The Friday 56 #103 ~ West Of Dead

Posted: April 22, 2016 in horror, The Friday 56, Western, Zombies
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Welcome to The Friday 56 hosted by Freda’s Voice.


This is a really fun meme!

The only rules are to grab a book (any book), turn to page 56 or 56% in your eReader and find a sentence or a few (no spoilers) that grabs you and post it.

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My 56 for this week is from

West Of Dead

A Nathaniel Caine Adventure #1

by  Eric Bahle



Genre: Western Horror/Zombies

From 56% in the eBook.

Lucas dashed to the rear door and opened it a crack. When he saw the stage blocking the way, he threw the door wide and opened the coach. There was a hollow-eyed face in the opposite window, and Lucas put a bullet hole through the middle of it before climbing in the stage.

It’s bad enough to face a zombie hoard in an automobile. Can you imagine how bad it would be in a stagecoach pulled by horses. If the zombies get to the horses, you won’t be going anywhere. And there are no windows or sturdy doors to keep the hungry zombies out!

Read on if you want to know more.



Fans of Joe R. Lansdale, Robert Davis, and Adam Millard will love this fast paced tale of the Weird West.

What good is a six-shooter against a horde of the undead?

Nathaniel Caine wants to forget the War and see the frontier, and a trip by stagecoach seems like the perfect way. When the stage pulls into a deserted way station with obvious signs of violence, but a disturbing lack of bodies, he suspects things are going bad. Things go from bad to worse when the passengers fall under attack by people that should be dead, and Caine must call on old skills just to survive. He’ll also need the help of a fellow passenger who knows more than he’s telling if the restless dead are to be put back in the ground.



The cover above is the one I have. Here’s the one on Amazon. Which do you like better?


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  1. sjhigbee says:

    A Western zombie adventure… that sounds a riot! I hope you’re enjoying it and have a good week-end:)

  2. Kathy Martin says:

    This sounds a little creepy for my tastes. I don’t read about zombies. Icky! Happy reading!

    • fuonlyknew says:

      I love zombies. I’ve been enjoying several western zombie stories lately. Don’t know how that happened. LOL

  3. Bev Bouwer says:

    I just can’t do zombies either..sorry. I’m sure you’ll tell me I am missing out. Happy reading anyway, and thanks for the visit.

    • fuonlyknew says:

      LOL I almost didn’t share this one because it’s not to many people’s liking. I have a love of zombies and have so many books about them!

  4. oh wow! I prefer the 2nd cover. Though I don’t like books with zombies

    • fuonlyknew says:

      I like the second cover too, even though it doesn’t lend much about horror and zombies. The smoking gun is pretty cool!

  5. Not a zombie fan but I think this one might be pretty interesting. :)

    Friday Meme

  6. This one could be fun, even though I’m usually not into zombies…LOL. Here’s mine: “THE OBSESSION”

  7. Freda Mans says:

    I’m not big on westerns but I love the zombie aspect so I think I’d still give it a go. Love a good zombie mash up!! Happy weekend!

    • fuonlyknew says:

      I couldn’t imagine trying to escape zombies in a windowless stagecoach! That challenge sure added to the mayhem! I’ve read several zombie westerns and loved them so I couldn’t pass this one up. Have to get the second book now. Don’t know if it’s zombies or something else, but should be fun.

  8. Yeah…for sure the the right time or place to have zombies after you. 😉 I’d love for to check out mine at

  9. Breana M. says:

    West of Dead looks like an interesting mixture of themes.

    • fuonlyknew says:

      It is and I’m always drawn to that. I’m almost finished with a science fiction- horror blend and loving it.

  10. This definitely sounds intense. I’m not a huge fan of zombies at the best of times and I’m pretty sure I really wouldn’t want to deal with them if I was in a carriage!

    • fuonlyknew says:

      I’d hope to have lots of guns and bullets. And a really thick duster to protect my body!

  11. LadyD Piano says:

    Really cool cover art. I’m new to zombie westerns. Sounds like you’re having fun with this one!

    • fuonlyknew says:

      Both covers do have their appeal:) I enjoy a good western. Throw in some zombies and I’m a happy camper! LOL

  12. Maria D. says:

    This sounds really different – and interesting in a strange sort of way for me…lol…I do like the cover on Amazon best. Thanks for visiting my Friday meme

    • fuonlyknew says:

      And I love strange! LOL I think I like the second cover too. The smoking gun is very cool. I guess the grave yard could hint at something undead too.

  13. Ooh, here’s two genres I haven’t seen together. Sounds thrilling! Hope you have a wonderful weekend!

  14. atothewr says:

    Great tease. The first cover speaks to me more. It just has so much more to look at. Kind of keeps you focused on it for a minute or two.

  15. This was a great choice ! And I absolutely love the cover! :) Thanks for visiting my blog.

    • fuonlyknew says:

      Thanks. I like both covers but the first one works better for the story. It was a fun read.

  16. This sounds awesome! I’m going to add it to my tbr! I prefer the second cover, even though I would not have been able to guess the zombie elements with that one. :)
    Check out my Friday 56 (With Book Beginnings).

    • fuonlyknew says:

      The second cover is missing a horror element to it but I love the western feel and the smoking gun.