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Welcome to my 31 Days Of Thrills And Chills!

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I’ll be sharing all kinds of books, movies, and other spooky stuff for every day in October. Gots to

get those scares on for the 31st!

And welcome to my Saturday Screams where I share books that, well, make you scream!

Time to get back to some short stories. A bunch of good ones in this anthology.

Swallowed By The Beast

  An Anthology Compiled By Samie Sands



Genre:  Horror / Anthology

My Review

I’m a fan of the short story and collections. Had this on my Kindle for a while and thought now is the perfect time to read it. Halloween is only days away and I’m ready for something scary.

Right off I spotted some familiar authors. And I also discovered some news I’ll be checking out after sampling their writing here.

From demons to sasquatch, tigers to devil dogs, and all things scary and deadly that dwell in these pages, this collection has a lot to offer. Not going to play favorites. But, some of these stood out more than others. I’m giving it a high rating as there were many 4 and 5 star reads.

Before I started writing reviews I didn’t appreciate how hard it must be to write a good short story. Writing a review for one is difficult enough. Trying not to provide spoilers is a challenge. There’s a lot of talent in this collection. And with so many different beings and creatures to choose from, I’m sure fans of horror will find something they like.

4 Stars



Delve into the belly of the beast with some of the most talented horror authors around! Read short stories by Robert Tozer, Arnaldo Lopez Jr., Carey Azzara, June Lundgren, Anthony V. Pugliese, Amy S. Pacini, Danny Campbell, Lila Pinord, Dave Suscheck Jr., Linda Jenkinson, L.H. Davis, Alex Winck, Joanne Magnus, James Harper, Kamalendu Nath, Debbie Johnson, Samie Sands, Kevin S. Hall, Stefan Vucak and June Rachelson-Ospa.

The Line-up

Cleanliness is next to….by Robert Tozer 

Maggot by Arnaldo Lopez Jr.

Mowgli Encounters A Bear by Carey Azzara

Vegas Demon by June Lundgren

Night Songs by Anthony V. Pugliese

Mysterious Mind by Amy S. Pacini

The Last of the Siamese Tigers by Danny Campbell

Interview With Bigfoot by Lila Pinord

Bump by Dave Suscheck Jr.

Ninette the Lair by Linda Jenkinson

The Emporium by L.H. Davis

A Clinical Case by Alex Winck

Devil Dogs by Joanne Magnus

Mystical Phantoms by Amy S. Pacini

Love Craft by James Harper

Lantern: Mix by Linda Jenkinson

Of A Curious Matter by Kamalendu Nath

Carnival Carnage by Samie Sands

The Witches Spell by Linda Jenkinson

The Kodak Troll by Joanne Magnus

Selfie by Alex Winck

Boo by Debbie Johnson

Heartbreaker by Kevin S. Hall

Ice Maidens by Stefan Vucak

The Wild Pigs by Danny Campbell

Scrambled by June Rachelson-Ospa

The Devil’s Therapist by Alex Winck

The Time Machine by Robert Tozer



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Welcome to The Friday 56 hosted by Freda’s Voice.


This is a really fun meme!

The only rules are to grab a book (any book), turn to page 56 or 56% in your eReader and find a sentence or a few (no spoilers) that grabs you and post it.

Then go over to Freda’s Voice and leave your link so we can visit your 56!

My 56 for this week is from: Behold! Oddities, Curiosities and Undefinable Wonders

edited by Doug Murano



Genre: horror / fantasy/ Short Story Collection

The excerpt is from the second section: Curiosities

In Amelia’s Wake

by Erinn L. Kemper

My 56

Edward shrugged. “It’s like those explorers. They went out in boats, people said they were crazy, but they needed to see it … the world. Understand the mystery.”


Read on if you want to know more.

 I just received my ARC copy of BEHOLD! from Crystal Lake Publishing! I can’t wait to read this anthology. So many awesome authors!


Crystal Lake Publishing and Doug Murano, the Bram Stoker Award-nominated editor of GUTTED: BEAUTIFUL HORROR STORIES, are proud to present BEHOLD! ODDITIES, CURIOSITIES AND UNDEFINABLE WONDERS.

