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Took some time off for the holidays so this is a shorter posting about bookish news since December 16th, 2013.

This is my own version of a weekly bookhaul post where  I’ll be telling you about all of the books I got this week, whether print or e-book plus all things new on fuonlyknew.

I got a few books this week, some free, some for review, and some I purchased just for my reading pleasure.

I also post reviews on another blog aknifeandaquill . It’s all about horror. If someone doesn’t die, we don’t do it here!


Here’s some I picked up to review on both blogs. Double exposure for the author:)



Here are some I picked up to review on fuonlyknew.

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Got some good ones!


Got some freebies for ya!

Tried to find a little something for everybody.

Just click on the covers to get yours. Make sure they are still free. Were at time of posting.


And a few more.



You can also find more free books HERE.


Books for Review.

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I have too many review books!


Books I won.

Ethereal Fury (Gemini Rising, #1)

I won a print copy of Gemini Rising and swag from Sherry’s blog giveaway at fundinmental.

Thanks Sherry and thank you Jessica!



I won The Unreachable from Indie Writers Review Blog.

Thanks so much and thank you S.I. Dunbar.


I won a Divergent notecard(really cool!) from a giveaway on Born Bookish.

Thanks Amanda!


Bay's End

I won my first audio book from Edward Lorn. Bay’s End.

Thanks a bunch E!



I won a personally signed set of bookmarks of Turst Me? from Bewitching Book Tours.

Thanks so much and thank you KE Osborn!



I won Ednah Walter’s Grimnirs from a giveaway by As You Wish Tours.

Thanks so much and thank you Ednah Walters!


Reviewed this week


You can read my review and help me pick the next one on my list HERE.



Check out my review and enter to win a print copy HERE.


Read my review and enter the giveaway HERE.



You can read my review HERE.


Reviewing this coming week.

tale spins banner

You can read my reviews and enter the giveaway on Wednesday, January 8th.


Also reviewing three short stories on my Monday Minis on January 6th.


And on Friday, January 10th I’ll be reviewing the readers choice. Won’t know which book ya’ll chose until Thursday. Go HERE to cast your vote!


Several more reviews and awesome giveaways coming this next week.

Not sure yet which ones I’ll be posting. Be sure to stop by!


Other posts this week. Just click on the links to see the posts.

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Go here to find all of my giveaways. Enter one or enter all of them!!

Go here for a list of free e-books.

Busy, busy, busy. So many delicious reads! Some I’ve read and will be posting my reviews soon.

So what did you get this week? See something you like? Do you have any of these? Leave a comment and let me know.