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Looking for some creepy holiday reads? Look no further.

I have some fun ones for ya. Who wants zombies for Christmas?

A Zombie Holiday Trilogy

by Anthony Renfro





Find out what it takes to save Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Year’s Eve in a Zombie Apocalypse.

A Zombie Thanksgiving

My Review

They say the holidays are no longer celebrated because of the zombie apocalypse.

Try telling that to Dawn. All she wants is to bring a little bit of normalcy into their lives. To remind them they are human, that they are still alive, that there is hope.

Guns and knife in hand, Dawn sets off to the grocery store to see if she can find a turkey. I know, this sounds nuts. But people get desperate for the old days, the easy days.

As Dawn stumbles over dead bodies and crashed, abandoned vehicles, she inevitably runs across some shufflers. She takes care of them coldly, efficiently. This is the new way of life.

Meanwhile, back at the safe place, George is handed a note by another survivor in their group. It appears Dawn has left to get food. Fool girl. Doesn’t she know there are zombies out there. What is so important she’d risk this by herself?

I can’t quite put my finger on it, but somehow the author had me feeling the warmth of Thanksgiving. Even As Dawn and George fought off the ravenous zombies that want them for dinner.

Dawn’s fierce determination has me adding her to my list of top female protagonists. She’s not going to stop until she finds that bird!

And George is just as determined. Determined to find Dawn and get her safely back where she belongs. All limbs attached. I liked how his initial frustration turned to alpha male, to lover, as he set out to find her.

I had my fingers and toes crossed for these two. The ending was not set in stone just because it’s Thanksgiving. Maybe the zombies got a nice dinner. Nobody told them they don’t celebrate the holiday.


A woman risks life and limb in a Zombie Apocalypse in order to keep the Thanksgiving tradition alive.

A Zombie Christmas

My Review

He waited until the zombie messed with Rudolph to take him out. No one messed with his Christmas display. The loud crack of his gun brought more and he took care of them too. Then all was quiet again.

Relaxing in his living room, enjoying the lighted Christmas tree, the silence is shattered by the doorbell. Mike can’t believe his eyes. It’s four zombie carolers, singing songs. Or grunting them. Once he quits laughing he quickly dispatches them too. Their noise would bring others.

The loud knocking on his door is welcome. He’s been waiting for Jim and Fred. He needs them if his plan is to succeed.

The plan. Fight a way through the zombies to reach the mall. There, they will grab goodies for the kids in their neighborhood.  Everyone is struggling to make it through the apocalypse and the winter is brutal. A little something on Christmas morning for each child would bring smiles to their sweet faces. Would help them forget, for a time, what was happening outside.

Fred and Jim had taken some convincing, but when Mike explained his plan and they realized he’d do it alone if he had to, they were in one hundred percent.

As gruesome as this story got, it also cracked me up. Those zombie carolers were too funny. And the zombie shoppers, shuffling in and out of the mall with their packages, I could just imagine that scene, and laughed out loud. Nobody told the zombies they couldn’t have a Christmas.

I really liked Mike. He didn’t hesitate to take out the zombies yet kept his sense of humor. And by selecting the only other single men in the neighborhood, he didn’t risk leaving a family without a father and provider.

I think these three gents got as much joy as the children from their plan. It must have brought a small measure of hope and joy to them, playing Santa when the world was falling apart.

While I was writing my review, I happened to glance up at my Christmas tree, and what I saw cracked me up again. Sitting nestled on a branch was a little zombie mummy I had been given. I swear it winked at me.


Three men risk life and limb in a Zombie Apocalypse in order to bring happiness to surviving kids on Christmas Morning.

A Zombie New Year’s Eve

My Review

This short story is also offered in the authors collection, A Zombie Holiday Trilogy.

It is the longer of the stories and really hit home. Just how important is tradition when an apocalypse has occurred? How far would you go to keep a promise? Is there time for love when the world has crumbled?

Becky and Joe become separated during the zombie apocalypse. Both find themselves in dangerous situations as they strive to get to Acorn Drop, the place they first met, and share their promised New Years kiss.

