My Monday Minis Reviews #59 ~ And A One…And A Two

Posted: May 15, 2017 in Mytery/Thriller, reviews
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Welcome to My Monday Minis where I share short reviews about books I’ve read.

These are some good ones for fans of dark mysteries and thrillers. Enjoy!



Count To Ten #1

  by Jane Blythe



Genre: Mystery / Thriller

My Review

Annabelle awakens to find her family brutally murdered and herself as the prime suspect in Detective Xavier Montague’s investigation. But all is not as it appears and the detective soon finds himself falling for her as a crazed killer remains at large.

The author takes you to the dark side in this macabre murder mystery. Her main character’s, Annabelle and Xavier are genuine, flaws and all. And the killer is not easily identified and has a motive you won’t see coming.

From the beginning, I was sucked right in. Annabelle is the obvious suspect for her families brutal murder. How could she sleep through the events? But it isn’t long before the detective investigating the case has doubts. It seems Annabelle might have been drugged. And his hunch may be right as more fall victim to a sadistic killer.

The investigation kept me burning the midnight oil. Anxious to see who the killer was and what his twisted motive was in leaving one victim alive as he killed more families.

As I came to know Annabelle and Xavier my curiosity about them grew. Why did Annabelle feel unlovable and what haunted Xavier from his past?

Fans of reality based crime shows and fictional ones like Criminal Minds will love this pulse pounding thriller.

  4 Stars



Did she murder her family or is she being set up?

A couple, their two teenage sons, and seven year old daughter are all slaughtered in their beds. The only survivor is oldest daughter, Annabelle.

Detective Xavier Montague is intrigued by Annabelle even though he knows he shouldn’t be. His attraction to her will force him to make the ultimate choice, a life and death decision, that could let a psychotic murderer walk free.

** All my books contain issues of sexual assault **




Count To Ten #2

  by Jane Blythe



Genre: Mystery / Thriller

 My  Review

Sofia Everette may be physically week, as she’s bound to a wheelchair because of an unknown illness, but she’s mentally strong and capable. This causes her domineering father to disown her. After a woman’s body is found on the families estate and someone starts picking off members of the Everette family, Sofia must dig deep to figure out the killer’s motive before more die.

This is a dark one, indeed. And the list of suspects is large, as most of them could be from the Everette family itself. A tribe of entitled sycophants, not one of them is worthy of the title, human. They’re all capable of murder and have motives. Talk about a perverted, dysfunctional family.

Sofia is intriguing. She’s not physically strong, but she has a sharp intellect and a fierce determination to be independent. But will that be enough to save her as the killer gets closer?

Used to seeing the darkest sides that humanity has to offer, seasoned Detective Xavier Montague is tested as he races to catch the killer while the bodies pile up.

Brace yourselves for impact as the author deftly drops you down the rabbit hole, has you stumbling in the dark, and finally releases you back into the light with a thrilling finale.

4 Stars


Before the sun rises, another will die.

A woman is found murdered on the grounds of the powerful Everette family’s estate. Then someone begins methodically killing off members of the Everette family one by one.

Detective Ryan Xander’s only inroad to the secretive family is Sofia Everette. Shunned by her father for her refusals to obey him, and battling a mysterious illness, Sofia’s childhood dreams may be the key to saving her life and stopping the killer from exterminating the entire Everette clan.

** All my books contain issues of sexual assault **



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  1. Sounds like the series is off to a good start! :)

  2. Both sound fun to me. I love the book covers, too!

    • fuonlyknew says:

      These are new covers. I like them too. It’s a thrilling series and I want more.

  3. It’s one genre I don’t read much of. In the past I’ve tried a lot of this genre and found a lot of them too slow for me which put me off trying any more. Nice covers!

  4. I LOVED these books too. Can hardly wait to read THREE. Great reviews, Laura.
    sherry @ fundinmental

  5. Jane says:

    Thanks so much for the review!

  6. Oh interesting and both books feature a different cover. Color me curious.