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Welcome to my Saturday Screams.

Today’s reviews are all about genetically engineered cats gone wild!


 Through The Woods

by Troy Blackford


Genre: Horror


My Review

They look like ordinary cats. Same shapes and sizes. Don’t let that fool you. These little kitties are killers. It only takes some flesh and blood to turn them into monsters. And some fool gives it to them.

What could be more horrific than giving these cats powers. How about being able to turn living things to ash. Or how about mind control? Or consuming a living creature until there’s nothing left?  What makes the scientists think they can make them into lethal weapons and control them?

As you can surmise, things go every which way but the right one and these killer cats get down to business. I found it particularly fun that they can think and plot. The litter of odd cats all have unique abilities. Some that can’t be weaponized and some that can. But the furry critters aren’t cooperative and one in particular has a dastardly agenda all it’s own.

Fur flies. Claws scratch. Teeth gnash. And all out war comes to man. You’ll look at felines in a different way after this story.

 4  Stars



A secret government research facility set deep in the woods is exploring the possibility of using the strange mental properties of a litter of unusual cats for national defense.

The cats are exploring the possibility of eating everybody.


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by Ricky Sides


Genre: Horror


My Review

When will they learn? Someone always thinks they can tamper with Mother Nature and it inevitably ends up with bloodshed and death.

The pet food company knows something’s wrong with their product, but the side affects to the cats opens another door. A door with big dollars, when several other countries want the formula for their own.

When the animal rights activists free the cats, they have no idea of the repercussions. These aren’t your ordinary house cats anymore. They are much larger, packed with muscle, longer teeth, and larger claws and they are hungry, always hungry. You don’t dare get between them and their food.

There’s a slow building romance between Patricia, the former head of research at the pet food company, and Jerry, an undercover special ops soldier. What’s a good horror story without some romance and characters to care about.

Throw in some scumbags and mysterious characters with hidden agendas and you have a great tale of suspense, mayhem, and murder.

You might think cats aren’t a big deal, but these cats aren’t ordinary. They’re hormonally enhanced, much more lethal than your normal house cat. They’re also very vicious. Let’s put it this way, they’re spitting mad.

You could probably handle a few when they attack, but when they ambush you in large numbers, you’re kibble.

Imagine what happens when dogs become involved.

After reading Claws, I’ll never look at my pets the same way again. Who knows what’s in that new brand of pet food you just bought?

I liked everything about this book. The author moves you through the scenes smoothly, building the suspense, putting the horror right in your face, and sprinkling many colorful, intriguing characters throughout the story to make this a very exciting read.

And you get a killer ending that also leaves an exciting opening for more of this story, which continues in Claws 2. It’s like the last scene in a not so happily ever after movie.

On to read Book Two!

    4 Stars



Alcorn Pet Food Corporation is working with an experimental cat food laced with hormones and appetite enhancers. The special food causes cats to add muscle, gain weight, and exhibit extremely aggressive behavior. When an employee threatens to expose the pet food as a threat to public safety, she finds herself out of work, her home ransacked, and all her carefully gathered proof missing. Meanwhile, animal rights activists release the cats involved in the testing because they are scheduled to be euthanized. These bigger, stronger, and more aggressive animals begin to prey on small game in the area. Then the ravenous cats turn their attention to people.

Lovers, runners, hunters, dogs, deer, rabbits, normal cats, and even motorists begin to fall victim to the predations of these enhanced felines. An unemployed scientist, a small special ops team, a grieving father, a chief of security, and a homeless veteran join forces to try to prevent a catastrophe.

When a murderer steals the secret formula that created the menace and sells it to eight foreign enemies of the United States, the stakes suddenly get a lot higher, because the most deadly biological weapon ever created has just been released. The genie is out of the bottle and the world will never be the same.

To make matters worse, the scientist discovers that the first generation offspring will be even bigger and more aggressive, and then they learn that the food also affects dogs and rats.



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