Slide into the spaces between the ordinary. Embrace the odd. Indulge your curiosity. Surrender to wonder. Witness as the finest talents of our time bring you tales of the strangeness at the edges of existence.


Clive Barker, John Langan, Neil Gaiman, Ramsey Campbell, Lisa Morton, Brian Kirk, Hal Bodner, Stephanie M. Wytovich, Erinn Kemper, John F.D. Taff, Patrick Freivald, Lucy Snyder, Brian Hodge, Kristi DeMeester, Christopher Coake, Sarah Read, and Richard Thomas.

With a foreword by Josh Malerman.

Pre-order on Amazon


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Loss Angeles banner

Most of you know by now how much I enjoy short stories and collections.

I’m excited to share Loss Angeles with you.

I’m not sure which genre to tag these stories as, so I’m calling it Life Fiction.

Come on in and check it out and enjoy the excerpt!


About the Book:


Title: Loss Angeles
Author: Mathieu Cailler
Publisher: Short Story America Press
Pages: 217
Genre: Short Stories
Format: Hardcover

Loss Angeles 2

Set in the glamorous city of Los Angeles, California, LOSS ANGELES skips the shine and celebrity the city is known for and instead dives deeply into the lives of ordinary Angelenos. In each of the fifteen stories in this collection, author Mathieu Cailler examines the private lives of a diverse mix of characters. This collection of stories showcases the rawness of real life, the complexity of navigating personal challenges and internal conflicts, and the ever present possibility of encountering unexpected compassion and empathy.

The stories in LOSS ANGELES uncover the reality that the interiors of people’s lives often have huge holes in them. In the collection, a quiet divorced man, who is still deeply in love with his ex-wife, finally speaks up when his son’s soon-to-be stepfather becomes enraged over a broken birthday gift. A young man visiting his parents for the first time in nine years delays his presence at his family’s Thanksgiving dinner to see an old friend who was influential in his early life. Cailler also goes beyond loss and grief to reveal hidden human kindness in the stories of a widower, who steps out of his melancholy to save the life of a stranger, and an aging bachelor, who becomes a father figure for a wayward young woman.

In “Over the Bridge,” Ella is a teenager learning to manage her grief over the death of her mother and the new life she and her seven-year-old brother have with their father, with whom the children have not lived with since their parents’ divorce. While Ella is receiving weekly counseling at school, she continues to struggle with the changes in her life. When the counselor instructs Ella to write a letter to her father explaining the uncertainty and distance she feels in regard to her relationship with him, Ella complies and writes with the type of honesty that one allows when there is no plan to share what is written. But when Ella finds herself in a frightening situation with a boy at a party after consuming drugs and alcohol, the letter becomes the catalyst for a change in perspective for her father.

“Hit and Stay” is the story of a young married man making the long drive home from an out-of-town business trip. Penn is troubled as he drives his SUV through back roads to avoid the highway traffic. The quiet drive in the warm cocoon of the truck affords Penn the opportunity to reflect on the one-night stand he had with a new employee. As he contemplates how or if he will confess his mistake to his wife, Kimberly, Penn reviews his life with the woman he was once passionately in love with who has grown distant since the death of her mother. During the drive, Penn has an unfortunate accident that breaks the delicate hold he has on his volatile emotional state.

The conflict between familial violence and love is the foundation of “Dark Timber.” Clevie and his older brother, Roy, reluctantly accompany their father on a hunting expedition. Their father, an alcoholic recently released from prison after serving time for beating the boys’ mother, is determined to teach his sons how to hunt for their own food.

The relationship between father and sons is strained. Roy has personal experience with his father’s violent temper, but young Clevie remains hopeful that life with their father will improve. Neither boy is interested in hunting. Clevie is the most reluctant to fire on innocent animals. However, when their father comes face-to-face with a menacing predator, both boys instinctively respond to his pleas for help.

