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About the Book

Title: Lycanthor the Werewolf (The Dragon Fyre Blade, Book 1)

Author: Aiden Storm 

Illustrator: McCartney Leopardi

Publication Date: July 1, 2014 | Publisher: Dreaming Empire

  Pages: 71 | Recommended Ages: 7 to 12




Jack is bored to tears. The thirteen year old has been shuffled off to spend the summer with his great-aunt Alberta.

His dad says he’ll have lots of fun things to do, but all it’s done is rain, and the only entertainment is old reruns on the tube.

His aunt suggests he explore the old house. It was built in 1872 and back then people included hidden rooms. Maybe he’d stumble upon one. So he ends up in the attic.

Nothing but some old junk there, but he does spy a mural that extends all the way around the room.  It reveals a landscape with strange beasts and an active volcano. Climbing up to get a closer look, he’s startled by a bird and puts his hand up to the wall to steady himself, falling into another world.

Thus begins Jack’s amazing adventure. He becomes friends with Jasyra, the king’s daughter, and along with her friend, Evooku, embarks on a quest to recover the six shards of the Dragon Fyre Blade.

When the sword was broken, the Demon Emperor scattered the six shards throughout the kingdom and the quest will be fraught with danger as the group has to confront the spells and creatures that protect the shards.

Jack will have to face Lycanthor, a monstrous werewolf. He is no longer bored.

This book is a fun read aloud to share with your children but I see no problem with them reading it alone. I have no young children but my teen age son and I read it aloud, taking turns as different characters, masking our voices and such. We had a grand time.

The author created a magical world with fun illustrations, lots of action, and a quest that continues into future books. The story will be continued as Jack and his new friends must complete the quest to recover all of the shards and return the Dragon Fyre Blade to its former glory. All to save the kingdom from the evil Demon Emperor.

When I was young I created an imaginary world that I entered through an old tree stump in my yard. It was filled with magical beings and I spent many a summer day sitting on that stump and letting my imagination take me away.

This all came back to me as I read this book and I’m looking forward to more in this action packed adventure.

4 Stars


Thirteen year old Jack is spending the summer at his Aunt’s house in the country. Unfortunately, it’s done nothing but rain and he’s stuck in her old mansion without cable or internet. Bored and alone, he sets out to explore the house. When he reaches the attic, he finds an intricate and unusual mural painted on the walls. Life for Jack gets turned upside down when he stumbles and is transported through a portal into a magical world.

For Jasyra, the daughter of the High King, life couldn’t be worse. Her father has been turned to glass, her kingdom has been taken over by the Demon Emperor, and she and her friend, Evooku, have been exiled. The only way to save the land is to reassemble the Dragon Fyre Blade, but the Demon Emperor has hidden all six pieces and each is guarded by great mythical beasts. There is only one person who can help restore peace, but it has been said that he is not of their land.

When Jack awakens in the Great Forest of Karandur, he encounters Jasyra and Evooku. He discovers the only way home is to band together to fight the evil Lycanthor, a giant werewolf that guards a piece of the Dragon Fyre Blade. But first they have to make it through an enchanted land full of danger.

The Queen of Light appears to Jack and delivers a gift, as well as a revelation. He, Jasyra and Evooku form an unlikely friendship along the way and lasting bonds are made when they realize they are Karandur’s only hope. Will the trio be able to defeat Lycanthor and save the kingdom from an eternity of despair?

The Dragon Fyre Blade: Lycanthor the Werewolf is the first book in a series of six and is written for children 7 – 11 years old.

The Buzz About the Book

“I am eight years old and I liked this book because of how the author described everything so well. It is a very exciting, adventurous and magical story about a 13-year-old boy named Jack and his usual companions as they struggle against Lycanthor the werewolf to get the Dragon Fyre Blade pieces to help them defeat the Demon Emperor. My favourite part was when the author described the mural painting that Jack fell into. It was unique and painted vivid pictures in my head. The book was magical and interesting to read which made it so much fun. I think this is a great book for anyone who is looking for a magical adventure, and I can’t wait to read the second book!” ~ 5 Star Review, Carolyn, Amazon

“Couldn’t put this book down. I had me on the edge of my seat for the whole book. I read it so fast I was sad when it was over. I can’t wait for book 2!! ” ~ 5 Star Review, Pedroluis, Amazon

“My nine year old son is a fairly reluctant reader but we came across The Dragon Fyre Blade: Lycanthor the Werewolf at amazon and decided to read it based on the reviews. It reminds me a lot of the Beast Quest series of books and has an action-packed approach that my son enjoyed. You find yourself cheering for Jack, Jasyra and Evooku the heroes of the tale. There are several cliff hanger chapters that had my son wanting to read more… A worthwhile read for boys.” ~ 5 Star Review, nickalous, Amazon

“This is an enchanting and amazing book. I read it to my daughter and we both loved it. It is a mythical tale and it is so gripping. The story line is great and the characters are very well formed.” ~ 5 Star Review, PaigeTurner, Amazon

“Aiden Storm has written a book that will no doubt be a hit with 8 to 12 year old readers. The first book in a new series, Lycanthor the Werewolf sees a modern day boy named Jack set forth to retrieve the ancient Dragon Fyre Blade. It’s a lighter read filled with magic, action and a terrifying werewolf. The heroes have to use all their skills and abilities to battle the beast. Highly recommend this book for anyone with boys. It’s a natural choice for reluctant readers.” ~ 5 Star Review, Nita, Amazon

About the Author: Aiden Storm

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Aiden grew up a city boy, but always loved getting out into the country. As a kid, his great uncle always took him to old castles, famous battlegrounds and long hikes in the wilderness. These days, Aiden lives in old cottage next to the forest with his dog Blade. When not writing Aiden spends time exploring the woods, dead certain they’re full of fantastical creatures, long lost relics and ancient magic…

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