Becky awakens surrounded by men in fatigues. A rough lot. They make their wants known and she tries to stall while making up a plan of escape.

You now that saying, “The enemy of my enemy is my friend?” Sometimes it’s true. These guys should have thoroughly cleared the house before letting their minds listen to their lower parts.

Zombies stumble out of one of the bedrooms and in the tussle, Becky makes her escape, only to have to fight her way through the ones outside.

Some of the men,  still pumped up on testosterone, pursue her and she must find a way to lose them. She doubts when they finish with her they’ll just let her go. And she has some place to be. Someone to meet. Something to do. Acorn Drop. Joe. Kiss.

Meanwhile, Joe is out in the open and vulnerable. The zombies are everywhere and he’s been spotted. Searching, he finally sees a house that looks safe and dashes inside.

First things first, he searches the house finding no immediate threat of zombies. Next, he checks the garage and finds a car. Could the keys be in the house? He reenters to search for them. There’s not much time as the zombies will eventually find a way in.

Joe soon discovers he’s not alone in the house. But it’s not zombies and it’s not people. Of all the houses, of all the streets, he had to choose this one. This is one battle he wasn’t prepared for.

He keeps his mind on his goals. Get to Acorn Drop. Find Becky. Kiss her like it’s the end of the world. But New Years is almost here and he’s got a long way to go.

I believe love is all we have when the world falls apart. Even if it doesn’t. Who will mourn you when you die? Who will fight for you, with you? What will keep you going when all seems hopeless?

The dynamics of people when faced with the thinkable has always fascinated me. Sometimes, the threat by man is every bit as deadly as the threat outside.

I’ve read many zombie books and I know there isn’t always a happy ending, but I have hope for Becky and Joe.


Becky and Joe are separated in a Zombie Apocalypse and risk life and limb in order to reunite for their New Year’s Eve kiss.

Bonus Short Story: The Dead of Winter

My Review

You never know what you’re going to get when you meet this author’s zombies. In one book, they were singing Christmas carols. LOL At one point in the story I thought I knew what they’d be doing. But nope, it was something else. Still made me laugh, until I took the time to picture them. Then it was pretty creepy.

The story beings with two strangers meeting on a brutally cold winter’s day. They decide to stick together. The odds are better for survival that way. Two pairs of eyes and ears to warn of approaching zombies.

It’s not long before they run into trouble, narrowly escaping with their lives. It’s now become vital that they find a place to hole up. The zombies don’t get tired. They don’t feel the cold. And they do not stop coming.

From the mind of Anthony Renfro comes a new kind of zombie,. A smart zombie, kind of. They do think, but that doesn’t necessarily make them that smart. Several scenes have me laughing and cringing.

The characters are few. Just two men and a cat. Not including the hoard of zombies.

It’s these characters and their struggles to survive that drive this short story. Make it a deep experience.

The harsh environment of cold winter makes their struggles even harder. It’s bad enough they have to worry about food and warmth. There’s also those zombies who don’t feel the cold.

Not one to shy from gory details, you get plenty here. And the author’s macabre sense of humor shines in the end. You won’t see it coming. Just like one of the characters didn’t. Since it made me laugh, I guess I have a macabre sense of humor too.


A short story about an apocalyptic nightmare in a crisp frozen landscape filled with winter and living corpses.Two men try to find safety in this dead world. Hoping to ride out the night. Hoping to find warmth and shelter. Hoping not to become food for the zombies.

Bonus Short Story: A Vampire at Christmas

My Review

The story opens in a tomb. All is calm. All is bright. The little Christmas tree in the corner casts a dazzling display reflecting off of the large coffin.

If you put your ear right up against the coffin, you might hear Jimmy Buffet singing Margaritaville. This handsome vampire loves being a vampire, loves Christmas, and is a fan of the southern artist and has been to many of his concerts. His powers enable him to fly to any location and blend into the shadows to enjoy the the shows.