LOSS ANGELES is a throwback to eclectic short story collections of past years and is only bound by the theme of loss in a very general sense,” Cailler says. “The stories are by turns fragile, tender, and always memorable. The characters in this book are as diverse as the city itself… they all have a story to share, and it was my job to do just that. I don’t believe in being predestined while writing; therefore, some of the stories end with a bit of hope while others reach their coda in a disconcerting fashion.”

Exposing emotions was Cailler’s focus when writing the collection. “I want the reader to relate to the feelings and sentiments expressed in the book. I think loss is the greatest bond we possess as humans, and there isn’t a single person around who hasn’t experienced it. We’ve all lost something dear to us, something profound,” the author says. “I think if a reader comes away from LOSS ANGELES feeling more connected to others and/or him or herself, I’ll have done my job. Whenever I write, I think of Plato’s words: ‘Be kind, for everyone you meet is fighting a harder battle.’ That’s something that I hope will resonate with the reader.”

For More Information


Book Excerpt:

Penn continued to drive through the night. Snow and gales of wind assailed his SUV as he barreled towards home, his foot steady on the gas, his hands positioned firmly at ten and two. Heat billowed from the vents on the dashboard and moved loose strands of hair on his face. He didn’t want to replay the scenario—the quiet L.A. hotel room, the closed drapes, the underwear on the floor, the moaning, the taste of her lips—but the SUV’s quiet cabin was a hotbed for reflection.

His headlights brushed a green highway sign, indicating that there were eighty-nine miles left on his journey home to Lake Tahoe. With the winter weather, it might take Penn more than two hours, but that was all right. How would he look at Kimberly after what he’d done?

“Don’t marry young,” people had told him a few years ago when he’d passed around the idea of proposing. “You haven’t tested the waters.” Cliché after cliché came at him, and while the marriage advice was stale and up there with “enjoy each day like it’s your last” and “don’t let anyone tell you something’s impossible,” it wasn’t amiss.

Becky had been with the company for a couple months now; there’d been some mild flirting, but Penn just thought that was the way she was, and he flirted back from time to time, knowing that it was just a game. Becky saw the wedding band on his finger; she could put two and two together.

But on this recent trip, Penn and Becky had found themselves at the hotel bar, overlooking the glimmering L.A skyline. There was a meeting early in the morning, and most of the company’s employees had gone to bed. She approached Penn and slid onto the chair next to his. They drank, and their eyes held one another in the empty bar. The piano man played his versions of “So What” and “Stardust,” songs that made people more attractive and made conversations more interesting. The right strap of Becky’s blue dress kept slipping off her freckled shoulder, and she left her smooth skin exposed longer than normal before bringing the strap back up. Her breasts were pressed up and together, and when she crossed her legs, one of her black heels dangled a few inches from her foot, making it seem as though she was already undressing. Penn remembered the way she reached over and touched his right hand.

The worst part was that Penn had only slept with Becky because of the confidence Kimberly had given him. Many times she’d reaffirmed his self-esteem, telling him he was worthy of love, that he was better-looking than he imagined, and that he deserved the best.

Penn believed the burden would be lightened if he told Kimberly, but at the same time, he thought the words might destroy her, and that’s not what he wanted. It’d taken cheating for him to know how much he loved her, but who would believe a line like that?

The tapping of a snare drum leaked out from the speakers, accompanied by the beat of an upright bass and the trill of a clarinet. He lowered the window and let the cold air flow into the sweltering cabin.

Was there a perfect scenario? Penn thought. He let his mind wander. When he got home maybe Kimberly would be crying.

What’s wrong? Penn would say.

I did something terrible, Kimberly would answer.

Kimberly would go on to tell Penn that she’d slept with someone else, that she was sorry, and that it didn’t mean anything. After that, he’d say the same thing. Two wrongs, one right. But even thinking about her sleeping with someone else made him sick. That wasn’t at all what he wanted.

High school sweethearts turned lovers turned husband and wife turned roommates—that’s what they were. Penn found it more and more difficult to make her laugh. Where there’d been kisses, there were now smiles. Where there’d been heat, there was now platitude. Where there’d been love, there was now familiarity.


