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Where to begin?!!

Celebrate the spooky season with this collection from some amazing authors.

Many you will recognize and you’ll also discover some new ones.

I love short stories and collection. What better way to discover new authors and sample their writing. I personally am partial to them because I love writing reviews and it’s very difficult to review shorter stories without revealing much. I accept that challenge and try to tell about the story while teasing readers to read the book to find out what’s really happening.

Check out Urban Harvest.

Meet Donna Ansari, one of the authors, and enjoy her excerpt from Vampires of the G Train.

And don’t forget to enter the giveaways!

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Urban Harvest: Tales of the Paranormal in New York City Anthology
Publication date: September 22nd 2013
Genres: New Adult, Urban Fantasy
New York City–it’s home to 8 million people trying to make their way through the day–a crop of humanity seething with hopes and fears, dreams and nightmares. Autumn comes, and nine authors harvest nine tales from this unique setting and people. From stories of everyday life in an otherworldly light to nightmarish tales of human darkness, Urban Harvest has something for everyone.
Urban Harvest contains tales of the paranormal from Alex Shvartsman, Laurie Treacy, Donna Ansari, Tara Hill, Laura Wenham, Andrea Stanet, Don Corcoran, Saif Ansari, and Sean Sakamoto.
In keeping with the spirit of harvest, all proceeds from this anthology will go to support City Harvest, an organization that feeds NYC’s hungry.
An Interview with Donna Ansari and an excerpt from  Vampires of the G Train

Donna Ansari is the editor and a featured author in Urban Harvest: Tales of the Paranormal in New York City.

Tell us about Urban Harvest. Why urban fantasy? Was this your first anthology? How did you settle on City Harvest as the charity of choice? 

New York City is so full of people that on one hand, it seems a highly unlikely location for paranormal activity. But on the other hand, it also seems like the perfect location—lots of places where all sorts of nasties can hide in plain sight.

There are so many worthwhile charities, so picking one was a difficult decision. But you can’t live in NYC without seeing how many people are going hungry. It’s often a stark contrast to the amount of cheap junk food that’s available. And with the season now being autumn, the harvest, I couldn’t help but think of those who go without enough food.

As an editor, what do you look for when reading submissions? Can you share any tips for writers (like something you see repeatedly or things that bother you)?

Apart for being good stories in their own right, each story that goes into an anthology has to fit in and play nicely with all the others. In this anthology, I tried to feature a mix of different kinds of stories, while having them all feature NYC in a prominent way. As to what particularly bothers me as an editor–that would be writers who don’t proofread their work! You could have a brilliant idea for a story, but if I’m going to have to spend several hours picking through the mistakes, it’s not worth it.

Who are some of your favorite authors? Have they inspired you in any way?

About 20 years ago I first read a book by Charles DeLint, and was introduced to the concept of urban fantasy. Neil Gaiman has also been a big inspiration to me, particularlyNeverwhere, which takes place in London, another one of my favorite cities. Mike Carey’s graphic novel, Lucifer, taught me that it’s okay to route for the “bad” guys, and I’m currently enjoying his urban fantasy Felix Castor series.

Can you tell us a little bit about any other projects you are working on?

I also write an urban fantasy series, Vampire in the City, which is about vampires in New York City. Emma, the protagonist of the series, was turned into a vampire in book one. Prior to becoming a vampire, she worked at an ad agency, lived alone, and had relationship issues. Now she still works at an ad agency and still has relationship issues, but lives with a witch and a werewolf. Emma has not fully come to terms with being a vampire yet. She is happy about not being allergic to her cat or having to wear glasses anymore, but doesn’t like to involve herself in vampire politics. There will be a total of six books in the Vampire in the City series, and Book Four is about to come out.

Do you think you’ll put any other collections together?

I enjoyed putting together Urban Harvest so much that I am strongly considering doing another one next year. Perhaps I would do one with a different theme and to benefit a different charity. An anthology to benefit an animal shelter that features shifters sounds kind of cool.

Where can readers find out more about you and your books?



Twitter: @donna_ansari


Vampires of the G Train

Deciding that keeping him talking was the best strategy, she asked, “Are you going to turn me into a vampire?”

The man looked surprised. “No. Why? Do you want to be a vampire?”

“Sure. I mean, it sounds so interesting.”

“I guess it’s pretty cool,” he admitted. “Even though I’m kind of new at it.”

“What do you like best about being a vampire?” Claire asked.

“Besides the blood?”

Claire gave the generally accepted hand gesture for hurry it up.

“Well, doesn’t everyone want to live forever and stay young and beautiful?” he asked.

Claire tilted her head to the side and gave him a questioning look.

“I mean young,” he quickly amended.

Then what Claire had been waiting for happened. With a lurch, the train finally started moving again.

The man frowned. “Must be on some kind of a switch or a timer.”

But Claire didn’t want him to notice what was happening with the train, so she said, “What’s your name, anyway?”

“It’s Harold.”

“Do people call you Harry?”


“Anyway, Harold, I’m Claire. So, can you tell me what it’s like being a vampire?”

“Well, I’m new at this,” Harold admitted.

“You said that. How new? Like are you less than a thousand years old or something?”

“I was just turned about a week ago. As I was saying, you are meant to be my first kill.”

“Me, specifically?” Claire asked. “Or just any idiot who wandered into the train alone at night?”

“Not you specifically,” Harold said, almost smiling.

Claire suddenly had an idea. “How about I bring you over my boyfriend’s apartment instead? He’s much bigger than me, and that means more blood for you.”

The man shook his head. “I’m not supposed to get off the train.”

The G train had just pulled into a station, and the doors dinged open.

“Well, that works out for me,” Claire said. She managed to twist around enough to land a pointy elbow in his inner thigh before jumping up and leaping off the train. Unfortunately, something caught her mid-leap.

Harry had caught her around the waist and pulled her back into the train as the doors closed.

“Good try. I’m not letting go of you again.” He sat back down and pulled her beside him. Then he yanked her head to the side until her throat was by his mouth.

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Look at what I’m reading! It’s Witch Blood : Vampire in the City (Book Three). And it’s now available for everyone!


For those of you who aren’t familiar with the Vampire in the City series and for those of you that, like me, have been anxiously waiting, Witch Blood is now available! You can purchase a copy of all three books in the Vampire in the City series by clicking on the images in the left hand sidebar.

I’m thrilled to hear there will be a fourth book in this awesome series, Cold Blood. This is great news!

Here’s a bit about the book:

Vampire Emma Hammond and her best friend and roommate Tammy Torres have rarely had a disagreement, but that’s all about to change. Apart from hating each other’s boyfriends, the duo have more monumental problems to deal with, like controlling Emma’s growing and increasingly dangerous bloodlust and trying to get blood stains out of the carpets. And when new witch Tammy joins a coven whose leader’s lust for power knows no bounds, Emma is unwittingly pulled into their plan.
I’ve read the first two books in this series and absolutely loved them! Let me show you.
New Blood

Emma Hammond is a normal young woman living in New York City whose life changes forever when one misstep brings her very close to death. Luckily, Alex Thompson, a handsome stranger (who also happens to be a vampire), jumps in to save her, turning Emma into a vampire. She quickly discovers the numerous advantages (no more allergies, glasses, or acne) and slight drawbacks (wanting to eat her boyfriend) of joining the ranks of the creatures of the night. But Emma soon finds out her new undead life isn’t all it’s cracked up to be when she gets pulled in to an age-old dispute between two feuding vampire clans.

You can read my review here

Loved it!!

