My Monday Minis Reviews #60 ~ Eenie, Meenie and The Curse Of The House On Cypress Lane

Posted: May 22, 2017 in horror, Monday's Minis, Mystery, reviews
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Welcome to My Monday Minis where I share short reviews about books I’ve read.

These are some twisted ones for fans of horror.


 Eenie, Meenie

  by Willow Rose



Genre: Horror

My Review

You expect trouble in a juvenile detention center. What you don’t expect is the old “an eye for an eye” adage to rear its ugly head. Someone is doling out punishment and the bad boys may just have it coming.

I really enjoyed this dark story. It wasn’t too long and had just enough suspense and mystery to keep me reading straight through. The author quickly fleshed out her characters and the fun part was being torn between liking them and loathing them. They were all bad boys and some were extremely dangerous. Still, I connected with some and felt sorry for them.

It was also fun to imagine which punishment would be doled out to each criminal. What would the punisher do to a thief? A rapist? An abuser?

And I had a time trying to figure out who the punisher was. Was it one of the boys? A guard? Or someone that was snuck in? Right until the end I didn’t have a clue. And when I did finally find out, it was a shocking reveal.

Watch out for the ending. It’s sudden and oddly satisfying.

  4 Stars



Johnny is a criminal. He has been locked up before – but never in a place quite like this. Now he wonders if he will ever make it through to his release date – alive…

EENIE, MEENIE is a 15,000 word thriller novella from Willow Rose, author of the International Bestselling horror-series starring the Danish reporter Rebekka Franck. It is not for the faint at heart.

EENIE, MEENIE is also included in Willow Rose’s short-story collection called Horror-stories from Denmark.
This ebook also includes an excerpt from her novel One, Two … He is coming for you the first book in her Rebekka Franck series.



 The Curse Of The House On Cypress Lane

Book 0 : The Beginning

  by James Hunt



Genre: Mystery / Horror

 My  Review

I enjoy watching B Movies, especially the creepy ones on the Scy Fy Channel. This would be a good one to watch.

A husband struggling to find a job and support his family gets a dream job. Only hitch is they have to uproot and move to the bayous of Louisiana. They can’t believe their luck and are astonished at the nice digs the company provides for them. If only they had known its history.

It started off fast, I became attached to the characters, which are well developed, and quickly got the creepy vibes. Probably because of the opening scene. It gives you an idea of what might be coming.

The plot gets going and weird and creepy stuff happens. This I really enjoyed visualizing. The only hitch is there were a couple of plot holes that weren’t taken care of and I was a bit confused with the ending. But I’d read more by this author and I think this story has more coming and maybe things will be revealed.

 3 Stars


There sits a large house on Cypress Lane in the small town of Ocoee, Louisiana, and its history is intertwined with the town itself. A feud was born within its walls, and it is there where it will die. The Cooley family finds themselves in the middle of a fight that started long before they arrived. Will they make it out alive, or will they become another casualty in the fight between the living and the dead?



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  1. I love these mini reviews! The books sound good and thanks for sharing.

  2. I sometimes find it hard to do short reviews too!

  3. I have several of Willow’s books but haven’t tried them yet and this is one I have so I am glad you enjoyed it.

    • fuonlyknew says:

      I’ve got a bunch of hers and plan to read and share all of them. They’ve been waiting too long. Sherry loves them so I know I will!

  4. I have a lot of Willow’s books and love them. Don’t know about James Hunt…
    sherry @ fundinmental

    • fuonlyknew says:

      I’ve made amlist and will be reading her books in order. Got most of them already.

  5. Drangonfly says:

    Juvenile detention centers has to be one of the prime locations for dark tales! and “an eye for an eye” a prime premise! LOL