About Author Mathieu Cailler

Mathieu Cailler

Mathieu Cailler is a writer of prose and poetry. His work has been widely published in national and international literary journals. Before becoming a full-time writer, Cailler was an elementary school teacher in inner-city Los Angeles. “I came to writing in a rather circuitous way. I always penned jokes for stand-up comedy appearances but later realized it wasn’t just comedy that applealed to me, but all writing.” A graduate of Vermont College of Fine Arts, Cailler was awarded the Short Story America Prize for Short Fiction and a Shakespeare Award for Poetry. His chapbook, Clotheslines, was recently published by Red Bird Press. LOSS ANGELES is Cailler’s first full-length book.

For More Information

  • Visit Mathieu Cailler’s website.
  • Connect with Mathieu on Facebook and Twitter.
  • Find out more about Mathieu at Goodreads.


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Boxford Stories
The Boxford Stories by Kristen Carson

‘Welcome to the world of the Runyons and the Feldsteds, two Mormon families in 1970s Maryland. Far from their Western American roots, they cling to each other like exiles clutching a precious box of topsoil from the old country.

“In The Boxford Stories you will meet Ada Runyon who always turns to Ruthalin Feldsted when she needs an ear—sharing her deepest confidences, her everyday musings, and her bits of horrified gossip. Yet Ada dies inside whenever Ruthalin’s country-cousin manners poke out in public.

“Latham Runyon, a history professor, and Erval Feldsted, a hospital engineer, bond every Sunday night over gooey desserts and vigorous religious discussion, a game their children call Stump the Rabbi. Underneath their balding heads and graying temples, each man desperately seeks a sign that God would choose him as a buddy.

“The Feldsted and Runyon children, running breathlessly through each other’s houses and backyards, have long considered each other substitute cousins. However, Ginni Runyon plots to change herself from the girl next door to the girl Marc Feldsted can’t live without.

“And when Boxford’s Mormons mix with the rest of the town, everybody could use a field guide to the other species.

“Laugh, cry, and shake your head with the Runyons and Feldsteds as they make their way through the decade that brought us leisure suits and urban decay.”


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Now Latham stood before the steam-clouded mirror. He squirted shaving cream into his hand and swabbed it over his face.
It was not the best face, to be sure. He imagined how it would look to those sitting beside him in conference tomorrow. There he’d be, his arms folded as he sat on a hard metal chair way at the back of the gym, looking for all the world like Joe Mormon, with the standard white shirt, the standard wing tips, the standard bald spot, and the standard case of scriptures with a sagging, broken spine.
The young fathers nearby would look at him and think, I hope I don’t become that in twenty years. Their young wives would study his pocked cheeks and try to imagine just how bad the teenage acne had been. And teenage girls would decide that he was, no doubt, ten times cornier than their own dads. . . .
Then, when his name echoed forth from the pulpit, and he stood up, his seat-neighbors would look up from their chairs, surprised. They would kick themselves mentally for not taking note of him sooner, for not recognizing his eminence.
His children would look up. Our dad? God wants our dad?
His wife would bow her head humbly and compose a few eloquent remarks, in case they summoned wives to speak.
And as he walked up to take his new place, people would look up from their seats, squinting at him. And when he reached the stand, Elder Sperry would smile, remembering: Oh, yes, him. The one that likes Great Biographies, just like me. Elder Sperry would shake his hand, motion him towards his very own theatre-style seat, a far cry from the metal chairs at the back. Elder Sperry would make him say a few words at the pulpit, where Latham could look down on all those surprised people, who were still taking it in that Latham Runyon was their new stake president.


Praise for the book:

“Standouts include “Gypsy Holiday,” in which Ada’s anxiety over family friends not coming to Thanksgiving devolves into a stark admission of her loneliness and inability to connect with outsiders; “A Little Five-Minute Thrown-Together Something,” which lays bare the squirming insecurities of teenage crushes; and “Flirting Lessons,” which sees Ada’s teenage daughter, Ginni, taking a cross-country road trip with two friends that leads to panic when one goes missing. These stories are unexpected in their subtlety as they explore the reality of what it means to be Mormon—and human.”
–Kirkus Reviews

“’In an almost Faulknerian way, Carson finds the pulse of ambition and uses that tick to reveal the inner voices that can haunt us all, if allowed. We should be looking to the eternities, of course, but in the meantime, we have so many other things to worry us onward into the night, or at least until the next priesthood interview.”

