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Let’s go to the carnival, shall we? Our Dark Ride awaits.

Dark Ride

by P.G. Kassel



Genre: Horror / Paranormal

 My Review

I’ve always suspected something otherworldly was going on behind the scenes at carnivals. Got creepy vibes every time I went to one. Probably because of a favorite movie of mine, Something Wicked This Way Comes.

I want to give kudos to the author for the spectacular creepy cover for Dark Ride. It’s loaded with visual atmosphere.

I didn’t know what to expect from Dark Ride. Coming in at around 130 pages, it’s not too short or too long. What I got was a main character, Marty, who had no redeemable qualities. I found that refreshing and fun. As the bad things began to happen, I wasn’t heart broken for Marty. In fact, I was curious how bad it would get and how he would meet his end. If the author killed him off or not, that is.

So, Marty has a long rap sheet and he’s been lucky so far. Never been convicted of a crime. A chance encounter with a strange man at the police station sets him on a course with fate. He can’t pass go. Can’t collect his two-hundred dollars. Marty’s going to the carnival where his dark ride awaits.

Ooh, this one has a lot of suspense. As Marty tries losing the cops on his tail by hiding in the carnival park, it’s one desperate maneuver after the other. And when Marty’s cornered he makes once last attempt to escape arrest.

I could kind of see the end coming. But that was okay. It was wicked fun to ride with Marty. If I’d been on the actual ride with him, I’d have ducked at the looming ghostly things reaching out at me, screamed when the spider dropped down in front of me, and definitely peed my pants at what loomed at the end of the ride, looking longingly at the light of day peeking through gaps in the  exit doors behind it. So close yet so far away.

4  Stars



Some criminals have all the luck, but Marty’s is about to run out…

Marty Wedlow needs one last score before he can skip town. It’s only a matter of time before two thugs he swindled point a finger… and their guns in his direction. But even when Marty is brought to the police station for his latest crime, he’s not worried. Marty is incredibly lucky.

After dodging the long arm of the law yet again, Marty looks for another illicit payday at a local amusement park. What he finds instead is a mysterious stranger who prophesies that his lucky days are running out. He ignores the warnings as he pursues a vicious conquest. But good fortune is a wheel, and Marty is about to find out what happens when it spins in the other direction.

Dark Ride is a supernatural thriller in the vein of The Twilight Zone. If you like eerie amusement parks, pulse-pounding page-turners, and a touch of the paranormal, then you’ll love P.G. Kassel’s electrifying story.



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