31 Days Of Thrills And Chills ~ Day #28 ~ Saturday Screams #41 ~ Swallowed By The Beast

Posted: October 28, 2017 in Anthology, horror, reviews, Short stories and collections
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Welcome to my 31 Days Of Thrills And Chills!

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I’ll be sharing all kinds of books, movies, and other spooky stuff for every day in October. Gots to

get those scares on for the 31st!

And welcome to my Saturday Screams where I share books that, well, make you scream!

Time to get back to some short stories. A bunch of good ones in this anthology.

Swallowed By The Beast

  An Anthology Compiled By Samie Sands



Genre:  Horror / Anthology

My Review

I’m a fan of the short story and collections. Had this on my Kindle for a while and thought now is the perfect time to read it. Halloween is only days away and I’m ready for something scary.

Right off I spotted some familiar authors. And I also discovered some news I’ll be checking out after sampling their writing here.

From demons to sasquatch, tigers to devil dogs, and all things scary and deadly that dwell in these pages, this collection has a lot to offer. Not going to play favorites. But, some of these stood out more than others. I’m giving it a high rating as there were many 4 and 5 star reads.

Before I started writing reviews I didn’t appreciate how hard it must be to write a good short story. Writing a review for one is difficult enough. Trying not to provide spoilers is a challenge. There’s a lot of talent in this collection. And with so many different beings and creatures to choose from, I’m sure fans of horror will find something they like.

4 Stars



Delve into the belly of the beast with some of the most talented horror authors around! Read short stories by Robert Tozer, Arnaldo Lopez Jr., Carey Azzara, June Lundgren, Anthony V. Pugliese, Amy S. Pacini, Danny Campbell, Lila Pinord, Dave Suscheck Jr., Linda Jenkinson, L.H. Davis, Alex Winck, Joanne Magnus, James Harper, Kamalendu Nath, Debbie Johnson, Samie Sands, Kevin S. Hall, Stefan Vucak and June Rachelson-Ospa.

The Line-up

Cleanliness is next to….by Robert Tozer 

Maggot by Arnaldo Lopez Jr.

Mowgli Encounters A Bear by Carey Azzara

Vegas Demon by June Lundgren

Night Songs by Anthony V. Pugliese

Mysterious Mind by Amy S. Pacini

The Last of the Siamese Tigers by Danny Campbell

Interview With Bigfoot by Lila Pinord

Bump by Dave Suscheck Jr.

Ninette the Lair by Linda Jenkinson

The Emporium by L.H. Davis

A Clinical Case by Alex Winck

Devil Dogs by Joanne Magnus

Mystical Phantoms by Amy S. Pacini

Love Craft by James Harper

Lantern: Mix by Linda Jenkinson

Of A Curious Matter by Kamalendu Nath

Carnival Carnage by Samie Sands

The Witches Spell by Linda Jenkinson

The Kodak Troll by Joanne Magnus

Selfie by Alex Winck

Boo by Debbie Johnson

Heartbreaker by Kevin S. Hall

Ice Maidens by Stefan Vucak

The Wild Pigs by Danny Campbell

Scrambled by June Rachelson-Ospa

The Devil’s Therapist by Alex Winck

The Time Machine by Robert Tozer



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  1. I find I do much better at holiday reading if I have a collection of short stories. ?

    • fuonlyknew says:

      I hadn’t thought of that before but I do tend to read more of them that have a holiday theme too.

  2. Sounds like a great collection, I love monster reads.

    • fuonlyknew says:

      There’s all kinds of them prowling in these pages. Some were great, some okay, and a few duds. I still appreciate any author tackling the short story

  3. Love the cover! I don’t really read anthologies anymore but if I did this would be more to my tastes!

  4. Love that cover and monsters.
    sherry @ fundinmental