He’s been waiting 364 days for this night and he grabs his bag of goodies and heads out. But first he must feed.

When he was a new vampire he killed at random. But after many years and witnessing the miracle of Christmas, the warmth and cheer of it, he became more selective. Only killing those who deserved it.

I am amazed at the power of this character with the story being just over 20 pages.

He coldly stalks and consumes his prey, yet he’s also gleeful and excited, like a child. He really gets into the Christmas spirit and spreads hope and joy. Not to his prey, of course, but to those who are in need.

I live in the south and have seen Jimmy Buffet in concert. Been to his restaurant. Met him a few times.  While I was reading this story, I hummed Margaritaville and thought, this vampire would like it here.


A short story about a Vampire who uses his riches and immortal skills to bring joy to those in need during the Christmas Season.

Bonus Short Story: The Lot

My Review

Looking for a Christmas tree? Come to The Lot and find the perfect one. Never heard of the place? Don’t worry about it. They have the best Christmas trees, even though the price is high.

What a creepy little tale. It comes out of left field and that’s something Anthony does so well.

I think I’ll stick with artificial Christmas trees, thank you very much.


This short story is about a Christmas Tree lot that has evil intentions.

5 STARS for this collection.


A Zombie Christmas 2

by Anthony Renfro




My Review

Twas the night…. Well, it was not too long until Christmas and Mike Beem is at it again, rescuing someone in distress.

Last year Mike ventured out to get presents for all of the kids in his safety net. This year he needs to find one small boy and bring him home to his parents.

You’d think it wouldn’t be that hard. Zombies don’t do cold very well. Or do they? What about the ones that ski? Or drive a zomboni, oops, a zamboni? Some of the zombies are smart and have all kinds of deadly tricks. You just never know what they’ll do next.

This short story is a continuation in the Mike Beem Chronicles. I couldn’t wait to read it and it lived up to all of my expectations. Lots of zombies and the requisite gore that comes with them, plus some genuine new characters that you come to care about.

For all of you zombie lovers, add this to your list.


The Mike Beem Chronicles Volume 2

Can Mike save Christmas again?

This short story is about a boy lost. A family desperate. It’s Christmas in a Zombie Apocalypse and Mike Beem is once again aiming for another Holiday miracle. His goal this year isn’t toys for the kids in the neighborhood. His goal this time is trying to save one small life so another family doesn’t have to suffer the way he suffered. Can Mike save Christmas once again?

Bonus Short Story: The Lot

My Review

Looking for a Christmas tree? Come to The Lot and find the perfect one. Never heard of the place? Don’t worry about it. They have the best Christmas trees, even though the price is high.

What a creepy little tale. It comes out of left field and that’s something Anthony does so well.

I think I’ll stick with artificial Christmas trees, thank you very much.


A short story about a Christmas tree lot that may have hidden and deadly secrets.

Bonus Short Story: Fear of the Scarecrow

My Review

They say that vengeance comes at a price. One man sure learns that the hard way when he calls something up from hell to to his bidding. And so do his targets.

This would be the perfect campfire tale. The author sets the tone. Gives you the plot. Then scares the crap out of ya.

As this is a short story, there’s not a lot of character development. Not much is needed. You get the picture pretty quick.  It’s all over in about 15 minutes. If you like small bites of good old fashioned horror, you”ll enjoy this one.


This short story is about a desperate man hungry for revenge. Sometimes revenge comes with a price.

5 Stars for this collection.


Author Anthony Renfro

Anthony Renfro

Anthony Renfro lives in Apex, North Carolina. He is a reader, writer, runner, husband, father, and stay at home dad – one of the toughest jobs anyone could ever do. He was born in Bristol, Tennessee, and is a graduate of UNC-Greensboro.

You can find him at many spots on the web, but if you really need to find his center in the social media storm it would be at his blog,

Now reach out, just beyond the light, right into that big black space, and let him take your hand on a journey into cold dark places. You will be scared, and you may even be terrified, but in the end you might just find you liked the ride.

Find him on:

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