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Posted: December 10, 2015 in giveaways, horror
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I’ve got a thrilling book to share with you today.

Can’t wait for you to take a gander at the cover.

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by Robb Neumann



My Review

I’m always looking for something just a little bit different, a little bit outside the norm. So when the author offered me his book to read, I hopped over to check it out on Goodreads. I liked the synopsis, and the title and cover were intriguing. Seemed to fit the bill as new and different. I had my fingers crossed.

I’ve got to hand it to the author. I was looking for something outside the norm and he delivered. The creatures, beings, things, not humans, are original. I’ve yet to read anything like them. They are kind of vampires. Are nearly immortal. But they don’t crave blood. They need something else, a different fluid from us. And it’s no quick bite and suck, thank you very much. They must subdue us, then the drinking takes a long time. It’s a slow process.

The story is narrated by the main character. You never learn his name. Really don’t need to. You’ll know him inside and out by the end.

As for Lillian, she’s not someone you’ll like. I don’t think you’re supposed to. I found her wishy washy, and dangerous. She has lots of secrets and keeps her victim seduced with vague promises. Those promises change to threats when he pushes for more from her. Now he must choose his fate.

This story grew on me. I didn’t really like either character, even at the end. But the writing was strong, the plot compelling me to keep going. The author drew me further in, teased me with promises as much as Lillian did.

This would be a great movie. Most of the scenes take place in small bedrooms occupied by the main characters. Their mode of travel is strategic. They can disappear quickly that way. The atmosphere is almost gothic. I pictured damp, foggy conditions, adding to the feelings of foreboding. Kind of raises those hairs on the back of your neck.

An emotional journey as well as a horrific one, I still think about it. I wonder, if the man did things differently, would he find what he was looking for? Would Lillian?

An intense psychological experience. It stays with you.

4 Stars



Plagued by insomnia, the narrator walks the city looking for something, for someone to bring him peace. Then he finds Lillian, the puzzling, seductive stranger — or does she find him? They are instantly drawn to each other in intimate and unexpected ways: each of them finding what they need, at least for awhile. But before they get too comfortable, Lillian alters their unspoken rules: first with an offer, then with a threat.

What starts as a quiet, intimate testing of boundaries, becomes a sprawling journey from a snowbound city, across the Atlantic Ocean, to sun-bleached routes through Greece. All the while retaining the intimacy of a one-room apartment. Our narrator changes his life in unimaginable ways but still needs more. He needs answers, he needs intimacy, he needs to feel human, but Lillian is an unhelpful teacher, keeping both her past and their future closely guarded secrets.

Leech is an unsettling, poetic, relationship tale riding a thin line of the supernatural.

How much can you give and how much can you take before it’s too much?


About Author Robb Neumann

robb neumann

Robb Neumann lives in Denver, Colorado with his wife, son, and a collection of gremlins he captured during a flight out of LAX in the mid-nineties. He’s a huge movie buff, enjoys spending time playing nerdy board games with his smart and charming family, makes a mean pizza, and hates writing Author Bios. Robb is available for consulting services if you have issues with west-coast gremlins, but knows very little about east-coast gremlins. If your gremlin issues center around New England Gremlins, you’re probably on your own.

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  1. feeroberts64 says:

    The plot sounds intriguing. I’m so curious as to what these creatures are all about. And the cover is crazy! Thanks for the review. It definitely has my feelers enticed!

    dragonfee64 (at) hotmail (dot) com

  2. The plot has to get me there but the characters keep me there.
    debby236 at gmail dot com

    • fuonlyknew says:

      Same for me. I’m a character driven gal and even though these two weren’t all that likable, the author kept me mesmerized by their deeds and difficulties.Had me wanting to like them:)

  3. That sounds different. I like a good plot but got to have characters I like as well. booklady2007 at gmail dot com

  4. Sandra Watts says:

    Nice. I too like something out of the norm. I like that it is a different twist on vampires because they are getting a bit dull.

  5. Jo-Anne Boyko says:

    The characters are the most important to me. You can have a great plot but it just won’t work you you don’t have good characters.


  6. Robb Neumann says:

    Thanks for the review, Laura! I really appreciate your time and your thoughtful approach to my book! Thank you!

  7. Mary Preston says:

    The plot must be engaging & I need to have a vested interest in the characters.


  8. For me it is the plot first then the characters, but both are what make the book great.

    sherry @ fundinmental

  9. babyblue7299 says:

    I think my favorite part of a story would be the characters driving the plot into places unknown! If I can’t become buddies with at least one character…I at least enjoy the ride through the plot, but feel the need to tell the characters what I think…usually increases my reading time, so far, none of them have had the guts to respond…go figure…this one looks awesome!

  10. Oh this sounds creepy and you have me curious about these non-vampire creatures.

  11. Diana Thomas says:

    The plot seems interesting, different than anything else I’ve read in the genre.

  12. I really need to have both good characters and a good plot in order to keep my interest. An awesome plot with flat characters is unappealing and so are great characters with a plot that’s lacking. jolie_b@joliebonnette.com

  13. I have to like the characters – or at least be interested in what happens to them – otherwise I can’t keep reading.

  14. Carrie Green says:

    Characters–characterization makes me care about what happens (plot).

  15. Valerie Aguilar says:

    I thin the characters are most important.