–Association for Mormon Letters on “‘Atta Boy” in The Boxford Stories


Boxford authorAuthor Kristen Carson

“Kristen Carson was born in Idaho, the caboose baby in a family of six girls. She studied at Brigham Young University.

“Hearing tales of how green the grass was elsewhere, she pledged to move east of the 100th Meridian. Even though she’s never lived in the #1 place on her list (Lexington, Kentucky–have you seen those beautiful bluegrass hills?!), she enjoyed her years in Texas, Illinois and Pennsylvania. She currently lives in Indiana.

“Kristen’s stories and articles have appeared in The Indianapolis Star, Chicago Parent, Indianapolis Monthly, Dialogue: a Journal of Mormon Thought and Irreantum.

“She and her husband are the parents of four adult children.

“She loves her two cats for their affection, their paranoia and their sense of entitlement. She takes long walks wherever she goes, because she thinks the best way to see the world is at 3 miles an hour. She loves cooking. All the chopping, stirring and inhaling lend the perfect capstone to her day.

“Kristen is also an avid reader. No doubt she won’t live long enough to finish all the books on her list. Her favorite authors are Herman Wouk, Diana Gabaldon and Tom Wolfe.

“Check out her blog, where she writes about whatever she’s reading and cooking.

Website * Facebook * Twitter


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Everybody has a phobia, right?

In Counterphbobia you’ll be introduced to some creepy ones.

Seven tales, seven phobias, seven reasons to sleep with the lights on!



My Review

I’ve had the pleasure of reading some of William’s stories and that drew me to read his collection, Counterphobia.

There are seven stories, each with it’s own phobia. I’m choosing to do a short review of each story with an overall rating for the complete book. So here we go.

Welcome Home (Nostophobia)

I like it when I go into a book thinking I’m getting one thing, and I get something totally different. This happened when I began reading Welcome Home. I thought it was going to be a haunted house story.

The story is haunting, but there are no actual ghosts. What’s there is something shadowing John Lester. It’s like when you see something out of the corner of your eye, and when you turn to look, nothing is there. But this isn’t visual so much as it’s memories. They haunt John’s sleep, staying just out of reach of recall.

While this didn’t really scare me, it did surprise me and that’s always a good thing.

A good story for a rainy day.

No One Lives Forever (Thanatophobia)

Jacob thinks he’s being stalked.

He first sees the white haired man in black when he goes to step on the elevator at work. The elevator is already crowded with thirteen people so he waits for the next one.

The next day, while walking to work, he sees the same man again, walking towards him.

Something about the man gives him the chills but he gathers himself and approaches him. The stranger seems to know Jacob but reveals no agenda. Just says, “I’ll be seeing you.”

The next day Jacob catches the news on TV and sees where twelve people died when an elevator crashed. Weren’t there thirteen people on the elevator? Wasn’t the man in black on that elevator?

The next day, the man in black is waiting for him outside his apartment. Jacob has to wonder, who is he, is he alive, what does he want from him?

You’ll be surprised at what he wants from Jacob and who he is.

Great twist.

Chuckles The Clown (Coulrophobia)

Ever since I read Stephen King’s IT, I’ve had a thing about clowns. This only makes that feeling stronger.

Thirteen year old Simon thinks he’s too old for the carnival. His mother, tired of his whining, suggests he go to the arcade and play some games. As Simon walks away she issues a warning, “Watch out for clowns.”

Walking toward the arcade, Simon thinks he catches a glimpse of one, the clown barely discernible as it slips through the crowd, and remembers his mothers warning.

He sees it again, more clearly. It looks like a normal clown, until it smiles, revealing a mouth full of knives, and it’s eyes, yellow and glowing.

