The Friday 56 #82 ~ My Life As A White Trash Zombie

Posted: October 16, 2015 in horror, The Friday 56, urban fantasy, Zombies
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My 56 for this week is from

 My Life As A White Trash Zombie

by Diana Rowland



My 56

Usually if I craved something, I ate it. Simple. I didn’t need anyone else to tell me it was okay and that I should go for it.

But I’d been craving brains. The smell was like chocolate and cookies and biscuits and gravy and everything else that was delicious. It damn near drove me crazy every time I had to touch one. I’d been fighting the cravings the way I’d never fought the urge to take drugs or get drunk.


My Review

Angel is no angel. She’s a pill popping addict with a felony record and she can’t hold down a job. She’s also a zombie.

When she wakes up in the hospital, she thinks she’s lucky to be alive after overdosing on pain pills. But then she starts getting these weird cravings, and she can’t seem to eat enough to get full.

An anonymous note leads her to apply for and land a job at the morgue. That’s when her craving shows it’s true colors. That sweet smell that’s making her stomach growl in hunger is brains.

What better job for a zombie than to work at the morgue. Nobody will miss a few brains here or there. I suspect any zombie would want the job. Another advantage is not having to worry about being so hungry you lose control and attack someone.

But someone does notice the missing brains. And someone made Angel a zombie for a reason. And even worse, there’s a serial killer racking up a body count and taking the heads. No more brains means Angel will have to find out who the killer is or she might graduate to full dead.

Angel isn’t the most likable character at first. I have little sympathy for drug addicts. Especially when they do harm to others to get their next fix.  Once she was turned into a zombie, I hoped she’d take the second chance she’d been given and do something good with her “life.” She has her work cut out for her.

And there’s a possible romance with a sexy deputy. I wondered what he’d think if he knew Angel craved brains.

Angel made me laugh. She made me shake my head in exasperation. Then she grew, accepted the role life gave her. She slowly won me over and made me care about her.

Looking for your next zombie fix. Try this series. It’s fun, kind of gross, (well, it’s about zombies and zombies eat brains), and has a killer plot. And there’s no cliffhanger ending, even though this is the first book in the series. Everything gets wrapped up. Yet it leaves you curious to know where Angel goes from here.

4 Stars

Read on if you want to know more.


Angel Crawford is a loser.

Living with her alcoholic deadbeat dad in the swamps of southern Louisiana, she’s a high school dropout with a pill habit and a criminal record who’s been fired from more crap jobs than she can count. Now on probation for a felony, it seems that Angel will never pull herself out of the downward spiral her life has taken.

That is, until the day she wakes up in the ER after overdosing on painkillers. Angel remembers being in an horrible car crash, but she doesn’t have a mark on her. To add to the weirdness, she receives an anonymous letter telling her there’s a job waiting for her at the parish morgue—and that it’s an offer she doesn’t dare refuse.

Before she knows it she’s dealing with a huge crush on a certain hunky deputy and a brand new addiction: an overpowering craving for brains. Plus, her morgue is filling up with the victims of a serial killer who decapitates his prey—just when she’s hungriest!

Angel’s going to have to grow up fast if she wants to keep this job and stay in one piece. Because if she doesn’t, she’s dead meat.



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  1. I’ve been thinking about trying this one out! Thanks for sharing!

    Check out my Friday 56 (With Book Beginnings).

  2. Kathy Martin says:

    Thanks for sharing but I really try to avoid zombie books. This week I am spotlighting Binding the Shadows by Jenn Bennett. Happy reading!

    • fuonlyknew says:

      They aren’t for everyone. I got into them a few years ago and can’t seem to stay away from them now. LOL

  3. The title cracked me up. Please check out mine…

  4. I have been debating whether or not to try this series, I am not a huge zombie fan but it sounds funny. It sort of reminds me of iZombie that is on TV, though I have only seen parts of it a few times…lol.

    Friday Meme’s

    • fuonlyknew says:

      I’m thinking that series has something to do with this book. I just finished watching it last night and they are so similar!

  5. I listen to this series on audio and it makes me laugh. Fantastic review Laura

  6. Breana M. says:

    I’ve heard a lot about this series (zombies aren’t typically my thing) but it does seem interesting.

  7. Not my kind of book, but it sure sounds like a compelling story.
    My Friday post features The Beach Walkers.

  8. Yvonne says:

    This one sounds weird, but I’m kind of intrigued by it :)

  9. I’ve wanted to read this one for a while now. Maybe, someday… lol
    Happy weekend!

  10. Thanks for sharing…but zombies and I don’t really get along…LOL

  11. That title…that cover…a cool zombie…a serial killer. OMG, this sounds like so much fun. LOL
    sherry @ fundinmental