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A Fright To The Death

by Dawn Eastman

If I had to use one word to describe this book that word would be fun. The setting, the characters and the mystery were all very much enjoyable.
~I Wish I Lived In a Library

This was a cute book. It has all the elements of a great Cozy, A quirky cast of characters, A charming location, knitting, and of course dogs and a cat.
~Tea and A Book

A Fright to the Death has a lot going for it! Besides the psychic aspect of the series, which is always a lot of fun, this book takes place in a Victorian “castle” hotel of the sort I’ve always wanted to stay in – and there’s a knitter’s conference going on at the same time. That hits four of my interests right there – knitting, mystery, Victorian architecture, and a touch of the paranormal. Small wonder that I jumped on the chance to do this tour!
~The Bookwyrm’s Hoard

The characters continue to make me smile. Mac’s mom added some normality to help balance out all of Clyde’s family wackiness. This was a nice addition to the series. I am giving A Fright to Death, 5 stars. As an added bonus, I just love the covers!
~Musings and Ramblings

This was my favorite Eastman yet! … A great cozy mystery that will keep you guessing as you meet suspect after suspect, I can’t recommend this series enough. Perfect for cuddling on the couch with a cup of tea…A Fright to the Death will leave you feeling warm and satisfied and itching for the next book in the series.
~Melissa’s Eclectic Bookshelf

Dawn Eastman is a phenomenal writer who can draw her readers in and leave them in suspense until the very end. It is rare that an author can do that.
~Girl Lost in a Book

A Fright to the Death is a hauntingly fun mystery filled with thrills and chills, that will keep you on the edge of your seat.

This story is full of twists and turns and will keep you up long into the night trying to find out what happens next.
~Griperang’s Bookmarks

Clyde was my favorite character and I loved that she had psychic abilities.
~Deal Sharing Aunt

A Fright to the Death (A Family Fortune Mystery)

Cozy Mystery
Mass Market Paperback: 304 pages
Publisher: Berkley (April 7, 2015)
ISBN-13: 978-0425264485


 My Review

Finally Clyde(you’d know why she calls herself that if you knew her real name) and Mac are on their way to Mexico. Or so they think. As the snow flakes thicken, all flights are cancelled, so Mac takes them to a lovely secluded hotel until they can catch another flight. Should be fun as it’s rumored to be haunted.

Imagine their dismay when they are greeted by Clyde’s mother. And she informs them Clyde’s Aunt Vi and Mac’s mother are there also.

The hotel is hosting a knitting conference and all of the rooms are booked so Clyde and Mac have to bunk with their respective mothers. Talk about a sad excuse for a vacation.

I guess it wasn’t funny for Clyde and Mac, but it was for me. They were supposed to be on a sunny beach and instead they are still in Michigan, snowed in with both of their mothers and one very nosy aunt.

The storm worsens, the power goes out, and Voila!, a dead body is discovered.

Someone has murdered one of the hotel’s owners and the list of suspects is long. Now, instead of getting a lovely tan and dipping their toes in warm waters, Mac, a police detective, and Clyde, a former police officer and tentative psychic, have to take charge and weed out the killer from among the stranded guests.

What a great scenario for a cozy mystery. The guests are trapped. One of them is a murderer. And there isn’t a snowballs chance of help reaching them.

Then throw in some very colorful characters.

Clyde’s mother, Rose, who says I told you so. Her tarot cards foretold dark deeds.

Vi, Clyde’s aunt, a self-proclaimed pet psychic, who can’t keep her cute little nose out of the case. Taking her own notes and poking into police business. I swear she was in hog heaven trying to figure it out.

Then there’s Lucille, Mac’s mom, who doesn’t see that this isn’t Clyde and Mac’s idea of a great vacation.

And on to the main characters, Clyde and Mac. I felt for them but had a lot of fun at their expense. The poor souls. Their romantic vacation is a bust and now they are snowed in with a murderer and their mothers. They were trying to get away from their families and instead have to bunk with them. It truly had me snickering.

I had a lot of fun poking around the hotel for clues, sitting in on the interviews, chilling out with the many guests, and discovering hidden passages.

And what’s a good cozy without some adorable dogs and a cat that appears to vanish and reappear out of thin air.

If you’re worried about reading this without having read the first two books, don’t be. The author gives snippets of information from previous events in just the right spots without slowing down the story.

I love cozies and when you add in a paranormal or supernatural element, you’ve made my day.

5 Stars



From the author of Be Careful What You Witch For, here is the newest Family Fortune Mystery, starring former cop Clyde Fortune, who—snowbound with her kooky family in a creepy castle—is climbing the walls and combing the halls, looking for a cold-blooded killer…

After their flight to Mexico is cancelled, Clyde and her detective boyfriend, Mac, end up snowed in with their families at a supposedly haunted hotel. Clyde’s tarot card reading mother, Rose, is making dire predictions for the weekend, and self-proclaimed pet psychic Aunt Vi is enchanted by the legend of the hotel’s ghost—until the power goes out and a body turns up.

