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I was so excited after I finished reading Out From Under. I hope you’ll read it so we can talk about it. So many scenes had me laughing and I sure wish I had friends like these.
Come on in and meet the gals.
Enjoy my review.
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My Review
It’s never too late to start your life anew. Tallulah Dewy Townz, at 52 yrs. old, quits her investigator’s job at Child Welfare Services and opens her own investigation business. There’s plenty of cases to go around in Wenatchee, Washington.
Once she finds office space, it isn’t long before she has several new employees. Her 72 year old neighbor, Arizona Wyatt Zanderfield, offers her secretarial skills cheap.
And when Tallulah’s  best friends, Gigi VanWey; Pea Pod Girl #1 and Babs Rosencratz; Pea Pod Girl #3 stop in to check out her new business, it feels natural, only right to hire the gals too. With Tallulah being Pea Pad Girl #2, now they can get down to the nitty gritty. And boy, do they.
I can’t count how many times I busted out laughing while reading this book. The author gave me some seasoned ladies to fall in love with.
Each of the Pea Pod Girls is tough, says exactly what they are thinking, and are like momma bears if anyone threatens the others. The author flashes back to show how the girls met, and the laugh riot never stopped.
And before I forget, wait until you get a load of Arizona. She’s hired as a secretary, but she’s not afraid to stick her nose in the case. Her shouts to the girls from the outer office had me snickering. I could just see her out there, leaning towards the inner office door, growing impatient, and shouting at them to get to the good stuff.
Their first case is a doozy. Cyndi Lou Montgomery gets caught with her pants down, literally. A recovering sugar daddy addict, she falls off the wagon and someone gets pictures and a video of her in some very compromising positions and they want money to keep quiet. The poor thing, She has a loving husband and this one lapse could cost her everything.
I don’t know what I loved more. The fact that these gals were around my age. That they were full of p#ss and vinegar. How tight there friendship was. Or how much snark they could sling.
All through the book I was thinking, “Bring it.” Cause these ladies are like terriers when they got their teeth into the case. Give them a wrecking ball and all obstacles fall.
I raise a glass to these authors. They gave me such a fun, thrilling read. I truly didn’t want it to end. Just loved the Pea Pod Gals.
5 Stars
Out From Under
Pea Pod Girls’ Investigations Book #1
By- Melanie Donithan, Dee Middleton-Taylor, and Suzanne Curry
Genre- Romance/Mystery/Humor
Expected Publication Date- March 2015
Three small town, middle-aged women with big town dreams open up The Pea Pod Girls’ Investigations. Gigi VanWey, the Amazon Queen, Tallulah Dewy Townz, the pint-sized rebel who can open a can of whoop ass, and Babs Rosencrantz, the Jewish Guru, had no idea how much trouble they could stir up with their first case. These extremely resourceful women are three peas in a pod who know how to get a job done.
Their first client, trophy wife and recovering-sugar-daddy-addict Cyndi Lou Montgomery, wants to find out how one minute she’s watching the Douglas County 4th of July celebration and the next, waking up in the Douglas County Prize Bull Barn in a most un-lady-like situation. Now Cyndi is being blackmailed, and given specific instructions to follow.
The Pea Pod Girls didn’t know that a home explosion, being shot at, missing evidence and unwanted help from the new town sheriff, Jackson Lee – who, by the way, is so hot you could fry an egg on his fine ass – would be part of the job.
The case comes to a head when the Pea Pod Girls set a trap for the blackmailer at the annual Midnight Madness Costume Ball.
Will the Pea Pod Girls be able to solve the mystery before the clock strikes midnight?

About the Authors-
Melanie, aka Pea Pod Girl Number One, is a forty-something mother of two. She works in the legal field in her hometown of Wenatchee, WA, and is a member of Write on the River.
Dee, aka Pea Pod Girl in the Middle, lives in Wenatchee with her husband Glenn and American Bulldog Abbee. She has a BS in Corrections and has worked in the criminal justice field for more than 28 years. She expresses her abundance of creative energy through writing mysteries, drawing, remodeling her home, sewing Pea Pod costumes, and cooking.
Suz, aka Pea Pod Girl Number Three, lives with her husband Dennis in Tucson, AZ, where she enjoys watching sunsets, practicing tai chi, painting, and Skyping on a regular basis with Mel and Dee. Suz has a Master’s degree in school counseling and has worked with at-risk youth and families for the past 20 years.

The longtime friends are hard at work on Book 2 in the Pea Pod Girls Series. Out from Under is their debut novel.

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  3. Another awesome review. I would grab this just because of the Pea Pods. LOL

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    This look excellent. I could use a laugh or two :-)

    Anna from Shout with Emaginette

  5. Sounds like an enjoyable read from this group of ladies.

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    The book sounds like a fun read. I have added it to y TBR list. Thank you for the giveaway.

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    Looks like a fun read!

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    I love that the main characters aren’t 20-somethings. And I whole heartedly believe in being able to start over at any age. Thanks for sharing this one!

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