Wild Blood (Vampire in the City #2)

Recently-turned vampire Emma Hammond is not only getting used to her undead lifestyle, but also to living with her new and unlikely roommates–her human best friend Tammy, and David, a werewolf. While the girls speculate as to possible drawbacks to having such a fuzzy tenant (shedding and marking of territory, to name a few), nothing will prepare them for the dispute that is to come between the NYC clan of vampires and an upwardly-mobile werewolf pack from the suburbs. Will Emma be able to get out of it with both her undead life, and her blossoming friendship with David, intact? And, perhaps more importantly, will she be able to choose between Alex Thompson, her sire and sometimes lover, and James, a slightly-unhinged vampire with a mysterious past?

You can read my review here

  Loved it! Howling for more!

Donna also was so generous and allowed me to have a giveaway for each book and she took time out from her busy schedule to sit down for an interview. She also let the roomies stop in for an interview. We had a lot of fun and I hope to have Donna and the girls back again!


About the author and where to find her
Donna Ansari was born in New York City and has lived there for most of her life. Donna graduated from Pace University with a BA in Literature and Communications. Since then, she has been working as an editor, primarily in the field of medical education.
Donna lives in Queens with her husband, son, and large black cat. She is not currently aware of any vampires in her neighborhood.
Tp purchase New Blood ,  Wild Blood and Witch Blood,  just click on the images on the left hand sidebar.

Wild Blood: Vampire in the City,  Book Two by Donna Ansari

The giveaway is over and it’s time to announce the winners. I have 5 winners today!

Wild Blood (Vampire in the City #2)

The Winners Are:





   Emily Guido

Congratulations Winners!!

I have sent your information to the author and she will contact you about your e-books.

Thanks to everyone for entering and for your comments.

Huge Thanks to you Donna. It has been so much fun to have you here and thank you for allowing me to host this giveaway.

I’m waiting for the third book in this amazing series. Witch Blood is coming soon.

You can purchase New Blood and Wild Blood by clicking on the images below.

Wild Blood: Vampire in the City, Book Two by Donna Ansari

I am a woman of my word. I said I would be reviewing Wild Blood: Vampire in the City–Book 2 and here I am. And I have something else fun going on. I am going to be doing an interview with not one , but two ladies today. Plus, I have 5 e-book copies of Wild Blood to giveaway! Details can be found at the bottom of the post. First I want to show you the book.

Wild Blood (Vampire in the City #2)

Another stunner. Another great choice Donna. And I love that you kept the same font for the title and your name.

Okay, on to my review! Just so you know, this is the second book in this series. So I guess I am giving you a spoiler alert, in case you haven’t read New Blood, Book One.

The story starts with Emma still adjusting to being a vampire. It doesn’t happen overnight, but since she’s undead, she has plenty of time, which she finds difficult to keep track of.

She comes downstairs to find her roommate Tammy  dressed up as a witch and her tenant David wearing a button that says I’m a werewolf – ask me how! She plumb forgot it’s Halloween. They are staying in to pass out candy. Boy. if the trick-or-treaters only knew the significance of their costumes.

David has to spend the night in the cemetery. He can turn when he wants to,  but when the moon is full he has to turn and tonight the moon is full. It’s best if he keeps his distance until sunrise.

Emma has a date. She’s going to meet James, a vampire she met the other night. He’s new to New York City and she agreed to show him around. He is a vampire that doesn’t kill humans, like her, and not too shabby in the looks department either. This could be fun.

Donna knows how to make me laugh. Check out this scene.

I went back to the kitchen and hung up the phone to find Tammy sitting at the table and reading a magazine.

“Where’s David?” I asked.

“Out in the graveyard preparing to wolf out.” She looked up. “So what club are you guys going to?”

“Some goth club, I muttered. Tammy had never been much of a fan of my goth phase.

She laughed. “Two vampires going out to a goth club on Halloween” Can you possibly be any more of a  living stereotype” Oh, I’m sorry, undead stereotype.”

I love these two roomies and I can’t wait for you to meet them!

