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The Precious Pachyderm

by Karen Christino

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Genre: Cozy Mystery


Manhattan, 1926. A wealthy businessman found dead. A priceless elephant figurine from an extravagant Indian prince gone missing. And famous astrologer Evangeline Adams is a primary suspect.  To save their jobs, Adams’ assistants Mary Adler and Clara Cosentino investigate the astrologer’s classy clients, oddball employees and offbeat associates to help discover who really committed the crime.  And Evangeline solves her first case with the help of astrology in this funny, fast-paced whodunit.


Enjoy this peek inside.

Evangeline sat back in her chair, straightened her spectacles on her nose as if to collect her thoughts, took a breath and continued. “Now, Jeannie. I know you have a good feeling for the dogs, which is why I wanted to offer you this position. But you must always remember that you are their guardian. It is your duty to be sure they’re kept from harm. And they do have minds of their own. They are royal beings, you see, these Pekingese. They guarded the Emperor of China for over four centuries and their spiritual side was so developed that the Panchen Lamas kept them as well. They’ve been bred to be special for so long that they consider themselves entitled, and I spoil them dreadfully, too, I’m afraid.” Evangeline paused as she looked around and smiled at her beloved pets. “In a way, they are my children.” Jeannie smiled too, and nodded in understanding. Lover looked like a little gargoyle, passively bearing witness to every word. Like their mistress, they seemed relaxed and complacent during most of the visits to Evangeline’s office. If anything, they were generally unaffected by the range of emotions often displayed there, and enjoyed the company.

“But look here: you must show them who’s boss, that’s the cardinal rule,” Evangeline said. “Because they can be willful. Lover, especially. He’s a Leo and their leader, and  is used to getting his way. He does have that male Leo flaw: he has an ego.”


About Author Karen Christino

Precious Pachyderm author

Karen Christino is an astrologer and author.  She was a consulting astrologer for over 20 years, and wrote horoscope columns for Glamour, Cosmopolitan and Modern Bride magazines, among many others.  Karen has also written six books on astrology, three of which feature the famous American astrologer Evangeline Adams.

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