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I have been anxiously waiting for the final trailer for Wormwood.

If you read my review and interview, you know how much I loved this book.  If you haven’t YET go here and check it out: .

Please enjoy this special treat!


I try not to use the book blurbs in my reviews. I prefer to tell you about the synopsis in my own words and emotions. I am going to post it here, because I want you to see how well the trailer represents the story.

Book Blurb

Against a devastated landscape, a legion of one hundred fierce half-angels is hell-bent on purging the Earth of all humans. But one of them, the tormented Tiamat, struggles against his mission, and when he rescues a beautiful woman named Kali, he finds the attraction as troubling as it is miraculous. Can Kali trust the one creature who could be responsible for her ultimate demise?

Beautifully written and excitingly told, Wormwood creates a world that is as strange as it is compelling.  Filled with brilliantly executed twists and turns on every page that are guaranteed to keep you guessing, Wormwood is one of the most exciting debuts of the year.

Great blurb, eh? Well, the book is filled with so much more. If you want to experience this adventure for yourself, just click on the image below to get your own copy. You are in for an absorbing, tumultuous story.

Even better, there will be two more books in this series. Book Two takes place exactly where Wormwood left off.

D. H. Nevins is writing as fast as she can! I am happy to wait, as I know from her writing, it will be worth the wait.

My rating for Wormwood: Beyond 5 STARS I am still feeling the story.

For more about D.H. Nevins and her writing: