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Nightscape: Cynopolis

by David W. Edwards



Detroit’s eastside has seen its share of horrors. Once-proud factories gutted for scrap. Whole neighborhoods burned out and boarded up. Nature drained of color. But nothing like this: a
thought-virus that turns the city’s dogs feral and its underclass into jackal-headed beasts.
The city erupts in chaos and nightmare violence. Communication in or out is impossible. The skies fill with lethal drone copters and airships bristling with heavy-duty cannon. Abandoned to their separate fates among hordes of monsters, the few surviving humans must find a way to elude the military blockade preventing their escape or to defeat the virus at its source—before government forces sacrifice them all.
Breakneck action, rogue science and deft portraiture combine for a grand and gripping tale of urban terror.
Author Dawid W. Edwards


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David W. Edwards is the writer, director and
producer of the feature film Nightscape and author of the novels Nightscape:
The Dreams of Devils and Nightscape: Cynopolis. He attended the University of
Southern California’s prestigious screenwriting program and earned bachelor’s
and master’s degrees in English Literature while working for a variety of
Hollywood production companies. He’s the founder and former CEO of a successful
high-tech market research firm, and a former two-term state representative. He
currently lives in Hillsboro, Oregon with his family.
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