Simon’s father sees it too. Good thing he followed Simon to the arcade to watch over him. They arrive safely at home to discover a small clown figure waiting for them. Innocent looking if they hadn’t seen the clown at the carnival.

Is it a warning? Did the carnival clown leave it for them? Will he be coming back?

So creepy.

Porcelain (Pediophobia)

I read and reviewed this earlier this year so I’m adding parts of my review.

I love horror, whether reading it or watching it. There are lots of movies about dolls. Let’s see. There’s all those Puppet Masters movies. How about Chuckie? Now, that’s one messed up doll. I would never have bought that for my kid. And now we have Annabelle. Have you seen The Conjuring? That doll was scary evil and wasn’t even the main plot in the movie.

I can go back much further. Ventriloquists. Their dolls come to life. Seen a few different takes on that idea.

So yes, the whole doll taking on a life of its own has been done before. It’s the author’s ability to take that and hone it to their own tale that reveals their talent and creativity. William didn’t disappoint me.

A weary traveler stops at a bed & breakfast for the night. It’s a rather lovely place with lots of collectibles on display.

The older woman who owns the place explains that each item has a history, it’s own story.

When the woman is pulled away from the conversation by a phone call and the guest kills time looking over the many objects, one in particular catches his eye.

A porcelain doll, quite lovely. His daughter would love it.

When the guest checks out in the morning, the doll travels with him to his condo. There it will wait until he visits his daughter.

But the doll won’t wait for long. It has quite a history and is ready to make a new one.

 I thought I saw the end coming. I was so wrong about that. Once the author revealed the dolls history, it went every which way but the way I thought it would.

The suspense was nail biting. If this were a movie, I’d be peeking through my fingers.

Scary good stuff.

The Shape (Sciophobia)

Kyle Morgan has a severe case of insomnia. He hasn’t had more that two hours of sleep over the past three days. He desperately needs to sleep.

After another night of lying in the dark, wishing for sleep, he gets up to go to the bathroom. Staring at his haggard appearance in the mirror, he sees a faint shape, a shadow, behind him. Nothing’s there when he turns around.

He becomes haunted by the shadow. Could it be hallucinations from lack of sleep? They say you can go insane.

What if it’s real? What does it want?

Lying in the dark, tired, your mind can play tricks on you. Your fears can become magnified. What if those fears are justified?

The Lake (Limnophobia)

It’s a beautiful day and Charlie is spending it at the park, watching the families grilling out and the kids swimming in the lake. The only thing that isn’t pleasing about this setting is the strange smell of bleach hovering around the lake.

While watching a child walk through the tall grass by the shore, he sees something strange and gets a sense of danger. The boy makes it through the grass and wades into the lake. Just when Charlie thinks things are okay, something grabs the boy and pulls him under.

Quickly rushing to save the boy, Charlie doesn’t give up on the tug of war and rescues the boy. As the crowd fusses over the child, the smell of bleach returns and something grabs Charlie and pulls him under.

The smell of bleach, something reaching out to pull you into the water. I know what you’re thinking, but this is something else, something dark, cold, maybe ancient.

Disquieting and chilling.

The Sinkhole (Agateophobia)

It’s June in Florida. That saying about being so hot you could fry an egg on the sidewalk is true. I actually tried it and it worked, though I didn’t eat the egg.

The man catches a ride to the store with his friend Mark, who repairs sinkholes. Mark invites him to come along when he gets a call to inspect a new sinkhole.

When the men arrive they discover the mother of all sinkholes. A huge hole has appeared in the people yard, fifteen feet wide, at least a hundred feet deep, and filled with black water that reeks of sulfur.

As the man gazes into the hole, mesmerized by the inky blackness, he hears a whisper, a voice but not a voice, words but not words. Feeling ill, he snaps himself out of it and gets Mark to drop him off at home.

Later, waking in the dark, the man feels a need to return to the sinkhole, to hear the whispers, the words, to peer into the black water, and find out what lurks there.

He should have stayed in bed.

