Controlling the Dead by Annie Walls ~ My Review and a Giveaway ~ Why the apocalypse and Tequila don’t mix.

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Finally, it’s my turn to tell you about Controlling the Dead, but first I’m going to tell you about how I recovered from the emotional storm this book stirred in me.

Tequila! Yep, Tequila will cure what ails ya.

Just pour a shot, then another and …..well you know.

Pretty soon you’re whistlin Dixie and everyone is your friend. You won’t be worrying about being ripped apart by zombies. You’ll be worrying about being the one to get that worm.

Tequila isn’t Tequila without that little worm. I did some research and not wanting to shock you, I didn’t include a close up!

tequila worm photo: Tequila worm tequilaworm.gif

See. He wants to be your friend.

Now, I prefer my shot of Tequila with a chaser. I like a cold Heineken to help wash it down. After finally reaching that worm, my memory leaves me.

The next morning, the hangover is a killer. If an undead stumbled upon me I couldn’t beat his zombie shuffle. I’d be lucky to be able to open my eyes.

Personally, I think it’s the worm.




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Title: Controlling the Dead (The Famished Trilogy #2)

Author: Annie Walls Published: Oct. 27, 2013




With the help of her new companions, the path Kansas follows leads to more knowledge of the ever adapting famished.

The team finds help in unlikely places, meeting more survivors, and discovers the possibility of a new beginning.

When the team experiences a devastating loss, Kansas struggles to keep her humanity from fading and distorting like that of the surviving society around her. It begins with knowing who to trust and who to leave behind. First, she must trust herself – she won’t make the same mistakes twice.

As the answers to her questions are revealed, Kansas begins to understand the knowledge comes with a heavy price and great responsibility of controlling the dead.

In a trilogy plot thick with twists and turns, this adult dark fantasy is as emotional as it is horrifyingly gripping.


My Review

I’ve been waiting and waiting for this book. Kansas is in my top five of kick butt gals and I missed her. I missed her, and Rudy, and yes, even Mac.

But the Kansas I meet in this book is changed. She’s on the verge of losing it. After all she’s been through I don’t know how she keeps moving forward, but she does, albeit unsteadily. She can’t stand to be idle, to have time to think. So any down time she has she spends plinking zombies.

After Kansas and Reese finally reach New Orleans, and finally get to meet the elusive Mago, they get answers they didn’t count on. And it just gets worse from there.

While Kansas is teetering on the edge of a brain meltdown, Rudy has his own problems, so he’s not much help. And Mac is, well, Mac, so definitely not much help for her there.

There was so much happening that I was on the edge too. The suspense was acute, the violence was awesome zombieness, and the back and forth dialogue was as witty as ever.

Part of the suspense, for me, was waiting to see whether the heat between Rudy and Kansas would be ignited. But, guess that’ll have to wait.

When you do read Controlling the Dead, brace yourself. Annie Walls pulls no punches, keeping you in a perpetual state of suspense and fear, putting you right in the bloody thick of things, and squeezing your heart til you want it to stop.

But don’t.  The author does give you a reprieve at the end. Something from Rudy. You’ll love it! After all, you did survive the book!

When things get this bad, they can only get better, right? I guess we’ll have to wait and see. It’s all in the author’s hands, or mind, and we can only go where she takes us.

5 Freakin Stars!


annie walls signaturelbw

Annie Walls


Author of dark fantasy and sub-genres of horror. Voracious Reader and Googler. Lover of dark humor. Horror Buff. Zombie Apocalypse Enthusiast. Loyal Cracked follower. Pinterest Addict. Wife of adoring husband. Mother of a seven year old Bruce Wayne. Cook. Maid. Kisser of boo-boos. Ultimate Time Waster. Perfect Procrastinator. Lolly Gagger. Trubie. Cake Decorator. Tea Drinker. Sculpey Sculptor. Girl Gamer. Perfectionist in the art of Facebook stalking. And now, God help me, a blogger. Oh yeah, and a twitter, twatter, tweeter. Well yeah, I’m one crafty bitch.

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Taking on the dead


MY 5 STAR Review

Life for Kansas was perfect until the day the world changed.

She has been hiding out for four years in solitude. It’s the only way to survive. The only way not to draw the living dead. Helping a small group of people, she learns the new world might not be what she assumes. Venturing out of her refuge and comfort zone, she meets Rudy, who helps her find a greater purpose. She realizes that the world has moved on without her. Only it’s not what she expects. Her knowledge of the living dead grows and only makes her more curious as humanity continues to hang on by a thread. While on her search for answers she finds comfort in new friendships and love, but her past seems as if it will haunt her forever.

Kansas takes it upon herself to help other survivors, which would be easy if the famished were the only obstacles.

In a trilogy plot thick with twists and turns, this adult dark fantasy is emotional as much as it is horrifyingly gripping.

*Not intended for a young audience. Mature content.*


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  1. Kriss Morton says:

    THE WORM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Emma says:

    A cold Heinken after tequila sounds delicious, but maybe not at 8.30am which it is here. :)
    New Orleans? I’m in.

  3. Anne Consolacion says:

    I love zombie books. I would like to read this seies. 😉

  4. theanniewalls says:

    I believe I was drinking tequila while writing it, so… I feel you. LOL! Thanks for having me on your site. <3!!

  5. This book sounds amazing and I am huge fan of anything walking dead, zombies, paranormal….. this would be a fabulous win!!! Thanks for another amazing giveaway!!!

  6. Kathy says:

    It is a great series! It is so much more than zombies.

  7. Taylor Dean says:

    Sounds like non-stop-heart-racing action, the kind that keeps you on the edge of your seat. It’s a talented author that can achieve that!

    • fuonlyknew says:

      Said from someone who knows how to wring the emotions out of me! I’m so very lucky to be able to read such awesome books like Annie’s and yours Taylor. What would I do without reading? I guess I’d end up in a straightjacket! LOL