Saturday Screams #5 ~ Northwoods and Rattlesnake

Posted: January 30, 2016 in horror, reviews, Supernatural, suspense
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Weclome to my Saturday Screams.

All things scary!

For today I have two scary good books to share with you. Enjoy.

And if you want to grab them for your own, just click on the covers.



by Bill Schweigart



I swore I’d stay away from Netgalley requests until I’d reviewed all of the ARCs I already had. I just couldn’t resist Northwoods. It’s so my type of read! LOL

My Review

After I finished this book, I took another look at the cover art, thinking it didn’t really work. Then I thought about the story, and appreciated the subtlety. It works.

And I also ran into a few references to the authors earlier book, The Beast of Barcroft, while reading this one. Many of the characters are in both books and I’ll be grabbing it to see how they came together and how they survived. Should be another wicked fun read.

Circumstances land Davis Holland, an agent for Customs and Border Protection, in a small town in the Minnesota woods. He settles in, makes friends with the local police force and the citizens, and finds he likes the small town life.

A routine check on a possible illegal border crossing changes things. Davis and the town sheriff discover a massacre in the woods. Bodies torn apart, gnawed upon. And resting on a stump in the center of the carnage, a small wooden chest. Such an innocuous looking item, yet it’s allure is deadly.

From there, it doesn’t take long for things to get wiggy. Reinforcements are called in. People who’ve dealt with supernatural entities. Members of the team split up to find answers. Then they all converge for the final reckoning. And what a final reckoning it is.

The suspense and scares begin and escalate. Some scenes rock you back on your heels. People dye. A lot of them. Some you like too.  I can’t say I’m crazy about it when an author kills off characters I’ve become attached to, but that sure does hit home and make the story more genuine. So, I guess I do like it.

Grab a copy. Dig in. Prepare for plenty of spine tingling action and hair raising suspense. It begins, then never lets up.

5 Stars


Some borders should never be crossed. From the author of The Beast of Barcroft comes a waking nightmare of a horror novel that’s sure to thrill readers of Stephen King and Bentley Little.

Ex–Delta Force Davis Holland, now an agent for the Customs and Border Protection, has seen it all. But nothing in his experience has prepared him for what he and the local sheriff find one freezing night in the Minnesota woods.

Investigating reports of an illegal border crossing, the two men stumble across a blood-drenched scene of mass murder, barely escaping with their lives . . . and a single clue to the mayhem: a small wooden chest placed at the heart of the massacre. Something deadly has entered Holland’s territory, crossing the border from nightmare into reality.

When news of the atrocity reaches wealthy cryptozoologist Richard Severance, he sends a three-person team north to investigate. Not long ago, the members of that team—Ben McKelvie, Lindsay Clark, and Alex Standingcloud—were nearly killed by a vengeful shapeshifter. Now they are walking wounded, haunted by gruesome memories that make normal life impossible. But there is nothing normal about the horror that awaits in the Northwoods.



by Michael Hebler



Loving Michael Hebler’s Chupacabra series so much, I was thrilled to grab a copy of Rattlesnake.  Always ready for something different from this author.

My Review

One twist after another in this short tale of a man in search of his son.

Right from the beginning, I knew something wasn’t right. Perhaps because I’ve read several books by this author, I was forewarned.

A man and a boy around a campfire, in the night. Doesn’t sound so bad. Until the man starts to threaten the lad, demanding to know where his son is, what he’s done with him. Twist number one.

As you learn about earlier events, twist number two occurs.

And when you reach the end, the final twist.

Coming in at last than 20 pages, it sure packs a wallop.

The cover art is perfect. Such a show and tell about this dark little story. You’ll see when you read it.

4 Stars


After narrowly escaping a town that has gone mysteriously mad, a man threatens a boy’s life to get the truth out of him about his missing son.

Count towards my Horror reading Challenge.


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  1. I am glad you liked Northwoods, I am going to be starting it soon. I read the first one so I can’t wait to see how the group handles this story. That Rattlesnake cover just gives me the heebie jeebies as I so don’t like snakes…shivers. Great reviews!

    • fuonlyknew says:

      I have to get the first book immediately. LOL I love these kind of stories. I didn’t say much. Almost anything I mentioned would spoil the fun! And Rattlesnake was a wicked, twisted little tale. Would love a book about the events that transpired before the campfire incident.

      • You’re not the first person to mention interest in reading a full novel version of ‘Rattlesnake.’ I’ve added it to my “consideration” pile after the Chupacabra Series is finished.

      • fuonlyknew says:

        I’m curious about what happened to everyone before that night. Sounds like pure mayhem, which you are so good at creating. LOL Looking forward to your other book this year and then on to more Chups in 2017!

  2. atothewr says:

    I also enjoyed Rattlesnake. Great little short story. Here’s my review on it:

  3. I read Northwoods too. Now I want the first book. I do have Rattlesnake but have yet to read it…soon. :-) Great reviews, Laura.
    sherry @ fundinmental

    • fuonlyknew says:

      I’m going to grab that first book too! Rattlesnake is a twisted little tale. Sure would like to read more.