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Some chit chat.

What a fun week. I was off of work for my vacation and a few of us headed over to Biloxi and New Orleans to do a bit of gaming, eat some awesome food, and take in the sights.

We were a bit early to take in Christmas lights as they were working on that while we were there. This is a huge Gingerbread House. The windows have moving colors in them. Sorry about the thumb in the corner of the pic. LOL


And we went on a steamboat ride up the river. Beautiful day and lots to see.

Here’s a long view of the steamboat Natchez.


Had to get a picture of the paddle wheel too!


And, did anybody venture out for the Black Friday deals? I didn’t. I always picture the scene from Jingle All The Way and shudder. LOL

If you did head out for the sales, I hope you didn’t get Trampled All The Way!

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New books on my shelf. Some I won, some are for review, and some I just had to have.

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Fairytale of New York by [Murphy, Abby]  The Assistant's Christmas Wish (The Christmas Wish Series Book 1) by [Ostrow, Lexi]  A Royal Christmas Rescue (The Royal Heirs Book 2) by [Scott, D. D.]

The Devil's Crescent by [Keller, Ann B.]  White Horse, Dark Dragon by [Fleet, Robert C.]  Vestiges Of Alchemy (The Core Chronicles Book 1) by [Kumar,Ritesh]

The Arx by [Storey, Jay Allan]  A Bleu Streak Christmas (The Bleu Series Book 2) by [Lowe, T.I.]  Stillwell: A Haunting on Long Island by [Cash, Michael Phillip]

  Trapped - A Novel of Terror (The Konrath/Kilborn Collective) by [Konrath, J.A., Jack Kilborn]  Baby Please Don't Go: A Novel by [Freudberg, Frank]  A Long Time Dead: A gripping CSI crime thriller (SOCO Roger Conniston Book 1) by [Barrett, Andrew]

Irish Romance- The Kerry Romance Box Set by [O'Leary, Susanne]

Boxed Set - The Coach House and Daughters by [Osmund, Florence]


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So, what did you get to read this week?

Got any recommendations?

I’d love to know and thanks so much for visiting fuonlyknew.

  1. Greg Hill says:

    That Jingle All The Way clip always cracks me up, but I don’t g out on Black friday either! I value my sanity. Your trip to NO looks good, love the look of that steamboat. Would love to take a ride on one of those.

    A Hidden Element looks good, and of course Fantastic creatures!

    • fuonlyknew says:

      I watch that movie every year. The actors sure look young in them. LOL The steamboat ride was awesome. It was a tour hour trip and flew by and the weather was perfect.

  2. That ginger house is amazing!! And your steamboat trip sounds awesome :)
    Enjoy all your new books and have a wonderful week ahead.

    • fuonlyknew says:

      The gingerbread house was huge. And the moving lights in the windows was enchanting. I had such fun. Might go back for New years.

  3. I’m of the belief that Amazon was invented so I can avoid the horrors of going to the sales! I like my home shopping where it is warm and safe! I haven’t read Trapped but I gave Afraid 5 stars and I loved the book Draculas that he co-wrote with three other authors. I’m looking forward to reading more of Jack Kilborn! Have a great reading week!

    • fuonlyknew says:

      Amazon is perfect now that my son is older. I save gift cards for the holidays. I can get lost there. LOL Kilborn’s books are wicked. Read quite a few and have some more to go. I grabbed a lot of these myself. I usually try not to, but so many great ones, especially those thrillers.

  4. I am so happy you got Fantastic Creatures! I love seeing people’s trip photos. I have never been on a steamboat before. It looks like fun. Have a wonderful week. :)

    • fuonlyknew says:

      I kept meaning to buy it and found it free so I was all over it. LOL This is my fourth or fifth time on a steamboat. I used to catch a gambling tour now and then. This was a sightseeing tour and was a lot of fun.

  5. sjhigbee says:

    Wow! That gingerbread house – awesome… And a ride on a proper paddlesteamer down a large American river (preferably the Mississippi is on my bucket list…) What a fabulous week you’ve had. My Sunday Post – https://sjhigbee.wordpress.com/2016/11/27/sunday-post-27th-november-2016/

    • fuonlyknew says:

      There was so much to see and do. I doubt I’ll ever see it all. Might go back for New years. The trolley ride would be great to see everyone’s decorations.

  6. Love the gingerbread house! I love looking at christmas decorations. :) Some people are so creative with the gingerbread houses. Sounds like you had a really nice time!
    I don’t do black friday. I like to sit in my PJ’s and shop at home…it’s safer.

    I hope you have a great week, Laura! Enjoy all those book!

