My 2016 Reading Challenges Update ~ Looking good!

Posted: April 1, 2016 in Books, reviews
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This year has started off with a bang. My resolution was to take in less review requests so I could start whittling down those books on my TBR. Well, that started great and then a whole bunch of new books caight my eye and I had to read them. LOL You know how that is, don’t ya?

So, I’ve been reading like crazy, but not feeling quite as much pressure to get reviews done on a deadline. That makes my reading even more enjoyable too.

And, I’ve either been incredibly lucky or my book radar is dead on because the majority of books I’ve read this year have been 4 and 5 Star reads.

If you click on the banners, it’ll take you to my challenge page and you’ll find links for my reviews.

Let me show you!

My 2016 Quarterly Reading Challenge Updates


alphabet 2016

Books so far – 5

  Gone by Midnight - front only  26249106  COVER

sweet peppet hero

I take my time choosing which books to add to this challenge as I read so many throughout the year.


Books so far – 18

25614709  25917235  27064300  28474289

27859739  26834189  23247491  26256391

26879947  27424783  28073909  29054983

26025580  22663629  23308727  23455114

24514143  29470917


Books so far – 7

death goes to the county fair  25361858  28245754  Major Crimes ebook cover

COVER  Gone by Midnight - front only 


My Goodreads Reading Challenge

I set my goal at reading and reviewing 125 books. I’ve completed 45 so far and am at 36%.

This is always fun to do. So many books already. Too many to post here.

Click HERE to see them all.


My Personal TBR Challenge

I didn’t want to feel pressured so I didn’t sign up for a challenge. Just using this to keep track.

So far I’ve read 21 from my TBR.

Not even a dent in that sky high pile. LOL But, working on it. And I’m going to wait to showcase the books after I complete the challenge. Many also go with some of my other challenges too.


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  1. danielaark says:

    36% is pretty good especially if you are not feeling stressed :) I’ll be checking out Shallow Graves!

    • fuonlyknew says:

      Thanks. I’m definitely feeling less stress. I won a book of choice and chose Shallow Graves. Really liked it.

  2. You are doing really good with your challenges. :)

  3. Yo are dong well, Laura! That’s a lot of horror novels, I may have to check them out at one point, as I read less horror than other genres :)

  4. Fabulous. I have not doubt you will complete your goals. :-)
    sherry @ fundinmental

  5. Wowza. 45 already? Keep going … I know you’ll get to 100+ at the rate you’re going!

    • fuonlyknew says:

      I used to set my goals higher, but then I felt pressured. Now I set them lower and have more fun and still read way more books. LOL