With a hotel full of stranded suspects, Clyde will have to draw on all her skills—both the police ones she’d rather forget and the psychic ones she’d rather ignore—to solve the bone-chilling mystery before someone else gets iced…


headshot dawn eastman

About This Author
When I was ten years old, my two favorite things were climbing trees and reading. As a bonus, I discovered if I combined the two, I could hide from my mother when she wanted me to clean my room. Nancy Drew and I spent many afternoons solving crimes and avoiding chores. Eventually, I moved on to Hercule Poirot, Sherlock Holmes, and Stephanie Plum. I improved my housework-dodging ploys.

After many years in Michigan, I now live in Iowa with my husband, son and daughter. When I’m not writing or chauffeuring kids, I keep busy catering to the whims of a bossy bichon-shih tzu mix who wants to rule the world.

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I have one print copy of A Fright To The Death to giveaway.

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Please leave your email address so I can contact you if you win and answer this question:

“What do you love best about cozy mysteries? Is it the cover art? The fun, quirky titles? The colorful cast of characters and their names? Or something else?

Giveaway ends April 20th.




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  1. Jen says:

    I guess what I love best about cozy mysteries is the humor and relationships (and it avoids gore and violence). But I adore the cover art. Sometimes it’s the cover art that grabs my attention and makes me want the book. (Does that make me shallow? Wait! Don’t answer that. LOL)
    Thank you for the giveaway! :)

    • fuonlyknew says:

      I like it that it’s usually a murder mystery but it’s minus the gore and violence too. And I can’t resist those titles and covers!

  2. Rachel Mustain says:

    My favorite thing about cozy mysteries is the humor. I love the especially zany ones like Ann George and Donna Andrews. I really enjoy a good paranormal mystery, too, so if you put hilarious together with paranormal, that’s pretty much as good as it gets.

    • fuonlyknew says:

      I’m usually snickering while I read them. LOL I’ve read several with a paranormal theme to them lately and love it too.

  3. Lisa Brown says:

    I love the covers, titles, and the creative story lines; they keep my attention and are enjoyable reads.
    jslbrown2009 at aol dot com

  4. debby236 says:

    I just think they are fun. Everything about them makes me smile.

  5. Anita Yancey says:

    I like the colorful cast of characters the best, and that they are so fun to read. Thanks for having the giveaway.


  6. Betty W says:

    I love the quirky characters and the small town settings. I’m also happy there’s no gore and violence. Thank you for the great post and contest!

  7. I thought this was such a fun read! I’m so glad you enjoyed this as well and if I had Clyde’s full name I’d definitely go by Clyde as well! I’m looking forward to trying more of this series!

  8. bobntoni says:

    I like cozies because they have a touch of humor and take you away from your normal life for a little while. I also love when the have recipes or knitting/crochet patterns.

  9. Good review! I agree, this was a really fun mystery. Besides the humor of Clyde and Mac missing their beach vacation and getting stuck in a hotel with their eccentric family members (not funny for them but funny for us), there’s the added humor of Mac’s lack of winter wardrobe. The borrowed, not-quite-finished snowman sweater made me giggle, especially when he had to resort to shorts while his pants dried. The mental image – this handsome cop wearing bermuda shorts and an intarsia snowman sweater – just tickles me.

  10. randolph2468 says:

    I really love how entertaining cozy mysteries are and I enjoy the humor! Thanks for the opportunity!

    • fuonlyknew says:

      There’s so much to enjoy and they are great reads for any time of the year. Perfect for sitting outside to read and perfect for cuddling up with a snuggy in the winter:)

  11. Terri Crossley says:

    I love everything about cozy mysteries! I love the cover art it always draws you in and makes you want to find out more about the book! The quirky characters are always great and will leave you feeling like you just made a new friend! I love the small town settings and the delightful shops that the characters either work in or visit! I read to relax and when I read a cozy mystery I just sit back and relax and know I am going to be enthralled by the book for a few hours!

    • fuonlyknew says:

      And don’t you love visiting them in each new book too. Feels like going home again:)

  12. angela smith says:

    i like them because they’re fun/funny murder mysteries with interesting characters.i’m not into the serious murder mysteries with blood and gore with alot of bodies piling up.

  13. All of the above. I don’t think I can choose just one, but I guess if I have to it would be the fun, because of all of the above. LOL

  14. Kari says:

    All of the above. I really enjoy the coziness.

  15. dawneastman says:

    Thank you for hosting today! Loved all the comments about cozies. I like the sense of visiting a new place and then re-visiting old friends.

    • fuonlyknew says:

      Exactly! The small towns and colorful characters just win me over, as yours did. I’m thrilled to have you on my blog and want to read more of your books.

  16. Barbara Hawk says:

    I love the quirky characters! Love the covers also! Thanks for the chance!

  17. Elisabeth says:

    I was expecting a haunted mansion with blood and ghosts, but then you give me puppies with yarn in the snow. Love it!

  18. Sandy says:

    Will be reading this soon!!!!

  19. atothewr says:

    Love the cover. Really draws you in.

  20. diannekc says:

    I love cozy mysteries because they are a good fun reads. They are not filled with sex and gory details. They are enjoyable, they have a lot of humor and keep you guessing until the end. The characters are well developed and you feel like you know them especially in the cozy series.