The Kid’s Korner #13 ~ The Blue Baboon In The Big Balloon

Posted: May 24, 2017 in Action/Adventure, Children's books, reviews
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Welcome to The Kid’s Korner.

I decided to do this feature as I have so many great children’s books to share. From picture books, to books for beginning readers, to middle graders, I have plenty of fun ones.

I came across this on Amazon and just couldn’t resist it. It’s beyond cute!

It was free on Amazon at the time of my posting. You can click on the cover to grab a copy. Just make sure you check the price before you one click.


 The Blue Baboon In The Big Balloon

  by Sarah and Steven Mostyn


Genre: Children’s Illustrated Rhyming Book

Ages 3 – 7

My Review

Your little ones will adore this book and you’ll be reading it with them over and over. I did and I don’t have any young ones!

Harold, the blue baboon, lives in a blue balloon.  He’s very close with his brother, Gerald, and they enjoy tea together at three. They are joined by many friends. Mice that fly kites, a green cat named Matt, and many others. There’s even a mite that fights a troll named, Dwight.

One night, they all pile into Harold’s balloon and sail to the moon, where they make new friends, including the cow that jumped over the moon.

I must have read this 5 or 6 times in a row. I couldn’t stop smiling at the fun, vividly colored illustrations. I read this on my Kindle Fire and the bold colors leaped out at me. And the rhyming is addictive. I think I know the whole story by heart now.

Your kids will fall in love with these adorable characters and they’ll be begging you to read it with them. A delightful story for beginning readers and a fun tool for those that haven’t learned yet. I highly recommend and my personal rating is….to the moon and back!

  5 Stars



Oh, what adventures they have! Meet Harold the blue baboon. He has tea at half past three every afternoon. In his big balloon, Harold takes flight with a cast of delightful friends, as they soar off on a quest to explore outer space.

Harold’s traveling companions include a troll named Dwight who wears red tights and fights with a feisty orange mite; Holly and Molly, prancing raccoons that live on the moon; and their friend Miranda, quite a talented panda who sings on her veranda.

If your child likes Dr. Seuss, he/she will be captivated by the hilarious rhyming and fun characters that will soon become beloved friends. Sure to be a favorite bedtime tale, The Blue Baboon in the Big Balloon is great for beginners or intermediate readers (ages 3-7). When you join in and read the tongue-twisting saga to them, the laugh factor increases by 10!

For its unique style and brilliant illustrations, this book (available in paperback and Kindle) has been praised by the Children’s Book Review, Midwest Book Review and others. It’s destined to become a classic that your children will cherish.



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  1. Up, up and away. Sounds like a good one for the kiddies.
    sherry @ fundinmental

  2. taylordeanbooks says:

    I LOVE that I can use my kindle for children’s books. The price adds up when buying paperback or hardcover. And I gave all of my children’s books away to my daughters. So I’m building up my collection once again for when my grandchildren come over.

    • fuonlyknew says:

      What awesome is I see kids reading books everywhere because of eReaders, Taylor!

  3. This sounds delightful! Thanks for the heads up. :)