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Welcome to my Saturday Screams where I share books that, well, make you scream!

I’ve got the latest release in J. L. Bryan’s Ellie Jordan, Ghost Trapper series.


The Tower

Ellie Jordan: Ghost Trapper #9

by J. L. Bryan


Genre: Horror / Paranormal


My Review

Nine books in and this series still thrills me.

Ellie and her co-worker, Stacey, might have bit off more than they can chew. Their new case takes them out of town to check out an old skyscraper. When they enter it’s doors, the heavy atmosphere is hard to ignore. With such an old building, it’s sure to be filled with many ghosts. Those suspicions are quickly confirmed and this could become their toughest case yet.

There are a lot of characters to keep track of. We’re talking generations, and it took me a bit to sort them out. As I began to see the connections, it got really interesting. And as the attacks came and the danger escalated, so did my excitement.

And it’s not just the hauntings that kept me glued to the book. Ellie was also dealing with some huge changes in her career and I was happy with how it all worked out.

I had worried this might be the last book in this incredible series, but then I realized there was one ghost that Ellie hadn’t trapped yet. One that could prove to be her undoing. I can’t wait for that show down!

5  Stars



Ellie’s new case takes her far out of town, to an historic but crumbling nineteenth-century skyscraper in downtown Atlanta. The reclusive, once-prominent family living at the top of the tower are experiencing paranormal disturbances that grow more threatening by the day.

Ellie and Stacey must unravel the hidden history of the tower and the ancestors of the family who occupy it—a history full of crime, corruption, wealth, and power. With floor after floor of dark, haunted spaces, the labyrinthine antique tower presents one of the greatest ghost-trapping challenges that Ellie has ever faced.

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