The Kid’s Korner #11 ~ Chompy And The Munchy Bunch

Posted: May 10, 2017 in Action/Adventure, Children's books
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Welcome to The Kid’s Korner.

I decided to do this feature as I have so many great children’s books to share. From picture books, to books for beginning readers, to middle graders, I have plenty of fun ones.

Got a couple of cute ones for your young readers.


The Secret Formula

Chompy And The Munchy Bunch #1

by Nancy Beaule

Illustrated by A.Ilievski


Age Range: 4 – 8  years / Grades: P – 3

Genre: Children’s Adventure Book


My Review

I thought the idea of a carrot wanting super-powered eyesight was funny. When I was little, to get me to eat carrots, my mother told me they were good for my eyesight. Now a carrot that munches on carrots needs a secret formula. Kind of cute.

Crunchy, the carrot, has some fun friends too. Candybar likes to play pranks, along with his little sis, Cupcake.  Weiner is a dog and likes everyone. Then there’s Salty, a true friend to Carrot. I’m just not sure which food group he comes from.

Carrot and his friends have to enter Doc Peppa’s creepy mansion to find the secret formula and it’s supposed to be haunted.

This is a scary little tale told in a fun, friendly way. The illustrations are cute, but I think they would have been better reading from the print book instead of my Kindle. The small screen doesn’t show much detail.

A cute story to share with your young ones.

4  Stars



Chompy, a carrot with superpower eyesight; Salty, a potato chip who’s a bit of a slob; Candybar, a chocolate bar who plays rotten pranks; and a haunted mansion where it all comes together.

These are the main characters in THE SECRET FORMULA, the first book in a series called Chompy and the Munchy Bunch.

When Chompy learns about an ancient carrot formula that gives super-powered eyesight, he knows he must find it! But the journey leads Chompy and his pals to the mysterious mansion of Doc Peppa, where strange things begin to happen.



Search For Hidden Treasure

Chompy And The Munchy Bunch #2

by Nancy Beaule

Illustrated by Lauren Goldstein


Age Range: 4 – 8 years / Grades: P – 3

Genre: Children’s Adventure Book


My Review

Chompy, the carrot, and his pal, Salty, are back in a other spooky adventure. Carrot has Doc Peppa’s secret formula for super-powered eyesight but when he makes a batch it doesn’t work. A note Salty found at the mansion mentions a treasure. Perhaps it’s what they need to make the formula work. So off they go again.

Meanwhile, Candybar reaches the mansion ahead of them and sets a trap. Let the games begin.

Young children enjoy scary stories and the author kept the plot fun without being to scary. Her choice of food groups for characters added to that fun.

Another fun chapter in the Chompy adventures. The cute illustrations and antics will delight young readers.

  4 Stars



A secret treasure is hidden deep inside the mysterious Peppa Mansion! Chompy, Salty and Weiner set out to solve the mystery….but will Candybar shake up their plans?

Volume 2 in the “Chompy & the Munchy Bunch” series.



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  1. Where do you find all your fun kids books, you always have ones on there that look so fun!

  2. Oh my gawd, I’m dying here, ha ha. Too cute. XD