It seems like dating is something different now too.  This from Emma:

“I was actually just wondering if I’m supposed to eat before meeting a date.” I had learned in my short time as a vampire, that eating was not quite the social occasion that it was for humans.

Tammy: “What, you mean like….”

She bared her teeth.

If I were a vampire and had to have a roomie, there’s no one I would rather have than Tammy. She’d keep me in stitches.

As James and Emma are walking to the club they get to talking. Emma is curious about why he came to New York. David’s story is he knows that werewolves exist and he is searching for one in particular. He tells Emma that there are packs of them in San Francisco, where he came from, but none in New York yet. He and his maker, Abby,  took out half of the pack but the leader escaped and later tracked down Abby during the day and killed her. James is in New York because the werewolf he seeks is here.

When James mentions that this werewolf is a certain type, a gay type, Emma knows to keep her mouth shut about David, her tenant. The description definitely fits him. Small world.

Going to The Vault wasn’t the best idea. Emma had never gotten around to eating and all she wants to do is bite. To save some poor drunk from being drained, James pushes his arm in Emma’s mouth. At least for now she doesn’t feel like drinking someone dry. But that isn’t the only problem. This is a known vampire hangout and Emma has been trying to avoid her sire and the others responsible for her condition. It’s best to avoid the politics thing. As luck would have it, they’re here, so James and Emma make a quick exit to avoid being spotted.

The night isn’t a total bust. David was turned into a vampire fifty years ago right here in New York City. He filled in a lot of holes for Emma, giving her the history of the top vampires, including the Prince, Michael. Useful information.

Calling it an early night, Emma arrives home and who is waiting for her? None other than her sire Alex. Her ex-lover and big fat liar. He doesn’t like it that she was at the club with James, warning her that he is unstable and dangerous, and if the Prince saw her with James, he’d kill both of them. There is a history between the prince and James and Emma should avoid getting caught up in it. Too late for that.

From here on the fangs start flashing and the fur flies. It appears there are werewolves in New York and they want to make the city their hunting grounds. It looks like war is coming between the vampires and the werewolves and Emma, Tammy, and David are smack dab in the middle of it.

Donna has many surprises for you In Wild Blood. She still has Emma slowly bumbling with being a new vampire, and that is my favorite part. Don’t get me wrong, the action is fast and the fighting is fierce, but I can’t help but love the humor laced throughout the story. It just makes me fall in love with the characters all over again. You will too.

I would say the writing is even better, and many questions are answered. I liked learning about the lives of some of the vampires before they were turned. It made them more real, but didn’t necessarily make me like them. There are some truly bad ones in this book that you love to hate. I think that is also important. It gives balance to the story.  I still haven’t made my mind up about a couple  of the characters. Maybe when I read the third book, which I hear is coming soon, I can decide.

Donna has met all of my expectations with Wild Blood. It was everything I hoped for and more. If you haven’t read the first book, New Blood, do so now and get to know the Vampires in the City! They will keep you entertained!

  Loved it! Howling for more!

Witch Blood: Vampire in the City, Book Three is coming soon!

I have Emma and Tammy from The Vampire in the City series here to answer a few questions. Enjoy the show.

Here we go ladies!

1) How’s your love life going?

Emma: Pass.

Tammy: You can’t pass,

E: Then you go first.

T: Oh geez. Well, I’ve just started
dating this witch….

E: Don’t you mean warlock?

T: No, actually a
male witch is still called a witch. But anyway, it’s going pretty well so far,
although it may be a conflict of interest that we’re in the same

E: Ugh, my turn? I guess you could just say I’m not very serious
about anyone at the moment.

2) Would either of you date
outside of your, er, species?

T: Possibly, but it would really depend on
the person, and whether or not that person was worth dealing with all that.

E: Maybe, I mean, I guess I sort of am, but who knows where it might go.
I mean, if things were reversed I would probably not like a long-term
relationship with someone who doesn’t age. Not to mention that you can never see
them in the daytime, ever.

