade Level: P – 4

My Review

Kids like monsters and these are some fun ones. Nothing too scary.

Stompy is a good monster and friends with the human kids. He does what he should and is kind and fun. Then a new family of monsters move in. They are smelly and mean. No fun at all. Stompy’s parents worry about him playing with the other monter’s kids, as they should. Soon Stompy changes, he’s rude and scary and the kids run away from him.

As parents, we’ve all worried about peer pressure and our kids being influenced by bad behavior.

Naughty Monsters is a cute illustrated rhyming book about kids learning to take care of themselves and not follow others when they know it’s a bad decision. The pictures are colorful and it’s written so even the youngest ones will understand its message.

A good bedtime story and just the right length to help your child to sleep.

3 Stars



A little Stompy has a great family and he is a very well brought-up one. He brushes his teeth before bedtime and likes multicolored pajamas.
His family has some friends and invites them for tea during weekends. Everything goes nice and well before another monsters’ family comes to live next door.
They are very angry and badly behaving monsters. Little Stompy makes friends with new neighbors and starts to turn bad. He won’t use nice pajamas to sleep in and starts to frighten people.

This kind story will help your little monster to realize how important it is to keep evening routines and choose friends wisely.
The book is a great fit to read before bedtime. It is filled with truly amazing characters that will keep a child captivated from beginning till the end of story.



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