Saturday Screams #32 ~ Razorbacks and What Lurks Below

Posted: April 8, 2017 in horror, reviews
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Welcome to my Saturday Screams.

I love horror and got some good ones for ya today!



by George S. Mahaffey, Jr.


Genre: Horror


My Review

A long time ago I watched a movie called Razorback. It was about a killer wild boar. If you’ve never seen one, I can tell you from experience, having been treed by one, that they can get up to 500 lbs or larger, with huge tusks, the better to gore you with.

A man and his son risk driving through a dust storm and wind up in the middle of a huge pileup. Dead and injured people are strewn around and blood is all over the place.  As the storm worsens, it brings something with it. A pack of wild boars, with an uncommonly large leader. They smell the blood and close in for the easy pickings. There’s no place to hide, so the survivors must get creative. As if they really stand a chance against these killing machines.

The author wastes no time, putting you right in the middle of a bloody hunt. From there you go on to meet a father and his son. They have quite a twisted story of their own. Once things got bad, the boy really stepped up but I had doubts about the father. Soon it doesn’t matter, as they can’t find these things off by themselves.

One plan after another goes wrong. It gets pretty gory, I’m telling you. Sad that some characters I thought a lot of were killed off quickly. Others took a while to meet their bloody ends.

And the wild boar. Whoa…were they soemething else. Ever seen the movie Hannibal? That scene with the man eating pigs gives you a good picture of what they can do. No cute little piggies in these pages.

Great start, genuine characters, and some mean ass animals. It’s all good. And I liked the ending. Kind of a nod to into the sunset.

   4 Stars



A terrible pile-up on a deserted West Texas highway. A massive dust-storm cutting off communications and obscuring visibility. A father, his estranged son, and a small band of survivors marooned, waiting for help, unaware of the things that are out in the dust, waiting, watching, drawn by the scent of blood.



 What Lurks Below

Hell Holes #1

by Donald Firesmith


Genre: Horror


My Review

I love unexplained acts of nature. Makes for such a chilling plot. When holes start appearing in the Arctic Circle , a team of experts is sent to investigate. Once they arrive, things get worse as more holes appear. And then something straight out of Hell crawls out. A horde of otherworldly creatures that have only one thing in mind. Killing mankind. With nowhere to run, the team seeks shelter in an old station. But the horde won’t be denied, and like an octopus with a sealed bottle full of yummy bait, they will find a way in.

I was almost rubbing my hands together in twisted anticipation before I started this one. Mysterious holes appearing. Something beyond imagining crawls out. The fate of mankind hangs in the balance. Oh yeah. I knew I had to read this book.

There’s a mixed bag of character’s. Ones you come to like and respect and some not so much. The author doesn’t seem to mind killing off either one. Keeps you on edge when things get down and dirty. Which doesn’t take long at all.

The story is strong and there’s a sub plot that makes things even more interesting. Also, the blend of science fiction and horror leaves the story wide open for the author to go in many different directions.

The ending. Well, it’s an end, but also a cliff hanger. That’s because this is really the beginning of something much bigger. I’ll be grabbing the next one immediately. Got a good feeling about this series.

   4  Stars

This book is free on Amazon right now. Click on the cover if you want to grab a copy.



When hundreds of huge holes mysteriously appear overnight in the frozen tundra north of the Arctic Circle, they threaten financial and environmental catastrophe should any more open up under the Trans-Alaska Pipeline or any of the many oil wells and smaller pipelines that feed it. An oil company sends a scientific team to investigate. But when the geologist, his climatologist wife, two of their graduate students, a local newspaper reporter, an oil company representative, and a field biologist arrive at one of the holes, they discover a far worse danger lurks below, one that threatens to destroy all of humanity when it emerges, forcing the survivors to flee south towards Fairbanks.

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  1. Couple of interesting sounding horror books there. My dad has seen the Razorback film and he liked it but I’ve never seen it. I like a good monster book…

    • fuonlyknew says:

      I loved the movie. Just got the DVD since my VHS wore out. LOL Have you ever seen Of Unknown Origin?

  2. Razorbacks sounds cool.

  3. Just the name…Razorbacks makes me want to read it. Sounds wicked good.
    sherry @ fundinmental