3) Do you share the household chores?

E: Sure, for the most part. I mean, I’m not going to do any of the
cooking or washing dishes, but beyond that, it’s pretty equal.

T: Yeah,
no one really has any romantic visions of a vampire doing their own vacuuming.
Luckily, the one I live with has no qualms about that!

4) What
is one thing that drives you crazy about the other?

E: (looks at Tammy
and shrugs)

T: (laughs) Hmmmm….that’s kind of hard to answer. Em and I
have been friends for so long, and sometimes it seems like after you know
someone for so long that things don’t really drive you crazy about them anymore.
You just learn to accept certain characteristics and say, “Well, that’s just how
she is,” and then they no longer drive you crazy. Still, if I had to pick one
thing, I guess I’d say when she keeps things from me-on the rare occasions that
that happens. I know there’s still a lot she needs to figure out for herself,
and maybe she doesn’t want to freak me out, but we’ve never kept secrets from
each other. But at this point what could she possibly have to tell me that could
shock me?

E: Along those lines, I guess the only time I’ve really been
annoyed at Tammy is when she pries a little too hard–some things are not worth
being examined and are best left alone.

5) What do you think of
the show TRUE BLOOD?

T: Hmmm, we don’t have HBO, so believe it or not,
I’ve never seen it. But Em is a closet Buffy fan.

E: I don’t even know if
I’m in the closet on that one.

6) Who do you think is the
sexiest actor?

E: I’ve always been a fan of Johnny Depp ever since I saw
Edward scissorshands!

T: My personal fave is Edward Norton–he’s as
talented as he is sexy. Keanu Reeves is still pretty hot too–and I did not pick
him just because he was in that Dracula movie either!

7) If you
could go back in time to before any of this happened, would you change it?

E: I don’t know. I’ve actually thought about this a good deal. When I
was human, I had no idea that any of this world, vampires, werewolves, witches,
existed. I was happily oblivious. But other things in my life, like my
relationship with my long-term boyfriend and my home life, where pretty
unfulfilling. And now I’m probably better off where those things are concerned.
And as to the other thing, even if I felt content in my safe existence, is
ignorance ever better than knowledge? I don’t know. Now I not only know what’s
out there in the dark, but I have the power to deal with it.

T: Would I
change having my best friend being turned into one of the living dead and having
to face adversities that go above and beyond what any person, creature,
whatever, should have to? What do you think? At the same time, if it was the
only way to save her life…well, I’d rather have her here than not here. That’s a
complicated question, and there’s no easy answer to that one. Still, I love Emma
like a sister, so again, I’d much rather have her here in any form, than not
here at all. Wow…that one was heavy…

Five Fun

1) Favorite supernatural being?

E: I suppose

T: Zombies!

2) Favorite color?

Probably blue, but it depends on my mood.

T: Is it sometimes

E: What? Why? Oh, right.

T: For me it’s purple. I’m more of a
jewel-tine gal.

3) Favorite holiday?

E: Probably
Halloween. Not because I’m a vampire, but because it doesn’t have any
family-oriented connotations.

T: Probably Thanksgiving–I love to cook
and eat!

4) Favorite book boyfriend?

E: I know it’s a
kid’s book, but I really liked Sirius Black from the Harry Potter series. He
seemed like he would be a lot of fun to date.

T: Was Hunger Games an
adult book? Whatever. I liked Cinna a lot – the guy who does Katniss’s makeup
and costumes. They never said he was gay, so I can hope!

5) Favorite
season of the year?

E: It used to be summer, because when I was human I
hated the cold. Now I would have to say winter, so I don’t have to be asleep 15
hours a day!

T: Spring. The cooler weather always brings me down!

Thanks ladies. That was fun. And thank you Donna for arranging to have Emma and Tammy appear today.

For my review of New Blood : Book One and interview with Donna go here .

And now for the giveaway!

