31 Days Of Thrills And Chills ~ Day #12 ~ All Kinds Of Sea Monsters

Posted: October 12, 2017 in horror, reviews
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Welcome to My 31 Days Of Thrills And Chills!

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I’ll be sharing all kinds of books, movies, and other spooky stuff for every day in October. Gots to

get those scares on for the 31st!

I love stories with sea monsters. Got three fun ones to share today by Peter Tremayne.

The Curse Of Loch Ness

by Peter Tremayne



Genre: Horror

My Review

Right from the get go this story had weird vibes. Kind of supernatural.

When Jeannie arrives at the castle she inherited in Scotland, she’s met by a strange woman claiming to be the estate’s housekeeper. She’s rude and kind of creepy. And it sets the tone for what’s to come.

As Jeannie explores the castle and surrounding area, she begins to think something is wrong. Where is everyone? What is wailing below the castle? Why does she feel impending doom?

I liked this book. Almost felt gothic. All gloomy and desolate. And the author gave an interesting angle on the creature. Why it’s there. What it wants.

Not too scary and reads kind of slow in the beginning, but then it gets intriguing. A different kind of Nessie.

 3 Stars



Through the gaps in the swirling mist she could make out, perhaps two hundred feet below, something which looked like a rag doll, arms and legs askew at strange angles.

London-raised Jeannie Millbuie has received news that she has unexpected inherited a Scottish castle after the death of her previously unknown relative.

As the only heir of Donald Millbuie, Jeannie travels up to Scotland to take a look at Balmacaan Castle to determine its future.

The castle, which stood on the banks of Loch Ness, along with its odd housekeeper, Mrs. Murdo, and tales of the oddly reclusive previous owner, is a bit in bad shape, but Jeannie is determined to not make a rash decision about its future.

The weird wailing that echoed through the castle and the general eerie atmosphere led to Jeannie asking questions which Mrs. Murdo brushes off, but after exploration of her relatives old quarters reveals a journal, she learns of a horrible truth the Balmacaan Castle and lake is hiding.

Millbuie and the being hiding in Loch Ness have tied fates – and the terrifying and hideous truth will threaten safety and sanity in a race to the end.

The Curse of Loch Ness is a menacing story of the marriage of man, myth and magic in a nightmare world of compulsive horror and evil.


This was first published in 1979. Here is the original cover.




by Peter Tremayne



Genre: Horror

My Review

A beast beneath the waves. Now that sounds interesting.

When men drill too deep into the ocean sea bed they awaken an ancient beast. That’s when it all starts. People disappear. Mysterious attacks are made on the oil rig. And then the beast shows itself. It’s every man for himself when the killing really begins.

I’ve seen several movies and read plenty of books with this story line. Never gets old for me.

And while this one didn’t blow me away, it was a fun creature story. I can’t resist monsters from the deep. And this one is a water demon. Something different for me.

3 Stars



Nicor the mythical water demon…

The monsters straddled the bay, giant black rowers, spurring flame far into the tropical night. From the belly of each a long, sharp proboscis stabbed down into the sea bed…

Oil rigs. Slashing, whirling teeth biting greedily into the ocean floor, sucking deeply of its secrets. Secrets that should have remained forever buried in those peaceful waters.

Oscar Blumen, a drilling superintendent is working aboard one such oil rig – ES 127. A semi-submersible anchored in the Caribbean Sea.

His job, and the job of his fellow employees aboard the oil rig, is to drill a new hole…

For in those Caribbean depths lurked something beyond the feeble powers of man, an abomination that the oilmen’s relentless probing would provoke into a violent frenzy of retribution and surging…

Amid murders, disappearances, police investigations and mysterious attacks on the oil rig itself, the crew must fight for their lives against a seemingly unreal and unbelievable monster…


This was first published in 1987. Here is the original cover.


The Morgow Rises!

by Peter Tremayne



Genre: Horror

My Review

Over fishing forces the fishermen of the Cornish village of Bosbradoe to venture further and further out to sea to find fish. On one such trip a man and his son are attacked in their boat. A giant leviathan from the depths of the ocean has risen. It’s angry. It’s hungry. It could be unstoppable.

A quick read, though a bit slow to really get into the meat of the story. I liked the Morgow. An interesting legend and new to me. That’s always intriguing.

Take a good look at the cover. Doesn’t that look like a giant piranha? i would have liked more scenes with the monster but this was still a fun read.

3  Stars



Beware when the Morgow rises;
Lament for the living.
Lament for the unborn.
All things end!

Billy Scawen and his son, Jack are local fisherman of the sleepy coastal, Cornish village of Bosbradoe.

This season, the fishing has been particularly bad.

What could be causing this shortage of fish?

Twenty-five years ago, Billy had skippered a trawler out of Penzance. That had been in the days when the Cornish fishing fleet was a force to be reckoned with.

Without protection for native fishermen, the Cornish seas were being farmed bare by the factory trawlers from upcountry, from France and even from the Soviet Union.

This meant the locals had to go further and further afield just to make their living.

While out to sea, aboard their ship, Ysolt IV, Billy and Jack have no choice but to explore further to find a decent haul.

Suddenly, something hard seemed to smash into the underside of the boat. The waters around them seemed to erupt. Billy Scawen’s mouth dropped open in horror, the briar pipe falling to the boards and smashing to pieces.

Then young Jack Scawen gave one long, piercing shriek of terror…


This was first published in 1982 Here is the original cover.



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  1. Love it! Oh my! Gone are the days the blurbs were ‘Retail Newsagent” LOL I’d really like to check these out… and find out more about this author’s work.

  2. I love the original covers, they should have stuck with them or made something like them. :)

  3. Great covers and they all sound like fun reads. I wonder….do I have any. Have to check.
    sherry @ fundinmental

  4. This came to my attention when I was looking up Loch Ness Monster books but I’m a bit concerned about the slow start as that was one thing I didn’t enjoy about Meg. I love the covers for the books though! Just my kind of horror as I love sea monster things!

    • fuonlyknew says:

      I’d say these aren’t for you. I struggled a bit with slow starts. And I love both sets of covers for them.

  5. I own Nicor! but now I want the Loch Ness one. I have to admit to being somewhat fascinated with Nessie. Wasn’t there a movie where Nessie was nice or am I imagining it?

  6. Aww, I miss those old covers!

    • fuonlyknew says:

      Me too! I still have a bunch of old paperbacks with covers like these and still find myself looking for them at used book stores.

  7. Greg Hill says:

    Yikes, some Nessie action! I always like the Loch Ness monster! Looks like good stuff.

  8. Lelia T says:

    Some authors can tackle multiple genres and he’s one of them but I agree they sometimes start a bit slowly.

    • fuonlyknew says:

      I don’t mind a slow start as long as it doesn’t last too long. I like tremayne’s writing and his ideas. Love the creature books!

  9. I love sea monsters and Nessie and Chessie, and all the other lake monsters! ☺