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I know it’s a time to eat, drink and be merry. For me that means popcorn, iced tea and movies with some friends!!

Here are some Scary Merry Christmas movies I’ll be watching.

Haven’t seen this one yet. New one to watch!

This one is creepy fun.

Santa has an attitude!

What’s Christmas without zombies?

Self explanatory:)

Ooh! Pretty scary!

One of my favorites.

I may be lame, but I just loved these. Killer snowman and killer snowballs! Plus, it snows in the tropics! There’s hope for me and a white Christmas!

And Christmas just wouldn’t be right without some gremlins!


I still find it hard to believe that the santa at the top of the post came from this one!

Any movies I missed? Open to suggestions!

I love Christmas movies! Here are just a few of my favorites I’ll be watching.

next up




and of course these!

and Jim Carrey

and last but not least!

What are you going to be watching this Christmas?