The Tap, Tap, Tapping…Nails by Fiona Dodwell ~ Review and Giveaway

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Nails Banner 851 x 315


by Fiona Dodwell

3D Nails

Genre: Paranormal

Date of Publication: 13th October 2015

Number of pages: 60 pages / Word Count: 25,000 (Novella)

Cover Artist: Atrtink


My Review

I’m always on the hunt for another haunted house tale. Found a good one here.

Seeking independence, twenty year old Carla Bracken looks for a place of her own. She discovers Moorelands Close and an affordable new home. She quickly starts to make it her own

All is bright, until weird things start happening. What is that tap, tap, tapping in the night? Carla is scared. Something is in her house. Something is shouting in the night. She soldiers on despite her fears, determined to get through it.

She has a lot of other things to contend with too. Carla’s worried about the lay off at the company she works for and a boyfriend who won’t commit.

Determined to keep her independence, Carla must get help. It’s not just her independence that’s at risk.

This wasn’t a super scary story. It was a slow building, creepy one. We’ve all hear those unexplained noises in the night and shrugged them off as house noises. It must have been especially scary for Carla, as she’s in an unfamiliar house.

How she deals with it is what I liked most. She’s scared, sure. But she’s not moving out. Instead, she starts looking into the history of the house and previous occupants. What she discovers explains a lot.

Great ending. I should have seen it coming, but I didn’t.

A good one for a dark and stormy night.

4 Stars



Carla Bracken knew she needed a change, a new start. Moving to Moorelands Close was supposed to be the beginning of something bigger and better, so when things start to take a sinister turn in her new home, she tries to explain it away.

However, she cannot ignore the mounting horror she experiences behind closed doors. What is the dark history behind her new home, and can she stop the unfolding terror in its tracks before it’s too late?

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About the Author:

Fiona Dodwell

Fiona is represented by Media Bitch Literary Agency, and is the author of three full length horror novels. She writes freelance for several paranormal magazines, including Supernatural Magazine and Paranormal Underground. She is a big fan of all things horror, and has studied Exorcism and Demonology. In her spare time, she attends paranormal investigations and works for a care charity. Her latest release, Nails, is now available on Amazon.

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  1. Mary Preston says:

    I am curious about the title.

  2. Mai Tran says:

    Question for the author: What is your most bizarre talent?

  3. mysocalledbookreviews says:

    Great review! I’ve been looking for more creepy/scary type books & this one sounds great! Adding to my TBR now :)

  4. Emma says:

    Even the title speaks to the tension that lies ahead. I love haunted house stories. Nice review, Laura.

  5. Yvonne says:

    I’d love to read this. It sounds great.

  6. My gawd, I love that cover. I prefer creepy now that I am older because nothing scares me anymore, except my utility bills. Hehe.

    • fuonlyknew says:

      Yeah, those utility bills can make you scream. LOL This is more eerie than terrifying with a wicked ending. Loved that part!

  7. I like the way she handled it. It does sound creepy and suspenseful. I have a thing for haunted houses with history.

    • fuonlyknew says:

      I’d like to think I could hold it together. I’d probably run screaming from the house and never go back. LOL

  8. Sandra Watts says:

    Totally creepy girl on cover.