I have 5 e-book copies of Wild Blood for this giveaway.

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About the author and where to find her
Donna Ansari was born in New York City and has lived there for most of her life. Donna graduated from Pace University with a BA in Literature and Communications. Since then, she has been working as an editor, primarily in the field of medical education.
Donna lives in Queens with her husband, son, and large black cat. She is not currently aware of any vampires in her neighborhood.
Tp purchase New Blood or Wild Blood just click on the images on the left hand sidebar.

It’s that time! Time to announce the winners of the New Blood giveaway!

New Blood

There are 5 lucky winners! Each has won an e-book of New Blood.

New Blood  Beth Lillis

New Blood  Emma

New Blood  3psmama

New Blood  Emily Guido

New Blood  Carmen

I wish everyone could be a winner. Thanks so much to all of you for entering and your comments. This has been a great success!

I am sending out a huge thank you to Donna for this generous giveaway. I loved New Blood and can’t wait to tell you about Wild Blood!!

I will be notifying each winner and giving their information to the author so she can contact you about receiving your book.

You can find my review and interview with Donna Ansari here and the giveaway details here.

To purchase New Blood and Wild Blood just click on the images below.

To find Donna Ansari:

Just like I promised, I am having a giveaway of New Blood: Vampire in the City Book One.

Each week of this month I will have something new about this series. So stay tuned!

You can go here to read my review and the fun interview with author Donna Ansari.

Here is my show and tell about this great book!

cNew Blood

Emma Hammond is a normal young woman living in New York City whose life changes forever when one misstep brings her very close to death. Luckily, Alex Thompson, a handsome stranger (who also happens to be a vampire), jumps in to save her, turning Emma into a vampire. She quickly discovers the numerous advantages (no more allergies, glasses, or acne) and slight drawbacks (wanting to eat her boyfriend) of joining the ranks of the creatures of the night. But Emma soon finds out her new undead life isn’t all it’s cracked up to be when she gets pulled in to an age-old dispute between two feuding vampire clans.

 Loved it!!

Now for the giveaway.

Donna has been generous. I have 5 e-books of New Blood to giveaway!

Thanks so much Donna.

Entry is easy. Just leave a comment  or answer this fun question! What would you do if you found out your roommate was a vampire? Don’t forget to leave your email address! 

While it isn’t required, I would love it if you followed me on twitter and my blog. To follow Donna, just click on the links provided below.

Contest ends September 15th.

And next week I ‘ll be reviewing Wild Blood: Vampire in the City Book Two and I’ll also be inte….oops! Not supposed to tell ya that part. Since it slipped out I’m going to tell you. I will be interviewing Emma and Tammy, the roomies from the Vampire in the City series. I’ll have another surprise then!

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How to find Donna


I was so excited when I finished reading New Blood: Vampire in the City–Book One! I just had to ask the author, Donna Ansari,  if she would do an interview with me. And she said yes!

Even better! Each week this month, I will have something new about this series! So stay tuned.

First I want to tell you about the story.

cNew Blood

Great job with the cover art Donna. This face is now Emma for me. And the graveyard looks familiar. I recall a certain something that happened there:)

Now for my thoughts and ramblins.

Her night starts normally enough. Emma spends the evening at work. Her job at the advertising agency is not like they portray on TV. Most of the work is tedious and time-consuming. Then along comes the night supervisor, dropping on her desk a rush job which keeps her late.

Staying late to finish it is why Emma winds up in the wrong place at the wrong time, or is it? Well, that is for later.

Exiting the subway, Emma is only a block away from her house when she sees them. Two young men are assaulting another man.Before she can stop it,  her scream slips out and their attention turns to her.

She can see one is holding what looks like a knife and the other a stick. Huh?  As they rush her, she realizes she is mistaken, the knife is actually a metal cross. Screaming still seems like a good idea, but just seems to spur them on.