So there you have it. Seven phobias that will keep you up at night. While not all of these would get a 5 star rating from me, enough of them did to give this collection an over all rating of:

5 Stars



COUNTERPHOBIA: The pursuit of situations and instances in direct relation to an individual’s fear for the purpose of overcoming this fear, or to find pleasure or excitement in it. Symptoms of counterphobia while subjecting oneself to these fears can include trembling or shaking, shortness of breath, and even panic attacks. You were warned.

WELCOME HOME tells the tale of John Lester, a man who inherits his old family home – and with it a dark secret.

CHUCKLES THE CLOWN delves into Jake’s fear of clowns and gives him even more reason to be afraid of them.

NO ONE LIVES FOREVER follows Jacob as he narrowly avoids a fatal accident though finds out there’s more to it than he thought.

Face your fears as you read through these stories and more in this menagerie of works that includes a little something for all kinds of horror fans.


Author William Hage

Born in Trenton, New Jersey, William became obsessed with all things horror at a young age. He indulged himself greatly in horror films of all sorts as well as horror literature. Over the years he became heavily inspired and influenced by the likes of H.P. Lovecraft, Clive Barker, and Edgar Allen Poe.

William has recently self-published two stories on Amazon. Welcome Home: A Short Story & Porcelain: A Novelette. He also has 3 stories published in the magazine Sanitarium.

When he isn’t writing, William has a deep love for technology and bides his time researching the latest things and has spent years working with computers.

William also appeared in a few bands writing songs and playing guitar, having recorded two albums with his former band ESM.

Author Links

Goodreads ~ Amazon ~ Website ~ Twitter



Do these sound scary enough for you? Read them, I dare ya!

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demons photo: Demons demons-4.jpg

Freakin Fridays is my own little meme. I’ll be posting about books, movies, and all things scary.

Feel free to join in and do your own Freakin Fridays posts!

Tune in every Friday. Get your scare on!

Let’s have some fun!


This is the second Killers and Demons collection. It will be available to purchase on October 4th,2014 Just in time for Halloween!



My Review

These thirteen stories have two sections. There are the killers, the human monsters, and then there are the demons.

The killers aren’t even recognizable as human except in their appearance. I found this out from the very first story. It was so brutal I wasn’t sure if I wanted to read on. Then I thought about all of the books I’ve read, the thrillers, the true crime, and the shows I watch, like my favorite, The Walking Dead. No one is safe in the pages, even the young aren’t spared. So I pressed on.

My favorite of the killers stories was Break Down in Communication. A couple that never thought about divorce. The author applied a warped sense of humor in the story and had me chuckling.

Another that really grabbed me was Alice in the Basement. It made me think of The Bad Seed and Case 39. Killers can come in small packages.

From child kidnapping, to black widows, to a different kind of Jack the Ripper, there’s  much to give you nightmares.

evil monsters photo:  InDarkness-716610.jpg

Then I got to the demons. Family Trait completely grossed me out. Not so much by what the character is as by her dreadful appetite. Eww.

My favorite in the demons section was The Skeleton. Talk about a skeleton in your closet. The suspense just built and built. I knew what was probably going to happen and still the suspense built. And when the story came to an end, there was a wicked little twist.

The thing about demons is they were never human so begging them for mercy is futile. It just adds to their malevolent glee as two people found out in Runner.

Beware, the demons have come out to play, the witch will have her vengeance, and don’t listen to those whispers from the dark.

“Welcome to my nightmare. I think you’re gonna like it.” That song from Alice Cooper kept playing in the background of my mind while reading these.

These are not scary stories. These are horror stories, and as such, I only recommend them to those who appreciate the telling, the showing, of  the darker side of evil.

I was given this book by the author for my honest review. Now that I’ve read this second collection, I’m curious about the first set. Halloween is right around the corner. It’s time to go dark on fuonlyknew.

4 Stars



Evil is back, with a greater appetite for death.
They lurk forever in the shadows, smile at you in the morning, and haunt your dreams at night. You can’t hide, you can’t run, and there’s no escape. You can only scream when they come for you.
Killers and Demons II: They Return is a collection of thirteen tales, blending short stories and flash fiction, tales where the blood lingers on your tongue or spurts quickly from the swift cut.


