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I think I suspected several of the characters at different times in the story…but not once did I get it right.

Well worth the read! We give it 5 paws up
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In Her Blood
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Publisher: Devine Destinies (January 7, 2015)


 My Review

I’ve always wondered if this could be true. Could you have a killer gene? Could it be hereditary? Could it be encoded in our DNA?

I’ve watched a lot of documentaries on this subject so I was excited to read where the author would take it.

Doing a research paper for college, Alexandra heads to Savannah, Georgia to interview Chad Greenway. He’s a free lance writer and has an ancestor who was the first woman hanged in Georgia.

She meets Chad while going on one of his Haunted Tours and he agrees to be interviewed.  He’s nonchalant about his families history but shows a keen interest in Alexandra. She likes him too. They agree to work together. Chad will help her with the research paper and Alexandra will let him write a story about her.

Soon after they start interviewing people, those same people start turning up dead. The connection to Alexandra places her in the crosshairs of the police and now she has to catch the killer before she ends up behind bars.

There are some very colorful characters in this story. Alexandra’s interest in the subject of the ‘warrior gene’ comes from her own history. Her great grandmother was a serial killer and her own mother is in prison for killing her step-father.

Chad has an ancestor who killed her master and was caught and hanged. To help Alexandra, he introduces her to Dumpster. Now this is a cool character.

Dumpster is living in a homeless shelter, but he’s not what he appears to be. He’s strange, cryptic, and has an intelligence and education that peeks through the grime. He introduces Alexandra to his mother.

It’s funny when Alexandra first meets Dumpster’s mom. She pretends to be blind and tells her of the darkness that surrounds her. The blindness isn’t real but the darkness is.

There was one character that really disappointed me. I should have seen behind the charm. Turned out to be a loser. And one who I grew more and more fond of as I read the book.

As Alexandra met more people, bodies started piling up and the author did a great job of misdirecting. She had me thinking it’s this person. No, scratch that, it’s this one. Even Alexandra was on my list of suspects. Perhaps the propensity to kill is hereditary. Maybe she’s the killer and doesn’t even know it.  Not an easy mystery to solve.

This is a thriller that kept me guessing. The finale was something else. Once the killer was revealed, I knew I’d not paid attention to a clue that was slipped into the book earlier. It was something Alexandra missed and so did I.

Lots of interesting characters. Plenty of suspects. Some local Gee chee (voodoo). Lots to keep you turning the pages. Have fun with your own list of suspects.

4 Stars



Alexandra McCormick’s great-grandmother was a brutal serial killer in the early 1900’s. With her mother currently serving time in prison for murdering Alexandra’s stepfather, Alexandra decides to do her college research paper on whether or not the tendency to commit murder or other violent crimes may be passed on genetically.

Her research takes her to Savannah, Georgia, a city built upon its dead. There, she meets Chad Greenway, whose ancestor is Alice Riley, the first woman hanged in the state of Georgia. Alice was hanged for killing her abusive master. As a freelance writer, Chad agrees to help Alexandra with her research provided he can write a story about her quest. Soon it seems everyone Alexandra meets winds up murdered.




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G. V. Trent also writes as Gayle Trent and Amanda Lee. She typically writes cozy mysteries, and this is her first foray into the psychological mystery. She hopes you’ll enjoy it. Please visit the author online at

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  1. Mai Tran says:

    Frightening cover!

    • fuonlyknew says:

      I love that cover. And I love the southern setting in this story! Lots of ghostly stories abound down here.

  2. Red Iza says:

    Ooooh, I like it when a book keeps you guessing like that :)

    • fuonlyknew says:

      This sure did. I kept adding people to my suspect list, scratching them off, adding some back on. LOL A very surprising culprit indeed!

  3. I love it. Murder, murder, and more murder. LOL

  4. bn100 says:

    nice review

  5. Cait says:

    A killer gene?! Murder in your DNA?! THAT SOUNDS LIKE MY KINDA BOOK!! So glad it was epic and exciting. :) Muuuuurder.
    Thanks for stopping by @ Paper Fury!

  6. love the story and the cover..
    thx u for hosting :)

  7. Glenda S. Hefty says:

    This sounds like a book I should get…any book where I probably won’t figure out who did by the middle of the book is a winner. Rarely do I pick out the wrong culprit so would be nice to not be able to do that! Good review..

    • fuonlyknew says:

      You won’t know by the middle of the book unless the tiny clue is around that part. I don’t think it’s til further into the book and I missed it!