She manages to get her can of Mace out and let’s go into the eyes of one of her attackers, while the other one just places the cross on her skin. What’s up with that? She keeps screaming and they run off. A quick glance at the victim reveals he is none the worse for wear. She takes a long look, thinking “He’s beautiful.”  He assures her he is fine and after she accepts his thanks, Emma scoots towards the safety of  home, ready for this night to be over.

The whole encounter leaves her feeling strange. What did the boy with the stick mean when he yelled”Looks like we’re going to dust two blood suckers tonight!?” And why was it so hard to walk away from the stranger afterwards?

What Emma doesn’t realize is, that night  set something in motion. Her next encounter with the stranger is not by chance. And when Emma wakes up at his place, feeling great, wearing someone elses pajamas, with no idea how she got there, she is none to happy.

“You had better tell me exactly what happened, bub, because the last thing I remember, I was crossing Queens Boulevard…”

Emma’s life is changed in an instant and it will take all of the courage and take-charge attitude she has to get her through the rough times ahead.

And I do mean rough. Emma gets out of one situation and ends up in another and another…. It is amazing she is still walking around.

She has some new friends, strange friends, and gets a roommate, which really complicates things. How do you hide the fact you are now a vampire from your roommate and best friend? This leads to some sticky and funny situations.

Check out this scene where Emma and Alex are looking up how to kill a vampire on the computer.

I turned back to the computer, where I did a search for :”anatomical position of the heart.” A few minutes of searching and we found out that the heart is two inches to the left of the sternum, between the fourth and fifth ribs.

“Great,” I said. “Now how are we supposed to practice this?”

Alex started unbuttoning his shirt and I reflexively turned away…

“What are you doing?” 

I thought you could practice on me using the blunt end of the stake, and it’s easier to see where the ribs are without my shirt on.”

Still flustered, I said,I guess you should lie down for this.” I stood up and went back into the living room, where I had left the stake. While I was doing that, Alex completely removed his shirt and laid down on the couch.

I hadn’t really gotten a good look at his naked chest in adequate lighting before. Now that I had the chance, and was technically supposed to be studying it anyway, I gave it a good long look. His muscles had good definition without being beefy. You could see the indentations where his ribs were, but just barely. His chest was mostly hairless, except for a small tuft between his nipples. Looking farther down, I saw that he also had a slim, vertical strip of hair from his navel to the top of his pants.

If you’re confused, count,” he said, unexpectedly.

Alex must have seen the confused expression on my face, because he looked highly amused and said,I mean, you should count my ribs.”

“Right,” I said, desperately trying to concentrate on the task at hand. I held the stake in my left hand and used my right index finger to trace down from his collarbone, feeling for ribs. “One…two…three…four…here.”

“That’s too far over. Remember the website we looked at? Go a little more towards the center.”

I slowly moved my finger over a few inches. “How hard do I have to push it in?”

“As long as you aim between the ribs, you shouldn’t have to push that hard. But the main thing is that you will want to do it very quickly, so you don’t give them the chance to wake up before you finish.”

I definitely did not want that to happen.

“Also, I think sitting on his crotch may wake him up,” Alex added.

Did I forget to mention there is some fun, sexual situations in New Blood. They are more hints than explicit, but still sexy.

Lots and lots of surprises, plenty of schtick, and,yes, some romance and sexual encounters, New Blood delivers.

I had a great time following Emma, reading about how she juggles all of the new complications in her life, or is it un-life? You will too.

Like the supernatural? Vamps and other such characters? You’ll enjoy New Blood. Plenty of strange for everyone.

  I loved this book and highly recommend it!

And now I want you to meet Donna.

