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Welcome to The Kid’s Korner.

I decided to do this feature as I have so many great children’s books to share. From picture books, to books for beginning readers, to middle graders, I have plenty of fun ones.

Today I’m sharing a scary good adventure.

Monster Manor

by Anita Valle



Genre:  Middle Grade Fantasy

 My Review

Mo and his mother are soon to be homeless until a mysterious invitation is slipped under their door. They arrive at Monster Apartments. and the offer seems too good to be true. Soon they understand why.

 Mo is a twelve year old boy. He’s also the school bully. Nicknamed Monster by the other kids he takes pride in being just that. But what if there are real monsters? Ones bigger, meaner and more dangerous than Mo?

What a fun story. I didn’t care much for Mo at first. He wasn’t in a big hurry to change.  Even after meeting some real monsters that are his new neighbors. But there’s one monster that’s meaner and nastier than Mo and he’s coming for him. Things got interesting when Mo tried to bully one particular monster. The consequences weren’t good.

Soon after that, Mo started to win me over. He started to see what he was, desired to change in spite of himself, and was actually quite clever and funny.

There are some cool monsters. Big ones and small ones. Dragons, cyclops, fairies and more. And one very bad one. If I had to pick a favorite, I’d choose the fairies. They are like tiny party gals. They like sparkly clothes and loud music, throwing parties every night.

Middle grade readers will have fun with this story. Plus, there’s an important message about bullying. No matter what motivates the actions, there’s always room for change. If you build it….friends will come.

4  Stars



The kids at school call him “Monster”. Twelve-year-old Mo is the school bully – and darn proud of it. That’s before he finds himself homeless and forced to move to the only place available: a building called Monster Apartments.
At first it’s all cool. Giant apartment, creepy forest scenery, nice girl across the
street. Then Mo meets the tenants and the shock hits harder than a drunken landlord: real monsters, every one. Cyclops, dragon, fairies, werewolf – and a Minotaur maniac with a taste for tormenting Mo.
Before you can spit, Mo goes from bully to bullied. The Minotaur knocks out everything Mo’s got – his confidence, his safety, his friendship with the new girl. Like it or not, Mo’s got to face it that two monsters have to be stopped here: the bully in the building, and the bully that he is.
Monster Apartments is a coming-of-age novel in which the bully learns firsthand just how “monstrous” his bullying really is. Add a cast of unconventional monsters (such as the agoraphobic dragon and the cyclops with his own medical practice) and Monster Apartments is a fun tale for middle-grade readers. Recommended for ages 9-12



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