    • fuonlyknew says:

      We were a bit early to see a lot of the decorations. Might try again around new years. I did get out for Black Friday but just browsed and did a grocery run for the most part.

  7. Sounds like you had fun, I have always wanted to go to New Orleans!! I had a good Thanksgiving an ate to much to even want to go anywhere on Friday as I think I was still stuffed…lol. I am not a shopper and I think Black Friday shopping would give me hives…lol.

    I put a couple of the books you got on my wishlist as they sounded good especially that set of books. :)

    Have a great week,
    Week in Review

  8. Jan says:

    Your trip to Biloxi and New Orleans looks like so much fun. I love the Gingerbread House. The steamboat looks like it would be fun, too.

    I try to avoid stores from Black Friday through Christmas. I either shop online or find a few things throughout the year. Hope you have a good week, Laura.

  9. Oh I love New Orleans! I was there over St. Patrick’s day several years ago and just fell in love with the place! I wish I could have stayed longer but I was there for a conference and was kind of busy. Hopefully I will go back some day!
    I never shop of Black Friday. That is some craziness!! I don’t need anything that badly! I am a big fan of Cyber Monday though :)

    • fuonlyknew says:

      We only stayed for one day. Got up and went to Biloxi the next day. There’s so much to see and do that we always find something new!

  10. katarguelles says:

    I love your pictures! I would love to go to New Orleans one of these days. I had to work on Friday but I haven’t gone shopping on that day in years. Before it was necessary to grab the deals for the kids but now that they are teenagers there is no need to rush to the toy store lol. I have been shopping online and found some really good deals. I hope you have a great week!

    • fuonlyknew says:

      I had the week off and what better way to spend it! My son is grown now so no more mad crowds for those must have latest toys, thank God! LOL

  11. Sounds like you had a lot of fun! I love Jingle All the Way lol Hope you have a great week!~Aleen

    • fuonlyknew says:

      I sure did! There are several Christmas shows that I love to watch every year. And I like the holiday cartoon episodes too.

  12. Literary Feline says:

    How fun that you were able to go to Biloxi and New Orleans. Someday I would like to travel to the South. I love the photos you shared. That gingerbread house is something else!

    I love the movie Jingle All the Way. Haha. I didn’t venture out on Black Friday, although I did go out on the Saturday after–which was a mistake. Stores were crowded and the shelves well picked over. At least I found what I needed.

    I hope you have a wonderful week! Take care.

    • fuonlyknew says:

      I’ve lived here over 30 years and still feels new and exciting to me. The only thing I miss is a white Christmas, so I watch movies. It’s fun to use southern themes for decorating. Next year I’m doing a tree outside decorated with flamingos. LOL

  13. There is no deal that could get me out there on Black Friday. Not even for books. I hate shopping on the best of days. Black Friday? Nope, nope, nope. lol

  14. It looks like you had an awesome week! That gingerbread house looks amazing! Awesome books this week too! Thanks for all the freebies 😀

    Here’s my Weekly Recap!

  15. Deborah says:

    I’m glad you had a fun week. The Christmas decorations have all popped up very suddenly haven’t they?! I haven’t seen TOO many here in Australia yet and I think most people have a thing about waiting for December (which I do).

  16. Looks like you had a fun week! I was way too afraid of the crowds to do any Black Friday shopping.

    • fuonlyknew says:

      It was a great week. I did get out on Friday, but it was later in the morning and I mostly just looked around.

  17. B.B. Toady says:

    That gingerbread house! Wow. The steamboat ride sounds like fun. We haven’t done that in awhile. There is a nice one in Montgomery, and we have talked of going.

    • fuonlyknew says:

      It was a cool morning so we were a bit worried about the river ride. It was actually kind of hot in the sun. A beautiful day:)

  18. It does sound like you had a great week! And that gingerbread house display is awesome. Love the thumb, by the way, really adds some authenticity to the photo 😉

    That is exactly how I picture Black Friday too, haha. Have a great week!

  19. Wow, that Gingerbread house must have taken hours to make! It sounds like you had a lovely time in New Orleans, thank you for sharing your sights with us!

    • fuonlyknew says:

      It was beautiful. They were putting up decorations everywhere we went. Wish we’d had one more day.

  20. Hard to beat New Orleans at Christmas. We were just a bit early…
    sherry @ fundinmental My Sunday Memes

  21. I had to grab the Royal Christmas Rescue – is it really any surprise with that adorable dog on the cover. Some of the others look great as well. Wonderful haul this week!

  22. atothewr says:

    New Orleans sounds nice. I need to get back there and that cruise looks great. No Black Friday for me. Not worth the fuss.