Author A.F. Stewart

I’m from Nova Scotia, Canada, and I write speculative fiction (fantasy, sci-fi, horror), as well as poetry. I have been plying the trade for several years, periodically interrupted by those pesky events from life.
I have published independently and authored such books as Fairy Tale Fusion, Ruined City, Killers and Demons, and Chronicles of the Undead. I’m also one of the authors in the steampunk anthology, Mechanized Masterpieces, published by Xchyler Publishing.

You can find out more about A.F. Stewart and her books by using the links below.

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Uncharted Storms Banner copy

Welcome to my stop on the Super Book Blast for Uncharted Storms organized by Goddess Fish Promotions.

Jackie Anton is a new author to me and I’m excited to read her stories. I love short stories and collections. You get many different samples of the authors writing and lots of plots and characters. What’s not to love, eh?

I’m going to have to do the easy 1 click and get me a copy. These sound amazing!

Check out Uncharted Storms.

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Uncharted Storms
by Jackie Anton

Weather is our constant companion, and when it behaves like a benevolent parent we pay little attention to it. Angry or out of control it becomes terrifying and can change the landscape as well as lives. So I asked my characters to take a ride on the wild side of weather. “Uncharted Storms” takes readers on a journey from a gentle summer rain to raging storms in the cosmos.

What if you were caught up in Uncharted Storms?

What if? Erica’s world didn’t come to an end in 2012 while she was in middle school? She manages to make it through college before an apocalyptic event changes her life forever. The science fiction story Terra Beyond 2012 shares Erica’s voyage.

What if? You and your best friend were traveling down the highway on the way home from an extended trip when you are caught in a blinding thunderstorm, and then are hit by lightning? To make matters worse you are injured, and wake in a strange world. Find out what happens to Chris in the tale Riding Lightning.

What if? You were on your way to meet a friend for dinner and caught in a flash flood? That is exactly what happens to Alexandra in the story Flashflood Texas Style.

What if? A boy you haven’t seen in two decades winds up sitting on your front porch? Find out what Casey comes up with on A Rainy Night.

What if? You were caught out in a winter storm on icy, drifted, walks and streets when a skidding car comes directly at you? Find out what happened to eighteen-year-old Annie when she is hit from behind in the short story A Tumble in the Snow.


About the Author:

Jackie Anton is the mother of two grown children, and grandmother of two. She and her husband, of forty-three years, continue to ride daily. They live on a mini-farm in rural Ohio, and share their little slice of horse heaven with two Quarter Horses, a Haflinger, a rescued dog, and a calico barn cat.

Jackie is an accomplished equestrian, with a life time of experience: as trainer, exhibitor, 4-H and youth club coach, as well as a horse show judge; the author brings many years of experience working with horses and young riders to her award winning Backyard Horse Tales Series.

Uncharted Storms: Short stories are aimed at the Young Adult and older reader. Look for more short tales in the future.

Backyard Horse Tales: Sox 2nd Edition Brings to light the mutual love between a handicapped colt and a lonely child with a learning disability. Find out how this pair team up to triumph over life’s roadblocks, and why their story won the prestigious Mom’s Choice Award of Excellence for Family Friendly Media. (Reading level age 8 thru Adult)

BYHT 2 “Frosty and the Nightstalker” was one of four finalists in the E-Book Fiction category for the Next Generation Indie Book Awards, then the paperback went on to earn the Mom’s Choice Award for Juvenile Historical Fiction.

Jackie is hard at work on BYHT 3 Don’t Call Me Love. You can catch a peek at her beautiful cover on the Backyard Horse Tales Face Book Fan Page: :

Author Website:


FB Adult Novel Fan Page:


Online Autographed Book Covers:

Blog: Writing for readers in a .com world

Buy Uncharted Storms: Short Stories of Hearts at Risk at Smashwords, Amazon, or Barnes and Noble. Autographed Paperback Copies are available at Jackie’s Author’s Den. U.S. Readers click on the cover of your choice and follow the Signed Book link to order.

J. M. Anton (adult novels) can be purchased at Amazon.


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