 Hi Donna. It is so nice of you to stop by and talk for a while.
 My readers are anxious for this interview to get rolling, so why don’t you start by telling us about yourself.
I live in New York City with my husband and two-year-old son. I’ve lived here most of my life and love it, which is why I wanted to write a series based here. When I was a child, the two things I’ve always wanted to be when I grew up were a writer and a mother, so I consider myself pretty fortunate that I’ve been able to accomplish both of those goals.
 I loved how the story started. It felt like it could’ve been me on any given night at work. Did you draw on past experiences when you wrote about Emma’s job and her boss?
You’ve discovered my horrible secret–yes, I work in an advertising agency, just like Emma. Although I work in the editorial department, which is probably more boring than working in the art department. Any job where you get excited over the misuse of a semicolon is probably boring by definition. And as for the demanding and annoying co-workers, no comment!
 I am always curious about how a story gets started. Where did your idea for Emma and New Blood come from?
I’m a long-time Buffy fan, and I love a strong female lead character who learns to overcome adversity. So I wanted to write a story where the protagonist became a vampire and had to deal with all the different dramatic lifestyle changes that it entails. 
When you started New Blood, did you already plan on writing it as a series, or did it just grow into one?
It’s a little hard to remember at this point. The truth is I wrote New Blood about six years ago. Then I didn’t touch it for a number of years, during which time I went through some major life changes. Then, when finally I read it again, I realized both that I wanted to publish it and that the story had to continue.
 Is there a part of the story you really liked but had to remove, and if so, could you tell us why? I know you can’t relate the scene in detail as it would be a spoiler.
Technically no, but I did at one point consider writing slightly more explicit romantic scenes. I may have even tried writing a sentence or two, but only ended up embarrassing myself.
 Another thing I keep forgetting to ask is, do new characters just pop into your head while writing or do you build them first and then add them in?

I am a big believer in outlines, so it’s rare for me to write anything at the spur of the moment, although it does occasionally happen as the story is coming to a conclusion. But part of my writing process is to come up with backgrounds for all the characters, even ancillary ones. 

 Now that we have the serious questions done, let’s have some fun shall we?
 Who was the first boy you kissed?
My first “boyfriend” was a kid named Thomas in my first-grade class. We insisted on being partners when walking to and from the lunchroom and kissed each other hello and goodbye every day.
 What is your favorite reptile?
My favorite reptile is a leopard gecko named Spot. Once when I was in an unhealthy relationship, my boyfriend said he would break up with me if I bought a reptile for a pet. The very next day I went out and bought Spot. 
If you could have any automobile, which would you have?

The DeLorean from Back to the Future so I could time travel! Seriously, I live in NYC, so driving is the least effective means of going from place to place.

 What would you like to be called if you had to change your name?
My mother told me that when she was pregnant with me, she was approached in a dream by a being who said she would have a daughter and she should name her Donna Marie. I find it hard to argue with that. For awhile, I was thinking about changing my last name to Lancaster (my mother’s maiden name), but then I got married and changed it to Ansari instead.
 Say you are locked in a room by yourself. What book would you like to have with you?
Can I just have a Kindle and internet service? I know it’s strange but I don’t read that many books in my genre. Right now I’m reading A Suitable Boy by Vikram Seth. It’s about 1,500 pages. I’d be fine in the locked room for days!
 Thanks for answering all of my questions Donna. I can’t help myself sometimes. Curiosity gets the better of me and I forget how busy you must be.
Thanks! It was fun!
Hey Donna.  Should we tell them about the upcoming giveaway? I really want to tell them!
To celebrate the upcoming release of book three in the Vampire in the City series, I am giving away five free copies of the book that started it all, New Blood!
You heard it folks. Next week I will be having a giveaway. Five chances to win New Blood: Vampire in the City – Book One. And there’s more. After that I’ll be…….oops, can’t tell you yet!
About the author:
Donna Ansari was born in New York City and has lived there for most of her life. Donna graduated from Pace University with a BA in Literature and Communications. Since then, she has been working as an editor, primarily in the field of medical education.
Donna lives in Queens with her husband, son, and large black cat. She is not currently aware of any vampires in her neighborhood.
You can find Donna here:
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